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MeReal Biometrics: Revolutionary and Innovative Biometric Solutions forAccess, Authentication and even Payments

When referring to computers and security biometrics is the identification of a person by the measurement of their biological, features. For example, a fingerprint or voice. When compared with a static password, this system is more difficult to fake, steal or forge being unique to the user.
MeReal Biometrics is a game-changer. A smart card that waves goodbye to pin codes, passwords and signatures because it assures a user’s identity to an issuer instantly. Multiple applications on one card. Only you can use your card.
MeReal Biometrics is the most versatile card on the market…. adding a fingerprint sensor, an audio or RFID signature and a rechargeable battery to traditional contact or contactless cards. The new audio channel enables the card on any available device, including the world’s 8.3billion telephone lines.
MeReal Biometrics is a Hong Kong private company. Mr. Patrick Partouche, Chairman of France’s leading casino and hotel operation, Groupe Partouche, invented the card in 2009. His initial need was to identify online players, upgrade staff ID badges and their VIP loyalty cards adding payments and access features. He approached Mr. Philippe Blot, CEO & Chairman of UINT, a powered card pioneer, and after four years of R&D the card was patented worldwide, receiving a first authorization of French CNIL commission for evaluation, an independent French regulatory body whose mission is to ensure data privacy.
Unlimited Applications 
The MeReal Biometrics patented ‘computer on a card’ removes the pain and hassles of typing logins, account numbers and passwords from daily life without compromising security. Opening doors, unlocking vehicles, accessing online platforms, clocking-on / off at work, authorising payments or legal documents are just some examples.
Everyday cards use RFID / NFC and EMV however they all require physical readers or dedicated devices. The MeReal Biometrics cards contain all those technologies and do not require any bespoke readers. Fingerprint technology activates the card for a short time only, giving the user control and safety. Acoustic technology offers users remote security for the first time. Instantly the world’s 8.3 billion telephone lines (from smartphones, low-cost handsets to fixed lines) can enable quick and secure payments, authentication and access both physical and logical; accessing doors, countries, secure areas, records, software. Making payments, remitting money or giving authorization. Online or over a telephone line. Wherever and whenever identity needs to be verified quickly, securely and accurately. MeReal Biometrics protects issuers and cardholders from rising fraud and misuse. MeReal Biometrics also adds energy-harvesting technology inside the card to charge a card’s battery.
Changing Face of Technology
For the 60% of the world’s population that still has no internet access the easy-to-use card plus a telephone line can change lives forever.
Payments: A fingerprint card that doesn’t rely on connectivity. MeReal Biometrics adds unparalleled security and ease of use to traditional payment cards. EMV and RFID / NFC technologies are embedded into the cards to comply with all existing point-of-sale readers, however, these fingerprint-activated cards go beyond the connected world by enabling a payment 24/7/365 wherever you are from a simple phone booth to the latest generation of smartphones. Lost or stolen cards are useless.
Remittance: The card, when activated by a user’s fingerprint, can transmit unique acoustic signatures over the world’s 8.3 billion phone lines (from smartphones to fixed lines) securely and easily, removing passwords and pins and many remittance hurdles. With an array of embedded technology, it works on all modern technology too. Access: The fingerprint technology ensures that only the cardholder can use his / her card. If they are lost or stolen, they are useless. Tracking access and changing rights remotely over the phone, via an app, online or offline is simple. Cyber security and employee fraud is a priority.
Wherever there is a microphone (smartphone, analogue phone, telephone booth, online, app, PC, laptop, tablet, point of sale reader) the card can be used to verify, authenticate, authorise; which means at work, at home, on transport, in school, on remote islands, in rural areas, online, on any phone and in the air you can use MeReal Biometrics. It’s universal and works with advanced and basic technology.
Powered Card Pioneer 
Philippe Blot, Co-founder of MeReal Biometrics and CEO & Chairman of UINT, the manufacturer, has a long and successful history in R&D of smart cards and security dedicated to ciphering technology. His team is well-known in the field of powered and audio cards, having produced medical, gaming, security and banking cards since 1999. They set-up UINT in 2008. Philippe has published several patents and papers on topics such as Audio or Display One Time Password / Dynamic CCV cards.
Leading the Legacy 
MeReal Biometrics reaches into the future by adding fingerprint and acoustic technology and battery power to traditional cards so they can operate online and offline. The entire world is a playing field.

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