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Mercedes EQE SUV – What Do We Know So Far?

The Mercedes EQ range is the company’s way of transitioning to the future. The EQ range is supposed to make Mercedes’s catalog all-electric. As a result, they’re bringing out new EVs every year. The EQE SUV is one of them, and it has just been revealed to us. It is based on the not-so-old Mercedes EQE sedan, which was released earlier this year.

Some will tell you that the EQE CUV is just a larger version of the sedan, while others say that it has its very own personality. Like all the other EQ models from Mercedes over the past couple of months, it should be modern and loaded with features. But what do we know about it? And what exactly makes it great, plus why should you be interested in it? The following tells it all:

It is efficient

One of the reasons why people prefer EVs over their gasoline counterparts is the fact that they usually have lower running costs. This is the case for the Mercedes EQE, as it is expected to have a range of up to 366 miles in Europe, while the US-spec versions should offer around 342 miles after a full charge.

Both of these figures are somewhat lesser than the maximum range available for the sedan version. However, they are still quite solid for the compact crossover SUV class. This is because you would be paying a lot more in gas prices to achieve a similar range if you own a regular gasoline-powered crossover of today.

But there’s even more to the EQE crossover. Mercedes have equipped it with a heat pumping system. This means that any sort of heat that’s generated from the powertrain can be used to provide heating to the cabin, which increases the car’s efficiency even further. It takes the strain off the battery for this job as well.

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It is safe

This vehicle will be loaded with cutting-edge safety technology, a lot of it standard. You’ll be receiving the obvious lane maintaining assist systems that are offered on today’s vehicles. You’ll also get parking assists, a backup camera, and active brake assist technologies. All of these will be very visible while they’re working, and accessing them should be a piece of cake.

Because crossovers are often preferred by families, we can also expect a variety of warning alerts that’ll keep the children safer. For instance, the car will let you know if the rear seats are occupied, and it’ll also tell you if the occupants in the back have their seat belts fastened or not. And yes, the car will easily ace any crash test that you can throw at it.

It is futuristic

Where does one begin with this? Yes, the car will have the aforementioned driver-assistance systems. But it is also available with over-the-air features that allow you to upgrade and update it as time goes by without changing any hardware. You can also get the Mercedes Hypercreen which is quite popular these days.

The care and comfort levels are quite high as this car comes with Merc’s Energising Comfort system. It can make changes according to your mood to keep your driving sharp and increase your overall productivity on the road. There is also a HEPA filter, like the one you get on Tesla cars, that takes care of all the air that enters the car, keeping you safe from diseases.

This car gets an awesome satnav system that shows you not just the best route from a traffic standpoint but it actually makes calculations based on the availability of electric charging stations and how much electricity you’re going to use. Hence, it can actually save you even more in running costs.

You might think that EVs are boring as there’s no engine sound, but you’ll be surprised. The EQE crossover will also offer Merc’s high-end Serene Breeze sound system. It will use all sorts of wizardry (and acoustics) to deliver a stellar sound to the occupants, unlike any other car. Also this car will also be available with distinct sounds based on the way it is being driven.

It looks great

Finally, and this is no surprise that the all-new EQE crossover is a banger to look at. Its exterior and interior are both quite eye-pleasing, and they give off a great vibe. It will truly give the right impression of being a high-end German luxury crossover.