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MenaITech – Excellence in Developing Customized Human Capital Solutions and Providing Related Services

Technological disruptions are a defining feature of the modern business world and hence, companies are automating and digitizing their business operations at an unprecedented speed. Technologies such as Human Capital Information Systems (HCIS) cannot be an exception. They are developed with information processing and analytics to sustain organizational development and profitability. MenaITech is also implementing an advanced human capital technology used by top corporate clients. It aims to partner with clients and empower them to leverage its solutions suite and gain a competitive edge. Its wider mission is to help clients achieve their strategic goals, and enhance their organizational effectiveness.
Creating Benchmarks for the Industry
MenaITech is a Jordan based company founded in 2003. It is the first software company specialized in the development and distribution of Human Capital Solutions. HRMS suite enables businesses to access a range of information about their workforce, which directly affects their efficiency and productivity. It has set a benchmark for the best practices across all HR functions enabling organizations to execute their business strategies more effectively. All the services are customized to fulfill organization’s needs by including the necessary features. It also enjoys the first mover advantage for technologies in the MENA region.
The Guiding Influence on the Company
Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh is the Founder of MenaITech and considered as one of the pioneers in the IT, HR, and intellectual property fields in the region. He recognized the great demand for localized HR management tools in the MENA region and he laid the cornerstone of MenaITech with a mission to disrupt the HR space.
Bashar has helmed the MenaITech operation from its humble beginnings in Jordan to make it the leading HCMS provider for fourteen years. In parallel to his leadership of MenaITech, Bashar is a champion level expertise in intellectual property and this expertise led to the foundation of MenaIP, a holding entity with the objective of catalyzing innovation. Bashar believes in entrepreneurship development and he continuously works towards supporting entrepreneurs, as they are the key to generating sustainable economic growth across the entire region. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and extensive experience, Bashar is an all-time advocate of innovation.
Innovative Solutions for All HR Needs
The company has diversified solutions from Human Capital Information Solutions (HCIS) suite designed for businesses of all sizes and types. These include platforms like MenaHR®, MenaPay®, and cloud-based MenaLite®. MenaHR® is MenaITech’s flagship HCIS and is the most comprehensive and powerful localized HR platform. MenaPay® is a deck for payroll and personnel functions while MenaLite® provides a dynamic cloud HR, personnel, payroll and employee self-service.
Employees and HR managers can also deploy the firm’s exclusive MenaME-mobile® app to have a seamless interaction with HR-related information while making more effective and informed decisions. Additionally, the firm also offers a 360-degree feedback software, Mena360® and a powerful multi-dimensional analytics and metrics dashboard, MenaExplorer® to evaluate functionalities like employee performance across all talent programs. The company has learned to provide HR turnkey solutions that ensure organizations enjoy accurate, timely and complete HR information. Cloud-based HR modules are trendy, self-operated, localized and accessible anytime/anywhere and tailored to meet the needs of SMEs.
Achievements and Expansions
MenaITech has expanded its operations with the help of technology. It is serving more than 2200 clients across 25 countries in MENA with the total number of user base surpassing 1.5 million. It has created the regional presence through 5 offices across MENA. The company represents a success story in HCIS and it is slowly contributing to change in the mindset of management towards investing in HR systems. It has successfully enhanced the knowledge and effectiveness of users in the HR aspects and functions.
Technology-Edge over the Competitors
The Company has distinct advantages in technology and execution of business. It has superior Technology-Edge over its competitors. It provides fully localized services as the name itself indicates. The system has built-in country profiles with local requirements of each. MenaITech’s comprehensive HCIS satisfies the statutory and legal requirements, which enable organizations to implement best practices in HR. Security of data, and all-round accessibility of location, time independency, and mobile application are given very high priority. Its systems are equipped with in-depth analytical tools giving more than 300 advanced reports for the employee’s personal and financial information. These systems are well tested and successfully implemented. Multilingual support in its software for both Arabic & English language and after-sales support given by active customer support department makes it more user-friendly.
Future of Transformation
MenaITech continues the transformation in HR industry with new technology and capabilities that can help clients unlock the power of their human capital. It is reinforcing its position in the current market by developing advanced cloud and mobile solutions. MenaITech’s position in the market by not only continuing to serve the large corporate sector but also focus on SMEs and startups to support economic growth and entrepreneurship development in the region with advanced cloud solutions.
Testimonials by Customers
“I looked at a variety of tools available and, not only did MenaITech’s seem to fit what I needed, but the program it provided me with allowed us to see the tools in action. I wish MenaITech the best for its continued success with software that makes such a great difference. MenaITech, thanks for the excellent customer service.” -Mr. Suleiman Abu Hijlah, Human Resources Manager, PalTel
“MenaITech has supplied HRMS that has helped HR professionals to standardize and automate certain processes within the function, at the same time reduced the errors. While using this HRMS, you are confident that the Support team is ready to help at any time and guide you to achieve the best possible results.” -Mr. Wesam Alissa – Human Resources Manager, Acacus Technologies
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