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Melissa Myer: A Steadfast Leader

An entrepreneur is commonly seen as a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes. These are the people who have the skills and initiative to take new ideas to the market and to make the right decisions that lead to profitability. Today, organizations need the leaders who can completely understand the traditional ways of processing, one who have a firm grip on the F&B trends, and could use their understandings and creativity to innovate the procedures to get better outcomes. The leaders who have this ability are often referred as Innovative Leaders’, signifying with their creative engagements.
Melissa Myer, CEO of Espresso Parts, is an energetic, focused, well prepared and disciplined entrepreneur who is passionate about staying true to her true to her core values. She is one such person, who is leveraging her innovative approach to provide food solutions with her associates.
Secret to Seccess; Meaningful Goals
Every entrepreneur has some traits that make them successful, and that distinguish them from others, and many of these traits are developed through years of hard work, trial, and error. Melissa says, “I work tirelessly to set and accomplish meaningful goals. Since I know this about myself, I’ve made the conscious choice to do work that I know is worthwhile to me and fits within my core values.” Since making this change, she has elevated her performance and success to a higher level. She is decisive, strong willed, warm, sensitive, and relies on her intuition and trusts her gut above all. She has never failed at anything in which she has set out to achieve.
Melissa aspires to share what she has learned and help others to reach their highest level of achievement. She hopes to create change and build a legacy that extends beyond her lifetime. Happily married Melissa is blessed with a 4.5-year-old and a one-year-old she never forgets to dedicate the time to her family.
Empowering People with Leadership Skills
Melissa’s feels her purpose as a leader is to help people see the best in themselves and assist them to reach their highest level of achievement. Melissa wants to grow and learn alongside the people she is helping and contribute to something that is bigger than any one of her counterparts.
Espresso Parts – Best Service in the World. Period.
A modest company having big ambitions, Espresso Parts is the master of the specialty coffee universe, with a dynamic team who has the sole purpose of providing the best customer service experience, period! With an unwavering commitment to the client’s experience, they strive on every possible thing required to build long lasting relationships while ensuring the highest quality product and best services!
Espresso Parts is specialized in providing special coffee supplies like; Machine Parts, Brewing Equipment, Espresso Machines, Cafe Wares, Barista Tools, Wholesale, Custom Shop, and unrivaled customer service in one place. As coffee is a popular beverage made from ground coffee beans and infused with hot water, and is the world’s biggest source of antioxidants, and also studies also show that coffee can have health benefits for many people. ‘So do turn your morning cup of coffee into an experience and make your day.’ Coffee is just like a liquid hug for your brain that makes someone smile. Melissa says, “Without you, our amazing customers, we would not be able to do what we love every day, and for that, we are eternally grateful!”
Uniqueness of Espresso Parts
“We are a unique business in F&B because we are in the Coffee industry and we are also in e-commerce. Both industries are changing at a fast pace, and we have to keep up with both. What’s upcoming: more personalized shopping experience and innovations in order fulfillment,” asserts Melissa.
Espresso Parts is, directly and indirectly, responsible for creating approximately 350,00 pounds of CO2 annually! Each year the company takes great steps to help reduce and offset their carbon footprint! They are improving on the following practices and supporting environmental conservation projects which are designed to help enhance energy efficiency and restore natural habitats in their local community and greater coffee community:

  • Espresso Parts always buys Green Power. Through Puget Sound Energy, they buy electricity from independent clean-energy producers’ available in their region. These businesses generate electricity from wind, sun, biogas and other renewable sources.


  • They support The Puget Soundkeeper Alliance. They are a Seattle organization that has an immediate impact on reducing trash on beaches, toxic heavy metals, and bacteria on shellfish beds. They are working to save salmon runs, working to reduce coal dust and cleaning up the Puget Sound, one pipe at a time!
  • The company supports south of The Sound Community Farmland Trust, and their mission, to promote vibrant local food and farming systems through community supported farmland preservation strategies, educational outreach, and partnerships that increase opportunities for farms and farmers to flourish.
  • They support the annual Fundraiser Soiree at GRuB Olympia, their mission is to inspire positive personal and community change by bringing people together around food and agriculture. They partner with youth and people with low-income to create empowering individual & community food solutions.
  • They also support Thurston County Bicycle Commuter Contest, a fun, engaging community event that encourages Thurston County residents of all ages and abilities to try bicycling as a means of transportation. The BCC began in 1988 as a challenge between a few workplaces in Olympia with 30 people participating. The BCC broke a bunch of records in 2014, with the most registrants ever (1655), the most mileage logs returned (1177) and the most days ridden (14,954).

These are Espresso Parts’s effort to ensure a happy, healthy future for the Planet and their people! The company encourages their suppliers, customers, industry colleagues, and friends to reduce their impact or help offset what they cannot reduce through their local and regional organizations.
Insert Coffee to Begins a day
Coffee is a global common denominator possesses the power to break through social barriers. The collaborative opportunities present within the coffee industry seem endless. Similar to technology, this industry seems to be changing at a rapid pace (both coffee and e-commerce). A luxury, once found at macro roasters such as Starbucks is now something so accessible, that it became a popular hobby amongst home brewers & roasters. No longer reserved for just beer and wine, home brewing now belongs to the coffee industry.
Today we see home users sourcing green coffee, so they can fully enjoy their own customized farm to cup experience. This is specialty coffee and this is only the beginning,” says Melissa.
Her Belief in ‘The Force for Good’
Melissa believes Espresso Parts is a ‘Force For Good’ and they all share in that success as a team and as individuals. The main achievements at Espresso Parts: they have increased revenue over 300% in the last six years and increased net profits over 100%, Offer competitive salary and benefits package along w/a wellness program. They also offer an annual profit share bonus if they meet annual net profit goals.
“All staff see financial info, and we practice full transparency. If we meet our net profit goals, then we allocate 1% of total sales to profit share. We host an annual team building day where we all leave work and spend a day doing something unique and challenging,” shares Melissa.
The company worked on a pirate ship in a particular one year, low ropes course, and also hiked Mt Ellinor. They also have an annual volunteer day where they spend a day working for local organizations. But these are paid days for their team, and they have fun. Work hard and play hard mentality. It pays off.
Melissa’s views on industry scenario
Melissa added her views about this industry; “Our industry is full of promise and blue sky potential. There are more Millennials than Boomers now, and that has created a significant shift in coffee trends. We see a younger and more social generation taking coffee outside of the home. Boomers have long enjoyed their coffee in the comforts of their home while saving a little money. Millennials, on the other hand, are willing to pay a bit more money to buy themselves coffee that comes with a social media worthy experience. That’s where Espresso Parts comes in. We sell a curated selection of high-quality coffee & tea brewing gear that will provide any cafe/restaurant/office/home user with such a true experience. Our journey has shown us that our goals have to be on quality products backed by quality service. That’s our bottom line business goal, to offer the best service in the world, period.”
The Best Part of Espresso Parts
Espresso Parts’ strategy is ‘Never-Say-No’ to the customer. That’s the simplest way to put it. Their service is unmatched by other e-commerce sites focusing on specialty coffee. Also, you can read about their creative commitment to service on their website.
The best part of their company is their team culture. They consider their team their most valuable asset. Melissa brings vision, stability, balance, and heart to the company, and the vision of where they are going and inspiration for how to get there.
Road to Successful Future
“I attribute our success to our unmatched commitment to service. That’s the ideal product we sell each day; service. We foster relationships with our vendors and customers and work hard to add value to what they are doing. But I guess the root of all that is our staff. We invest in our staff, and that spurs the commitment we have to our company-wide goal of service. We will continue to change with technology and offer a customizable experience to our clients,” asserts Melissa.
Melissa’s Golden Words for The Younger Generation Dreaming of Entrepreneurship
Melissa says, “Once you’ve found your passion, keep your eyes steady on the horizon and don’t get polarized by the minutiae of the day-to-day. The things that matter the most should never suffer from the things that matter the least. So think of the bigger picture and long term and never waver.”

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