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Megaways: The Basics (For Beginners)

Every now and then, a software developer plays around with technology to create a game type that has all of us hooked. I’ve had tons of exciting online pokies hit the market this way, and Megaways is one of them.

I first encountered these titles some years ago, and like most players, I couldn’t put my phone down after the first bet. I’m guessing you’ve recently discovered them too, but you’re curious to learn how they work before playing.

Not to worry, I wrote this article to help you out. Here’s an in-depth explanation into the Megaways feature:

Megaways: What Are They?

When I played my first Megaways, I was a bit surprised by the unique design. I’ve grown accustomed to traditional online gambling machines featuring three or five-reel structures with fixed paylines. However, Megaways stray from the norm significantly.

First, they have six reels instead of the usual three or five. Also, you won’t find fixed paylines. Because they come with a random reel modifier, the reels constantly change size with every spin.

As a result, you can land two to seven symbols on each row per bet. I know you’re stunned at this point, but I’ve not even gotten to the good part yet.

Interestingly, it’s not just the size of the reels that change; the paylines also modify every time you place a bet. So, Megaways can have thousands of possible paylines. I’ve seen Megaways with up to 117,649 ways to win – and some can have more!

So, I’ve explained how Megaways work, but where did these mechanics come from? Remember how I mentioned developers and their penchant for playing around with technology? Well, we have Big Time Gaming to thank for the Megaways feature. The brand launched Bonanza—the first online Megaways machine—in 2016.

Megaways Features – Cascading Reels and Unending Multipliers

The dynamic change in possible paylines isn’t the only thing I find exciting about Megaways. Most six-reel machines come with cascading reels, a spellbinding feature that takes the experience to a whole new level.

Basically, cascading reels trigger a colorful explosion with each winning combination. The winning symbols disappear from the reels, replaced by new icons that could possibly unlock another win and more explosive visuals.

It’s one of those animated effects I look forward to every time I play Megaways, and developers have created different unique ways to make it more enjoyable.

Unlimited multipliers also make a regular appearance in these six-reel machines. I usually encounter this feature during the free spin rounds in Megaways.

Each win while playing with your free spins comes with an increasing 1x multiplier. There’s no limit to how high the multipliers can go, so I can walk away with some mouth-watering payouts.

How to Win While Playing Megaways?

After learning how Megaways work, I thought it would be quite challenging to trigger wins. After all, the possible paylines change constantly. However, I eventually discovered that landing winning combinations in these casino titles is quite straightforward.

You only need to hit at least three symbols on adjacent reels to unlock prizes. Throw in the cascading reels and unlimited multiplier features, and it’s almost impossible to match the experience delivered by Megaways.

My three tips for having a fab time when playing Megaways pokies are as follows:

  • Consider the volatility of the reels
  • Don’t ignore the RTP
  • Play responsibly

There is more detail to follow.

Tips for Playing Megaways

Pokies are incredibly popular among gamblers, commanding a sizable sum of their bankroll. In the US alone, statistics show that some folks spend as much as $500 monthly on these gaming machines.

Captivating mechanics like Megaways contribute to the immense popularity of pokies. I’m guessing you’re already tempted to search for the best six-reel machines to try out.

Before you dive into some action-packed gameplay, I’ll provide some tips to help you make the most of Megaways. Based on my extensive experience, here are some recommendations:

1.      Consider the Volatility

Volatility is a crucial feature in casino pokies. They determine the frequency and size of your payouts. I’m usually the type of gambler that prefers regular wins. As such, I tilt towards the direction of low and medium-volatility megaways machines.

If you fancy waiting a bit longer for your prizes in hopes of landing a mega win, high-volatility titles may suit you more. Determine your preferences and go for Megaways with the variance that matches your style.

2.      Don’t Ignore RTP

Return-to-player percentages is another critical factor that influences your wins while playing Megaways. Generally, I recommend going for Megaways slot games with high RTP, as these will likely payout more in the long run.

3.      Play Responsibly

Megaways machines can be exciting, with spellbinding and pulsating mechanics. Like most gamblers, I’ve had several entertaining gambling sessions where I completely lost track of time. However, I’m always cautious not to go beyond my limits too often.

Some crucial steps that help me stay safe while betting include determining my bankroll and how long to stay on a gambling app. To keep your wagering habits healthy, it’s best to follow these practices.

I absolutely love spinning the reels on Megaways machines. These titles combine thousands of paylines with cascading reels and unlimited multipliers to deliver one of the most captivating experiences in the online gambling world. If you’re searching for unparalleled entertainment worth your money, I’d recommend trying out these unique six-reel machines.