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Mega Data Centers: Hindrances To Face

To simplify day to day operations organizations and businesses are banking on the advanced technologies. The need of high speed internet smart devices and advancement of technology has elevated the demand for anytime and anywhere data access. This ascending growth of data is creating tremendous demand for data storage, boosting the emergence of Mega Data Centers.
Associated cost benefits, increasing cloud and colocation services and better economies of scale are some of the important factors which affect the Mega Data Centers. The large scale infrastructure equipment and facilities needed for the Mega Data Centers facilitates the significant reduction in the operational cost. But on the other hand, low availability of resources, huge initial investments and high probability of error multiplication are some obstacles in the way of Mega Data Centers. But these obstacles cannot deny the need of it.
There are some challenges before Data Centers like, Application maintenance, Application development, Server infrastructure operations, Network infrastructure operations, Storage infrastructure operations, High operational costs leading to slow transition, and Expensive and difficult to enable real-time analytics. All these challenges are fueling to the bigger challenge and that is growing need for Mega Data Centers.
Running a business smoothly and systematically has become an arduous task because of increased business evolution and acute competition in the field. In this scenario, Mega Data Centers help companies handle their increased business needs efficiently. Additionally, the cost of communicating and cloud services can be cut with the help of a Mega Data Center. There will be a kind of standardization it will give to the racks, servers, storage, and networking equipment by leveraging a standard layout. The bulk purchasing of setup and equipment costs will automatically help reduce costs.
Mega Data Center Revolutionizing the IT Market
The global IT landscape and computing business is changing with the introduction of Mega Data Centers. To be ahead in the competition and to fulfill the businesses need of increased storage, data transfers, computing, and bandwidth, enterprises are relying on Mega Data Centers.
With the increasing demand, the Mega Data Centers are expected to record significant growth, but for as of now, the demand is just blossoming. The absorption of heavy loads in the capacity that is being transferred to the Mega Data Centers are the reason of their big size which can be over hundreds and thousands of square meters. Nowadays, organizations and businesses are looking forward to instrument the Cloud Model supported by Mega Data Centers.
Hyperscale Configurations Becoming Instrumental
With the advancement of Mega Data Centers, Hyperscale configurations are becoming run-of-the-mill as cloud and colocation services are rising up. But, on the contrary, these large-scale configurations which are data-dense are also creating new network challenges. These Mega Data Centers are also being able to freely mix and match variety of cabling formats, particularly between fiber-optic and copper infrastructure.
The Dynamics of the Mega Data Center Movement
When it comes to Data Center, swift movement in the cloud, using server virtualization to reduce the hardware footprint of facilities and reinforcing the infrastructure was the focal point of the organizations. It is because of this approach Big Data has got immense importance and cloud became the important tool for organizations and businesses to expand in the market.
This favor of Big Data and Cloud has changed the dynamics, nowadays, businesses and organizations are emphasizing on shrinking their internal data centers to least levels and establishing hosted private clouds or public cloud subscriptions for a number of their other needs. This situation has created the need of Mega Data Centers, to fulfill the clients need.
Definitely, Mega Data Center will fulfill the need of businesses and organizations like, power demands will skyrocket, data will move at large scale both between systems in the facility and to users too, system density will be extremely high as creating value from every square-foot of facility space will be huge, Virtualization across the entire configuration and not just servers will lead to higher data densities, all these things will add up to an incredibly powerful data center where data will move in diverse directions at breakneck pace.
Things to be Taken Care of
There are three network considerations Mega Data Centers will have to take care of, Aggregate networks, Flattened architectures and Physical space challenges. Businesses, many a time, has to face situation where they have high-performance network links interconnecting various parts of their facility or enabling a channel for data to move to external locations. The confusion is whether to choose the fiber-optic cabling or copper. The underlying cabling configuration provides enough bandwidth, only when flattened networks will able to create flexibility.
There are new challenges created by Hyperscale data center configurations, like the way data moves through facilities and out to users. This demands the blend fiber and copper into an adaptable architecture to fulfill the demand of flexibility by the client.
No doubt there are hindrances the Mega Data Center has to face, but it will not going to lessen the demand of the clients for it.