You are currently viewing Meddbase: Two Decades of Democratizing Access to Healthtech Innovation

Meddbase: Two Decades of Democratizing Access to Healthtech Innovation

Starting with a mission to make interoperability a possibility!

Will Temple spent the earlier days of his career helping medical facilities set up their technology infrastructure and quickly saw a pattern. Clinicians could only access their systems on-premise, which meant they were often stuck working late hours and unable to access their systems and medical records remotely.

This was particularly challenging for medical teams that employed consultants or part-time clinicians, who had to physically be at the clinic to access their notes or write their clinical reports.

“Imagine finishing 8 hours of seeing patients, only to find yourself staying till 10 pm writing up your clinical notes,” said Will Temple, Meddbase Founder.

This triggered the need for the UK’s first cloud-based EMR, which quickly got interest from some of the largest medical facilities that needed a fresh perspective on what technologies could now bring.

“The concept of Cloud did not exist back in 2004; it took a long time building a solution and also explaining and educating our customers on what the new cloud solution could bring for them.”

Evolving to address complexity with ‘depth of capabilities

While Meddbase started as an Electronic Health Record (EHR) – its customers had very specific and unique demands. From clinical safety and information security to compliance and a complete digital journey, including booking, billing, and reporting.

“What made Meddbase unique was that over the years, we were not building features; we were building configurable modules.”

“We understood our clients don’t want to ‘send an invoice,’ they want the ability to configure how they bill customers based on multiple-everchanging billing rules…so we needed to build something that can enable them to do so,” said Sam Wood, Product Manager at Meddbase.

Meddbase then quickly grew to become the solution of choice for enterprises such as Bupa, HCA, United Healthcare, International SOS, and many others who needed a solution to meet their needs today and could predict and solve the problems of tomorrow.

Bespoke implementations: train hard, fight easy

We often notice clients asking for a faster or quicker implementation timeline because they are in a rush to get their system live and want to start using all its automation capabilities.

While Meddbase doesn’t take long to configure, we always invite customers to use the onboarding and strategic workshops during implementation to help redefine their business process in light of the new capabilities that the solution offers.

Often, organizations find themselves having to follow a process due to a lack of technology to support it. For example, how you book appointments, verify documents, or update a patient record. By taking a step back and understanding what is possible with the automation capabilities of Meddbase, you are able to build cleaner and more efficient processes for your teams.

“By the end of Q2 this year, we have processed more medicals than the previous 2 years together, with no change in personnel. Would not have been possible without Meddbase!“ says one of the OHA Specialists – at the International SOS.

Meddbase: Two Decades of Democratizing Access to Healthtech Innovation

Customer-centric product development: solving tomorrow’s problems today

What makes Meddbase unique is not only the vast set of capabilities that exist in the solution today but also what problems our customers face today and how they wish to solve them by relying on Meddbase.

“We like to use the term ‘battle-hardened’; we were fortunate early on to work with some of the largest healthcare leaders in the market, which meant we were at the forefront of problem-solving,” says Will Temple.

Every feature or module in Meddbase originates from a challenge or a problem that our healthcare customers were trying to solve. Whether it is scaling their operations, improving patient experience, or reducing admin for their clinicians, all the features in Meddbase have been driven by our customers.

It’s all about data

At the end of the day, one of the main reasons customers chose to migrate to Meddbase is that organizations have an increasing need for data-driven decision-making. We designed our solutions to enable you to report on every aspect of your business, giving you a pulse on hourly, daily, or weekly performance.

When customer migrate their past data into Meddbase, they are also able to maintain business continuity and capture trends on how the performance of their business evolved after the migration to Meddbase.

Meddbase: Two Decades of Democratizing Access to Healthtech Innovation

Will Temple, Managing Director, Medical Management Systems Ltd

Before co-founding Medical Management Systems Limited in 2004, Mr. Will held a series of distinguished positions with a focus on overseeing large-scale IT infrastructure. His specialization lay in advanced data networking and content delivery, covering both public and private networks. This extensive experience in managing commercial data storage and transfer at a scale comparable to the NHS Spine positions him as an invaluable advisor on the benefits and technical intricacies of securely delivering content from data centers to end users’ devices.

Through hands-on involvement in pivotal client-facing roles during the formative stages of product development, Mr. Will has gained a comprehensive understanding of every facet of the business. This encompasses a deep insight into the system’s functionality, as well as individual client workflows, and an appreciation of the intricacies of service delivery.

Presently, Mr. Will maintains an active role in steering the direction of the Meddbase software product and the company itself. His enduring enthusiasm for the technological advancements achieved by Meddbase is evident, and he continues to seek ways to build upon these achievements. He takes particular pride in the tangible benefits that Meddbase provides to its users and, most significantly, to patients.

Mr. Will holds a sense of accomplishment in Meddbase’s recent integration with the NHS, underscoring the investment made by Medical Management Systems to facilitate digital interoperability between private and public sector care providers. Beyond the realm of healthcare, Mr. Will’s prior career highlights include being recruited to lead the overhaul of the IT department and server strategy for a multinational corporation spanning 100 locations, as well as contributing to the successful bid for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Leader’s Biography

With a tenure of 20 years as the co-creator and Managing Director of Meddbase, Mr. Will Temple emerges as a distinguished healthcare technology expert. His specialized knowledge extends to comprehending the intricacies of securely transmitting data from hosting centers to end users’ devices. This expertise is fundamental in ensuring an ultra-secure environment for sensitive healthcare information.

Mr. Temple is fervently committed to propelling technological progress in the healthcare sector, particularly through the implementation of a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. He takes particular pride in Meddbase’s recent achievements, including its pivotal role in supporting clinical operations during the pandemic and facilitating enhanced digital interoperability between private and public sector care providers.