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McAfee Institute: Develops the Industry’s Most Elite Cyber Crime Fighters

A recent report from CISCO indicates that there would be over one million cyber security job openings by 2018, and the demand is expected to rise to 6 million by 2019. The intelligence sector continues to grow at the rate of 5% each year; and 20,000 new jobs are expected by 2018. To serve the need of providing elite crime fighters to fight for the Cybersecurity and Intelligence Sector issues, McAfee Insitute has led the industry when it comes to developing the most sought after cyber investigators and intelligence professionals through its professional board certification programs.
The recent influx in cyber crimes over the past 10 years have paved the way for McAfee Institutes’ world renowned programs. They are constantly creating cutting edge programs that focuses on the real threats and criminal activities being perpetrated online. McAfee Institute’s board certifications focuses on the identification, investigation and prosecution of cyber crimes in areas like human trafficking, child ponorgraphy, hacking, credit card breaches, organized retail crime, eCommerce fraud, narcotics, sex trafficking and tons more. Their proficient training and development in intelligence, investigations, cyber, and leadership helps professionals to advance their careers and achieve a better life.
The Torch Bearer of McAfee Institute
Josh McAfee, CEO of McAfee Institute, is a passion driven person. He teaches people how to succeed and become influential leaders within the loss prevention, law enforcement, cyber crime and anti-fraud industries.
Josh’s mantra that makes McAfee Institute outshine others are:-
Our People – Every one of the people that I have on my team are hand-picked for their passion to help others to grow and succeed within the industry and life as a whole.
Our Passion– We are a team that actually cares about your success. We don’t just say it, we live it every day and that is shown in everything we do and every experience you have with us.
Our Programs – We provide real world, applicable training. We don’t teach theory here. Our instructors are amongst the industry’s best-of-the-best. They have all been there, done it, and have written a book on it. So you can trust that the stuff you are learning is the best out there – asserts Josh.
Being Unique is McAfee Institute’s Forte
There are few things that make McAfee Institute stand out amongst other competitors and there are few reasons for McAfee Institute’s amazing growth.
A prominent thing to notice is; they don’t boast that they care, but they actually live it in everything they do for their students. From the very first touch their coaches and mentors are vested and very interested in helping their industry professionals to grow and succeed. They don’t just enroll students and leave them at their fate, they are always visible, reachable and ready to help. McAfee Institute offers 24/7 live in house support via chat (not outsourced) to their students, if they ever need help or have questions they simply ping the instructers via chat and they are there to help. No one in the industry does this regardless if it’s in the pre sale or post sale process, and this makes McAfee Institute outshine others.
Secondly, McAfee Institute offers a money back guarantee on all of their programs. If anyone is not happy for any reason, they are always there to sort it out, again this is something that is not offered in this industry.
Lastly, the way McAfee Institute trains its individuals is just an incredible experience. Their students have video based lectures, tutorials, digital manuals, practice quizzes, and tons of resources to help them take their skill sets to the next level. They teach them the real-world, applicable, training. And that’s just not from a dingy college book, but technique and methodologies that can be used from day one when you learn it and utilize it in your work.
Taking Employee Engagement to a New Level
I think it’s because we get to do amazing things, with amazing people. There is nothing like it out there. Every day we work to help crime fighters around the world to reach their career goals, develop professionally, and live a better life. Then on top of it, we get to hear how our programs are helping to combat crime. One week our professionals might have saved a few hundred sex trafficked children, the next week they might have prosecuted a notorious cyber-criminal or taken down a child predator. We are impacting lives every day and helping to make an incredible impact, where else can you do that. In addition, we are a team that actually works together, grows together, and have fun together. I believe in developing them professionals and personally and I have a vested interest in seeing every one of my team members to achieve more, be more, and inspire to do more – says Josh.
Future Aspects
McAfee Institute is a team of incredible influential and inspirational leaders that care about helping you to achieve the professional goals you want to achieve and live a better life. One can always expect McAfee Institute to be on the forefront of what is happening in the industry and to provide necessary training and resources to not only be successful but also to stand out as a leader. McAfee Institue envisions expansion into different industry verticals to provide training in other fundamental areas to grow you as a well-rounded professional and offer new career opportunities.

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