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MaxMD: A Global Trailblazer in HIT and Interoperability Solutions

Health Information Technology applications are proliferating at a rapid pace with new applications, devices and constituencies emerging seemingly every day. However exchanging healthcare information between legacy applications and new systems still seems to rely on Point-to-Point persistent interface which is an expensive and dogmatic approach to interoperability. Interoperability is a fancy word for allowing data created by one vendors system to be securely exchanged with and consumed by another. In healthcare, unlike “unregulated” industries, security and Trust-in-Identity are crucial factors that must be accounted for to ensure patient privacy is preserved and data cannot be intercepted or stolen.
MaxMD is a leader in secure healthcare information technology and interoperability solutions.  As one of the first companies in the United States to achieve full accreditation through the Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program (DTAAP) developed by and the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), MaxMD operates as a Health Information Service Provider (HISP), Certificate Authority (CA) and Registration Authority (RA). DTAAP recognizes excellence in healthcare data processing and transactions, and ensures compliance with industry-established standards, HIPAA regulations, the Applicability Statement for Secure Health Transport, and the Direct Secure Messaging Protocol.
MaxMD is committed to providing secure exchange solutions that enable superior coordinated care for healthcare practices, organizations, hospital systems and HIT application service providers. Through leveraging the Direct Protocol, the company offers a modular suite of secure health information exchange solutions that enhance the interoperability and scalability of the Direct Protocol across the broadest array of applications, systems and devices. By utilizing the Direct Protocol in unique ways MaxMD can help clients automate information exchange and improve business operations.
Unique Services and Products
MaxMD has developed a lightweight, scalable and sustainable approach to health information exchange by leveraging a unique combination of tools to transform data while in transit between disparate systems. The inclusion of a sophisticated Rules Engine, a Data Transformation Engine, plus natural language processing enhances Direct Exchange and results in unprecedented data liquidity at a fraction of the cost associated with other forms of HIE.
MaxMD helps to exchange structured and unstructured data easily. The company’s enhanced Direct services suite supports patients, provider organizations, and myriad HIT platforms.
Its enhanced Direct services include a dynamic event notification system. Automated, machine-driven ADT feeds and outgoing CCDs trigger real time clinical data to predefined endpoints without manual intervention. The rules engine eases interoperability across the care ecosystem delivering critical information to the right caregiver at the right time. This automated delivery of information empowers proactive engagement which minimizes preventable re-admissions and financial penalties.
The MaxMD HISP also utilizes a highly customized data integration engine to programmatically transform payloads while in transit.
DirectOnFHIR™ is a unique service that leverages two different technical protocols to increase interoperability and scale the exchange of ePHI. DirectOnFHIR is a federated solution which enables a patient or provider to query and pull medical records simply by sending a Direct Message. MaxMD leverages the trust-in-identity assured by a Direct Address to provide authentication and authorization of an HL7 request to a FHIR API. This process can be fulfilled from a desktop or from the MaxMD App on mobile devices.
The enhanced Direct services suite of the company also facilitates transmission of DICOM images via a fragmentation process to allow large payloads to be moved between independent entities and disparate systems while leveraging the trust-in-identity feature of the Direct Protocol.
Lowering operating costs by improving health information exchange and data liquidity will improve care coordination and align providers more closely with the evolving MACRA and MIPS reimbursement models.
The Veteran Leadership
With more than 30 years of business management experience, Scott Finlay, President and CEO of MaxMD, fosters an environment of intellectual honesty and open dialog between all team members and his clients. As the founders did not come from the healthcare industry, different approaches were taken to deal with the challenges so there was some skepticism about what the team knew about healthcare.  That initial skepticism has evolved years later into a positive attribute as they continued to listen to customers, respond quickly to them and provide solutions to their challenges.
The Inspiration behind the Successful Journey
Customer referrals and client challenges are indeed the main inspiration that any industry or organization look out for. MaxMD also been involved with Industry Standards Organizations which help them stay abreast of all government requirements and helps the team to ensure the products are compliant with and consistent with the direction of key industry work groups that are shaping the regulatory requirements for the industry. Many clients in healthcare have similar challenges and the company offer tools that can be configured to work with both legacy systems and new applications or HIT systems broadly. Any organization that collects data or has a need to share data for care coordination or to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes can benefit from a scalable and sustainable approach to interoperability services.
Creating Value for Clients
The team of MaxMD believes that its deep involvement with creates significant value to the clients. The expertise, vision and knowledge of the policy and technology specifics of the Direct Protocol ensures that the products are built to mature with and expand the use cases of the Direct Protocol and ensure the clients will not outgrow the team’s capabilities or find themselves with technology that is not staying abreast of an evolving healthcare technology market.
Future Prospect
The new MaxMD mobile app is available today on Android devices and will be released shortly on the iOS platform as well. Designed for patients and providers, the MaxMD app enables users to securely coordinate care with healthcare professionals and gives the ability to query medical records wherever they may reside simply by sending a Direct Message. By combining the Direct Protocol with FHIR APIs, the MaxMD app leverages the scalability plus trust-in-identity of Direct to authenticate and authorize HL7 requests.
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