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Mr. Mike Mattsen | CEO | MattsenKumar

MattsenKumar: Delivering Excellence at Every Step of the Way

In an interview with Insights Success, Mr. Mike Mattsen, CEO of MattsenKumar shares his views about the BPO sector and how MattsenKumar is helping it thrive with its innovative approaches.

  • Kindly brief us about your organization your vision, mission and your values.

MattsenKumar is a preferred business process outsourcing partner for several well-regarded worldwide brands.  With a global leadership team that has grown small launching offshore processes to multi-year several thousand seat production engines, “MK” has been a pioneer in establishing and transforming contact center operations for leading organizations across the globe. Headquartered in the US, our delivery centers leverage the power of offshore, and specifically, the intellect and work ethic within India. We’re proud of our 2000 (and growing) team!
Our Mission: To leverage a talented and passionate team to provide innovative, specialized BPO solutions leveraging technologies that ensure our clients receive the maximum return on investment.
Our Values
Be Bold: Bold means questioning what is, and determining what could be. Our culture questions the status quo constantly, to identify potential possibilities to improve and grow.
Be Transparent: Two words are understood by every team member within MK: “No Surprises.” That means when there is an operational performance hiccup, the client knows about it from us before they review an impersonal report.
Be More: We recruit, hire and cultivate a diverse, creative workforce of hard-chargers. Everyone is encouraged to “think out of the box” and to become engaged with the various employees’ committees and to participate in as many as their interests allow.

  • What are the cutting-edge products/services offered by your organization?

Our services include:

  • Contact Center Outsourcing which caters to multiple functions and departments in organizations like Sales & Business Development, Customer Service, Collections, and Surveys.
  • Back Office Process Outsourcing which includes handling email & chat support, data processing & management, and interactive voice response (IVR) for our clients.
  • E-commerce Capabilities which helps organizations streamline their processes and enable them for growth via catalog management, product discovery, selection enhancement, seller & buyer management, and analytics services.
  • Professional Services group of MattsenKumar is a team of quality professionals (Six Sigma) who work with global organizations to provide services like business process management, customer experience management, business intelligence & analytics, data visualization, and benchmarking services.

Apart from services, our innovation & strategy team has been successful in launching multiple products like:

  • SmartSpeech, a highly customizable speech analytics solution for contact centers and
  • MK Dashboards, an interactive data visualization for handling complex datasets to derive valuable insights.
  • How has your organization sustained its market competency? What are the characteristics that set it apart?

As the BPO industry has evolved rapidly over the last decade, our team has stayed ahead of the curve by aligning with the changing industry dynamics by focusing on our core strengths and innovation.
Our core strengths include:

  • BPO Leadership: Our leadership team brings a combined industry experience of over 100+ years spanning across industries like manufacturing, BFSI, e-commerce, retail, and information technology. This ensures the innovation necessary to continue to raise the bar with better solutions for our clients.
  • Focus on Data Security: We place immense importance on our client’s data and take our responsibility to keep it secure very seriously. Our PCI certification is a shining example of our commitment.
  • Lowest Client Attrition: Over the last decade, we have been fortunate to boast one of the lowest client attrition rates in the industry.
  • Innovation: Our relentless drive to deliver value to our clients has helped develop a laser-sharp focus on innovation, resulting in developing many examples of new technology that make a difference and set us apart.
  • How are you keeping up with latest trends in the BPO industry?

At MattsenKumar, we have always believed in staying ahead of time by adopting the right technology, security measures, process improvements and innovative business models for our clients. We always believe in working as a valuable partner for all our clients and deliver more than expectations to delight them.

  • How do you maintain a productive work culture at your company?

At MattsenKumar, building a productive yet exciting culture was always a priority for us. This has allowed investing the right amount of talent, effort, and commitment to the same.
Some of our noteworthy initiatives which have contributed to an engaging work culture are:
Employee led committees: We have created five different committees with each of these committees designed to serve a specific purpose. Their collective idea is to keep the employees at MK engaged and keeping them motivated to continue delivering their best at work.
Fun at work: From organizing weekly/monthly/quarterly engagement activities, we offer each of our employees a chance to unleash their hidden talent, be it music, dance or creativity and maintain an equilibrium between creativity, work, and games.
Employee recognition always on: We plan regular “Rewards & Recognition” events during which the best talent is rewarded for their noteworthy efforts.

  • Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learned that have shaped the journey of the company.

As a full service yet “boutique” service provider, while our growing 2000-member team is talented and hardworking, probably the biggest “lesson” learned in our journey to date is that we cannot be everything to every client—and we need to focus on core competencies that delight our clients. Achieving this objective requires focused listening, intense collaboration and leveraging the passion of our team to make the result all it can be. All part of the MK secret sauce!

  • What are your future plans for the company? Where do you see the company in the years to come?

We are enjoying our journey and gratified that a growing number of new clients continue to give MK opportunities to collaborate to meet their business challenges. We expect evolving technology will continue to challenge and motivate the team, but we are prepared through experience and poised to meet those challenges head-on and come out the other side even better than we are now. We intend to keep on winning!
About the Visionaries
MattsenKumar was founded by Mr. Mike Mattsen (CEO) and Ms. Aarati Kumar (COO).
Mike Mattsen
Mike Mattsen is a known industry innovator who brings over 25 years of direct BPO outsourcing and technology executive leadership. He has opened, managed and helped expand several thousand seat operations throughout the Americas and Asia, and lived in India from 1999 to 2002, helping to lead the migration of the global BPO industry. Before gaining vast offshore expertise, Mike ran operations for a mid-sized call center organization with sixteen sites throughout the US and Canada.
Aarati Kumar
Aarati Kumar has over 20 years of professional executive  experience across various domains. She is one of the first female international BPO general managers across all of Asia and has held various leadership roles, including Country Head, President, and COO/CFO.  She owns MK along with Mike and Pat Hanlin, the former owner of the outsourcer Mike first ran operations for.  In addition to wearing many operational service delivery hats, she has led two widely successful start-ups from ground zero in the India market and is considered the go-to person for any outsourcing solutions.