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Mattel launches new ‘Toy recycling’ program

Mattel announced its ‘Playback’ program earlier this week after having introduced their first vehicle made 99% out of recycled materials and carbon, the “Matchbox Tesla Roadster”, last month.  
The main idea behind this program is to recover and reuse materials of all of their products and packaging by inspiring their customers to return their old toys instead of throwing them away. 
The Toy maker hopes to achieve this goal of making all of its die-cast cars, playsets and packaging with completely recycled or bio-based plastic material, by 2030. 
Once the consumers start shipping their old toys back to Mattel, their materials will be sorted and separated according to their type, then processed and recycled. 
However, materials that are deemed to be nonrecyclable will be either ‘converted to energy’ or ‘downcycled’. 
Jim Silver, CEO of the toy research firm, TTPM said, “Mattel’s ‘Playback’ program is a great step. The consumer is becoming more and more concerned about the future and becoming more eco-friendly; manufacturers are starting to step up and start to try and make the environment better.”