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MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION: Empowering Businesses to Make Better Decisions

In an interview with Insights Success, the Founder, of MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION, Anil Bandari, sheds light on the company’s best-in-class custom analytics solutions to serve individuals, communities, institutions and nations. He also discussed about the company’s core competencies, its future and his overall journey with an extensive experience in various leadership roles in the financial industry. Considering these inspirational aspects, Insights Success recognizes, Anil Bandari to be featured in “The Industry Disruptors Redefining Innovation in 2019”.
Below are highlights from the interview conducted between Anil and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of the company, its vision. 
Being a data science company that provides custom analytics solutions to the Financial, Retail, and the Healthcare industries, MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION was incepted with a vision of working tirelessly to be dubbed as a leading custom analytics solution provider. The company boasts decades of experience in meeting the world’s toughest challenges and seizing its greatest opportunities in modelling & analytics, profit Optimization and Artificial Intelligence.
MATRiX strives to create the best outcomes for its clients and customers with its suite of empirical modeling and analytics solutions, which are cutting-edge, creative, robust, and simple to deploy.
What inspired Matrix Analytics Corporation to enter into its respective segment? 
According to me, “We all in the data science team at MATRiX have always been fascinated by data, its volume, frequency, patterns, signals, noise, anomalies, outliers generated in Banking and have been building analytics solutions in various domains like revenue growth, credit risk, fraud risk, customer analytics, customer centricity and day-to-day decisioning using the data,” It was this fascination that led the company to build some proprietary algorithms to transform data into machine form to work with high dimension data. It also helped the company build custom characteristics libraries based on deep understanding of domain, customer behavior, multigoal originations objectives, credit bureaus, alternate data, timestamp, transaction type, geography, currency and merchant data. Finally, it was this fascination that facilitated the development of genetic algorithms, machine learning, deep learning and goal programming based empirical models, which are exceptionally dominant, robust in performance and very efficient in computation.
What are the cutting-edge products/services offered by Matrix Analytics Corporation? 
Our priorities are to deliver robust and high-performing models, which incorporate all the diagnostics needed for defense of model in internal audit, compliance and regulatory exams. Methodologies used are time tested and validated. We work very closely with our clients in development, deployment and post deployment processes. Cutting edge products offered by MATRiX are:

  • Efficient Frontier Based Profit Optimization
  • Best Possible Performing Model Development in Originations & Portfolio Management
  • Seamless or Near to Seamless Deployment in Production Platforms.

MATRiX solutions are based on use of Statistical, Operations research, Machine & Deep Learning, proprietary, best industry known algorithms and state-of-art analytics business processes. Our solutions leverage all possible data sources, which are, on-us bank data, off-us credit bureau, and other available alternate data sources.
What strategies has Matrix Analytics Corporation undertaken to stay ahead of the competition? 
MATRiX blends domain and data experience with latest happenings in analytics industry to provide the best solutions to our clients. We compete with biggest names in industry for our projects and our solutions come across superior.
As a team, we are hungry to learn more and acquire newer skills in the data science industry. From time to time, we attend thought leadership conferences and programs to stay up to date with the industry and hear and learn from experienced industry leaders.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that has shaped the journey of the company. 
“Journey of MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION so far has been deepening experience for most of us here at MATRiX.” The company has been and is growing day after day. The company boasts a group of satisfied customers, and MATRiX is working on building new analytics solutions for their priority objectives these days and at the same time pursuing acquisition of new clients.
We worked with few banks, FINTECH, retail and a healthcare chain, who gave us a chance and we converted it into trust and long-term relationships.
Where does Matrix Analytics Corporation see itself in the long run and what are its future goals? 
In long run, MATRiX sees itself helping banks, fintech companies and other verticals to solve their problems in the revenue and balance growth, credit risk space, operational efficiency using advanced statistical methods thus ensuring common customer becomes core and benefits.
Clientele Testimonials 
“The presentation of the content is both intuitive and meaningful enabling FICO staff to craft a storyline that resonates with customers and allows them to see what is possible. We are extremely happy with the work MATRiX has done.” – Lee M, Director, Risk Management and Analytic Solution, FICO
“We selected MATRiX as a partner to help us in converting our modeling platform to R, to consult with us on model development and the application of machine learning in our environment based on Mr. Bandari’s Reputation.” – Chuck N, SVP, Customer Data Management of FNBO
About the Leader 
Anil Bandari is leading MATRiX on the way to excellence. Prior to founding MATRiX, Anil headed global modeling and risk analytics (GMRA) in Citi for 7 major markets/countries (Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam) and was Director in Global Credit & Fraud Risk Management based in New York. Anil also holds the distinctive portfolio of being an innovator in the field of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Transaction Analytics, Data Warehousing, Signal processing, Credit and Fraud Risk Modeling, Profit Optimization and Customer Analytics.