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Matisia Consultants: Top-Notch Customized Consulting Solutions

Focused on inspiring clients and getting them to think and act differently, Matisia works with a level of commitment, expertise and enthusiasm that is unmatched. Matisia Consultants strategizes and moves the companies they work with forward, giving them the power to grow at the speed of change.
Matisia provides highly skilled consultants with an average of 10 years of consulting experience. Their localized delivery of consulting services deepens the connection and trust with their clients. Matisia provides a transparent, simplified all-inclusive pricing model, which is widely appreciated by clients.
Customized Consulting Solutions
Matisia provides localized delivery of customized consulting solutions across four primary service lines or centers of excellence, on both a project delivery and technical resourcing basis: Business Intelligence, ERP Services, Project Leadership & Product Management, and Organizational Change Management.
Business Intelligence (BI), the BI professionals handle projects of all sizes, spanning the development of impactful dashboards (e.g. Power BI and Tableau) to implementing multi-terabyte data warehouses.
ERP Systems, practice enables clients to envision roadmaps, plan investments and successfully deliver on complex business transformation initiatives, supported by deeply experienced consultants.
Project Leadership & Product Management, helps clients organize, plan and deliver unique goals and objectives, achieving an optimal balance between scope, schedule, and budget. Product Management services span the areas of eCommerce, Web Self-Service, Marketing, and Call Center technologies.
Organizational Change Management, Matisia partners with clients to develop, launch and manage tailored, multi-faceted change management strategies to help their most valuable assets – their people – let go of the familiar and welcome the new.
Matisia helps ensure their clients stay relevant and informed in an ever-changing environment. They always do what is best for the client and help organize, plan, motivate and deliver on their clients’ unique goals and objectives. Matisia doesn’t believe in a one-size or one-solution-fits-all approach. They draw from their experience and leverage best practices and, in tandem, customize the solutions for clients.
Kristina Roth, Founded Matisia Consultants in 2006. She has nearly 20 years of experience in consulting and previously worked for IBM and PwC, focusing on improving efficiencies, increasing profits, and implementing change through technology and business process improvements for a multitude of clients. She has grown the Matisia business and brand across multiple office locations, including Washington, California and Minnesota.
“Being a client centric firm,” Kristina explains, “our focus on our clients begins with strong capabilities and seasoned leaders from across industries. We provide innovative, customized consulting solutions to greatly improve our clients’ performance and profitability. We help our clients stay informed and relevant in an ever-changing environment.”
While talking about Matisia, Kristina says, “Our biggest assets have always been and continue to be our passionate, driven and deeply experienced consultants. The most important core values that have helped us overcome growth challenges are: Always putting our people first, continuously improving, and never compromising our unique culture.”
Matisia understands the importance of investing in the community. Kristina adds, “We engage our employees, bringing together our collective resources to improve our world. We do this through investing in organizations like Communities Schools of Washington, Cure 4 Type 1, Jubilee Women’s Center, The Seattle Children’s Hospital Uncompensated Care Fund and many more.”
Throwing light on its future Kristina says, “With constant change comes opportunity… this is what excites us most about the future and what we do.”