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Mastering AWS Cloud Services Through A Comprehensive Course

Amazon Web Services is a vastly growing field in 2023. Since businesses are

moving towards efficiency and innovation by relying increasingly on cloud services. AWS is one of the most comprehensive and widely accepted cloud platforms; its popularity is growing because of its variety of benefits.

Being an IT professional, if you’re looking for a shift in your career, this budding field might be something you must look forward to. Becoming an AWS expert will transform your career as you will be in the loop with the ongoing trends in the IT job market.

This blog will guide you to understand everything about AWS Cloud services and some of the best AWS certifications you can do to master AWS.

What are AWS Cloud Services?

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a cloud computing platform that provides over 200 featured services from data centers worldwide. This platform was launched in 2002, but the products were later launched in 2006. Today, AWS cloud service has become the world’s most comprehensive cloud platform.

Doing an AWS Cloud course will elevate your career as these services are helping organizations worldwide to implement innovative changes in managing their data systems. From the latest startups to Fortune 500 companies, every organization is implementing AWS cloud assistance.

Why Are Organisations Implementing AWS Cloud Services?

So many companies are implementing these cloud services for plenty of reasons:

  • Most Secure: AWS is the most secure cloud platform, offering 143 security standards, compliance certifications, and 117 services that can store data with proper encryption.
  • Flexible Functionality: As mentioned above, they have over 200 featured cloud services for various applications in various organizations. From infrastructure technologies to emerging services like AI and managing data lakes, everything is covered by them.
  • Tech Forward Outlooks: AWS uses the latest technologies to innovate and manage more efficiently. AWS has always been one step ahead, like the launch of AWS Lambda in 2014, known for its achievement in serverless computing space, opening doors for several innovative possibilities.
  • Great Expertise In Operations: AWS has been a proven provider of unmatched operational services for the past 17 years. In cloud computing, AWS has offered the most reliable and high-performing solutions to millions of customers.
  • Most Cost-Effective Platform: AWS offers this wide array of services at the lowest costs to organizations wanting to implement. With no long-term commitments, these services are highly flexible for customers globally.

Undoubtedly the platform is growing rapidly globally, which has resulted in the increased demand for AWS professionals. So let’s look at who these professionals are and how you can choose different career routes in AWS as an IT professional.

Who are AWS Experts?

AWS experts are IT professionals well versed with the AWS infrastructure and can help various organizations design, implement, and manage these cloud services. They can make agile strategies and applications that align with the needs of a particular business.

These professionals can hold knowledge and skills in different backgrounds like cloud architecture, development, aws DevOps, Machine Learning, security, managing databases, analytics, and other cloud services. To get into AWS, one must have the required skills in coding courses, operating systems, and building and automating systems.

They can get this through AWS certifications or online courses. Let’s understand what these certificates are.

What are AWS Certifications?

Amazon Web Services offers a total of 12 certifications for IT professionals who are willing to grow their career in AWS cloud service. These certificates are divided into four levels based on the expertise and knowledge of an individual. These levels are foundations, associate, professional, and specialty.

AWS certifications will showcase your wide range of skills and knowledge in a particular field. They also promote that you can successfully cater to your client’s requirements. Earning these certifications will give you credibility and an edge over other professionals in the job market.

Since AWS is an industry-recognized name earning a badge from them will increase career opportunities and give you a significant hike in salary. As an AWS Cloud Solutions Architect in India, you can get an average pay of ₹7,98,043 per year.

Cracking these certifications can be a difficult task. Individuals must have comprehensive knowledge of the field of interest. IT professionals must have the work experience and knowledge to pass these certifications.

Top courses to master AWS Cloud services

Here are some AWS certification courses that individuals can take to prepare according to industry standards. As a beginner, if you want to advance to this field, here’s a video that will help you solve the conceptual facts of this background.

🔥AWS Full Course 2023 | AWS Tutorial For Beginners 2023 | AWS Training For Beginners | Simplilearn

Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services- Udemy

As a beginner, this is the best course to start in your journey toward getting AWS certifications. This AWS course is based on practical knowledge and teaches IT professionals how to configure AWS services in the real world. This course fits any emerging cloud practitioner, from developers to system administrators.

AWS Cloud Architect- Simplilearn

This comprehensive cloud architect course is vital if you want to become an expert in cloud computing AWS. Learn all the architectural frameworks, principles, and skills required to deploy the requirements of an organization. This course will help you gain valuable insights from industry experts and give you credibility in the cloud architect role.

AWS for Beginners- Great Learning

If you’re looking for AWS free certification courses online, this is one of the comprehensive programs designed especially for beginners. It clears basic concepts like cloud models, their building, deployment, and all cloud computing fundamentals. Enrolled students would also get hands-on experience and demos to build their technical knowledge.

Amazon Web Services – Zero to Hero- Udemy

This beginner-friendly course perfectly navigates your path to becoming an expert. This course trains individuals to launch the AWS EC2 WordPress web server, launch and connect the AWS database server, and many others. The basic idea is to make individuals understand how to use AWS effectively.


Entering the field of cloud computing at AWS will be a great career choice in 2023. You must go for it if you have similar interests that align with any of the AWS services backgrounds. Having said that, these courses mentioned above will give you the comprehensive knowledge you require to start your career.

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