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Masooma Ajaz

Masooma Ajaz: Philanthropist who proved to be a beacon of light for thousands of job seekers in UAE

In a dynamic market like the UAE, career navigation demands a blend of strategy, insight, and perseverance. As individuals embark on their professional journeys, they often seek guidance to navigate the intricacies of job hunting and career growth. The UAE, known for its promising opportunities, attracts countless aspirants eager to carve their paths to success. Yet, amid the abundance of prospects, many find themselves in need of expert direction to translate aspirations into tangible achievements.

At the forefront of career empowerment stands Masooma Ajaz, a beacon of motivation and wisdom for countless individuals traversing the UAE job market. With a fervent commitment to aiding others in discovering their professional trajectories, Masooma’s impact resonates deeply within the community. Through her role as a Career Influencer and Motivational Speaker, she not only offers guidance but also instills confidence and clarity in those navigating the competitive landscape of career advancement.

Masooma’s journey is marked by a profound dedication to uplifting others, which is evident in her extensive track record of supporting over 20,000 individuals in realizing their career aspirations. Tailoring her guidance to meet the unique needs of each individual, she employs a blend of personalized strategies and comprehensive resources. From guiding newcomers to the UAE through meticulously crafted job search guides to offering one-on-one support and mentorship, Masooma’s approach ensures that no aspiration goes unaddressed.

As Masooma Ajaz continues to shape the narrative of career empowerment and professional development, her vision extends beyond the present, aiming to create enduring impacts for generations to come. With upcoming projects poised to expand her reach and influence, Masooma remains steadfast in her commitment to fostering a culture of growth, resilience, and empowerment, both personally and professionally.

Let’s delve in to learn more:

Can you share with us your journey as a Career Influencer in the UAE market and how your passion has helped individuals in their career search journey in the UAE?

I have been assisting and advising individuals for many years, owing to my strong desire to help people find the right career path. I assist candidates on the path to follow, and those who diligently follow my advice often secure desirable jobs. Your aims should be clear before putting in efforts with detailed guidance. Dubai is a place of opportunities that many aspire to be a part of due to the promising prospects it offers for a bright future and success. Many people arrive in the UAE but lack crucial knowledge, leading to frustration and unsuccessful outcomes. Here, my role comes through a guide to help them remain on course, achieve their goals, and secure their dream job within the allocated time frame.

Your leadership highlights your proficiency in various areas, such as career growth, job hunting, career coaching, and more. How have these skills enabled you to guide and mentor individuals seeking career opportunities in the UAE job market?

Having strong leadership abilities is essential for guiding a team or mentoring individuals. In my opinion, these abilities have been beneficial in career planning by identifying the appropriate path and initiating the job search process, which may be stressful and challenging. Integrating exceptional skills and vast knowledge into written words and effectively promoting oneself during an interview are distinct abilities. Career coaching offers an outcome-focused strategy to help you improve your resume, increase your interview skills, and go beyond the basic requirements of a job ad. I usually assess talents, experience, goals, personality, and work style to advise a process for a potential career path.

Your passion for philanthropy and career guidance shines. Can you share a personal anecdote or success story from your volunteer work where you made a significant impact on someone’s career journey?

I am privileged to be able to pursue without constraint my passion for helping people in the UAE Job Market for a decade now. I have dealt with numerous candidates, but there was one that stood out to me. A young woman called me, distraught because she couldn’t find work in the United Arab Emirates. She had recently tied the knot and was planning to remain in the country with her husband, so she was determined to get a job as soon as possible. Somehow, she had heard of me, so she contacted me. I told her, “Listen, if you’re serious about getting a job in the UAE, just follow what I’m saying.” I gave her all the advice she needed, and she ended up landing a job at a prestigious bank, earning more than she had anticipated. She keeps in touch with me to this day, and she confides in me regularly when she needs advice.

You have supported over 20,000 individuals with their career aspirations. How do you tailor your guidance to meet the unique needs of each individual, and what strategies do you use to ensure their success?

I have made it my intention to respond to each and every one of you. To that end, I created two sets of job search guides: one for people who are just thinking about visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in search of employment and another for people who have already arrived. Each set of guides is approximately fifteen pages long and contains all the necessary information for a successful job search. After that, if you have any continuation or more specific questions, I usually respond by email.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the book and how it aims to help individuals navigate their career paths in the UAE?

University students are my target audience because I want them to be well-prepared and have an organized or transformed personality before making a career transition. My book, which covers nearly fifty topics related to personality development, caters to this need. A more significant shift in your character will occur rapidly if you incorporate all of these topics into your life. It will soon be readily accessible in the market, as I am in the process of publishing it.

As someone deeply involved in youth empowerment and professional development, what advice would you give to young professionals looking to kickstart their careers in the competitive job market of the UAE?

In the professional environment, a strong personality is essential for long-term success. Overcoming weaknesses and focusing on self-improvement will make you resilient against any challenges.

Your commitment to continuous learning and career coaching is commendable. How do you stay updated with the latest industry trends and incorporate them into your career guidance initiatives?

Staying knowledgeable of current trends is crucial for fostering creativity. I consistently remain apprised by attending conferences, utilizing social media platforms such as LinkedIn, and engaging in various readings, which assist me in providing insight or awareness programs.

How do you foster a supportive and empowering environment for your colleagues, and what role does mentorship play in your approach to leadership?

The importance of maintaining an optimistic outlook on life is undeniable, and I am committed to doing my part to promote a constructive perspective in my social circle through giving keynote lectures that inspire, raise awareness, and impart knowledge. One of the main responsibilities of a mentor in leadership development is to offer advice and encouragement, help with self-assessment (both positive and negative), goal-setting, and targets approach, an excellent tool for charting a course for individual development that will lead to enhanced performance over time.

You are passionate about helping individuals unleash their potential. Can you share any upcoming projects or initiatives you have planned to further your mission of career empowerment and youth development?

I have future goals to further improve professionally by developing a platform for users to conveniently access knowledge for their personal development and career paths. I am also planning to publish my first book soon, with a second one in the making. Aligning more lectures to deliver as well.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals for the future, both personally and professionally, and how do you plan to continue making a positive impact in the lives of others through your work and volunteer efforts?

Over the past decade and into the next, I aim to have a significant and positive influence on people’s lives. I will work diligently to promote career-based motivation, implement necessary initiatives through effective communication channels, engage with organizational bodies for long-lasting impact, and assist individuals who are facing challenges in reaching their goals.