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Marvels of IoT Showcased At CES 2016

Technology has become indispensable in our lives than ever before, The Internet of Things is forming a new world, a quantifiable and calculable world, where people and businesses can manage their assets in better-informed ways, and can make more timely and better-informed judgments about what they want or need to do. This newly connected world brings with it fundamental changes to society and consumers. By sensing our surrounding environment, IoT will produce many practical improvements in our world, improving our convenience, health, and safety, while at the same time improving energy efficiency and comfort. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gave us a taste, once again, of what can be achieved by converging the power of devices by connecting them together and also gave everyone a hint that IoT will usher us into a new golden age of ease and efficiency. CES is a popular showcase of new mobile launch, smart television but this year IoT was in the limelight and stole the show at the conference held in Las Vegas. The newfangled focus on the Internet of Things was self-evident on the CES show floor, as corporations touted everything from smart connected shoes to IoT-connected medical kits for the healthcare vertical.
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich summed up the show during his CES keynote, shying away from discussing PCs and hardware and instead concentrating on wearables, connected devices, and IoT end user experiences to cherish what he called the “new era of consumer technology.”
Let’s take a look at top IoT products which created buzzword at CES 2016
Amazon Echo and Alexa Voice Service
Amazon became the star of the show without officially attending the CES when other vendors showcased their products integrated with Amazon Echo and Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service. Amazon Echo is a smart speaker with a brain powered by Alexa Voice Service, which is hosted in the cloud. Amazon Echo can not only give you the current news or whether update, but it can also integrate with your surrounding devices and control the home appliances or start the car’s heater. Amazon Echo’s real power lies in Alexa voice service which is a perfect combination of many technologies like voice processing, cloud computing, and hardware control.
HomeKit-Enabled IoT Fan
The Hunter Fan Company, is the world’s earliest ceiling-fan producer, opened a fresh chapter in its 130-year history by stating its entry into the connected-home market. Specifically, it has unveiled a brace of Wi-Fi-enabled ceiling fans that will be sold under the Symphony and Signal brands. This IoT-enabled fan can let homeowners walk into the refreshingly cool house without wasting energy by leaving their fans on for hours when they are gone. Hunter Fan can be turned on and off remotely so that they can start the fan sometime before they arrive at home. Homeowners can check on, program and control fans wirelessly using their iOS device or a mobile app from their Android device.
Qualcomm’s Internet of Medical Things
The Internet of Things has produced a variety of intelligent devices, but could one have prognosticated that one of those things would be a coupled with an at-home pregnancy test? Qualcomm showed off an array of IoT products at CES, including some geared toward the healthcare domain, called the “Internet of Medical Things.”
The organization’s medical IoT lineup incorporates diagnostics and therapeutics, as well as biometrics and physiological monitors. Qualcomm allied with First Response to produce the world’s first smart pregnancy test, which attaches through a portable device to alert clinicians that a patient is pregnant. The device is just one of many Qualcomm showcased at its Internet of Medical Things booth at the Consumer Electronics Show.
LG Signature Refrigerator
The LG Signature Refrigerator was a new exciting fridge announced at CES 2016. It has four doors, and there is a panel on the right-hand door that enables you to see within your fridge without opening it up. The LG design has a feature that requires you to tap on it, using the “knock-on” feature to turn the light on inside which makes it pretty cool for a fridge.
Digitsole SmartShoe
Can you imagine yourself walking around in the futuristic shoes which can connect to your mobile and wrist watch? Then you are in luck!  The Smart shoes designed by Digitsole are the first connected, interactive, heated, and shock-absorbent shoes with automated tightening that can be regulated via your smartphone. The designs of these shoes include heaters and sensors placed in the sole which can be controlled by a companion mobile application. This innovative footwear product is devised for your health and comfort. With three different designs, there is always one SmartShoe to match your style.
Research never ends & research is bringing inventions and CES always collaborating & introducing new inventions every year. Again CES will come back with new inventions in 2017.