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Marly Broudie, Founder and CEO, SocialEyes, Communications Inc.

Marly Broudie: Helping businesses broaden opportunities through the power of digital marketing and business development

Effective leadership is the backbone of any successful business. Teamwork, unity, collaboration and open communication are essential pillars of operational growth and businesses development. It is imperative for business leaders to not only inspire a desire to develop, improve and grow, but also to arm the team with the tools to effectively do so.
As Founder and CEO of SocialEyes Communications, Marly Broudie oversees most or all aspects of the business – from process building, proposal creation, and sales, to talent acquisition, campaign management, business development, and client relations. Her team at SocialEyes provides businesses and professionals with cost-effective and quantifiable digital marketing strategies aimed at increasing online presence, elevating reputation, and driving business opportunity through the power of digital marketing.
Pursuing Passion Despite Fear and Insecurity
Marly’s career started in 2011 at a downtown Toronto litigation firm as a legal assistant. A spontaneous lunch with one of the lawyers (who went on to become a mentor and friend) led to a conversation that had her head spinning around career planning.
A few weeks after marrying her best friend, who is now also her business partner, Marly dealt with some family issues that consumed her waking hours; it also forced her to assess what she wanted from a life and career standpoint. These turbulent times led to some serious reflection, planning, and life-altering decisions – most notably, the launch of SocialEyes Communications.
Leaving her secured salaried position was not the easiest decision to make, however, “this voice in my head pushing me to pursue my passion was louder than my fears and insecurities”.
There were no children on the horizon (yet), bills were manageable, and she knew that if there was a time to make some sort of move and build something from the ground up – it was then and there.
The Custom Approach
With the continued efforts of Marly and her team, today, SocialEyes Communications is a well-known digital marketing and business development firm based in Toronto. “It really comes down to our customized approach”, says Marly. The core of the agency’s competitive advantage has been disrupting the classic cookie-cutter model by offering tailored strategies that serve the diverse needs of their clients.
SocialEyes Communications dedicates a great deal of time to the research and discovery phase, digging deep to understand their clients and their goals. What value are they seeking from a digital marketing agency? Where are the gaps? Who are they targeting? What are they setting out to accomplish? The answers to these questions sow the seeds of a custom, multidimensional strategy.
Delivering Winning Insights and Tactics
As the social media landscape is rapidly changing, “it is crucial to have our fingers on the pulse of trends. We have an obligation to deliver winning insights and tactics that are either on time, or ahead of the times”, says Marly.
SocialEyes Communications’ work includes but is not limited to:

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Ad Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Brand Development
  • Social Media Training/Workshops
  • Business Development Planning
  • Video Production
  • Professional Photography
  • Planning and Reporting

Maintaining a High-Morale Work Environment
A happy, high-morale work environment is a productive work environment. There are only advantages to creating a positive culture – teamwork, determination, efficiencies, performance and, of course, motivated team members.
The team at SocialEyes Communications is the most important element of the business, and that is something Marly never takes for granted. Her biggest goal for SocialEyes’ work culture is for her staff to feel heard, empowered, inspired, and driven.
Checking in on one another, offering help when needed, and promoting positive, open communication, are always paramount and priority. The aim is that no one feels alone in their work – everyone helps one another, is there for one another and strives to connect with one another – whether or not in-office or operating virtually.
Staying Dynamic and Continuing to Add Value
In the world of digital marketing and tech, staying apprised of the latest trends, tools and developments is critical. It is also crucial for the team to stay up on advancements in the industries SocialEyes caters to as a means of staying dynamic, nimble and value-adding.
Marly encourages her team to reserve at least one hour per week strictly for research – check out the latest trends, read, test out a new app, seek out another thought leader in the industry. Marly believes that knowledge is their greatest asset.
Contributing to the Community
Giving back to the community has always meant something to Marly personally and “that will always be an important focus embedded in the culture at SocialEyes”.
In Marly’s view, it is important to leverage all we know to support and contribute to the community in a positive way. Philanthropic initiatives will always be ingrained in the business at SocialEyes.
COVID-19 changed the world. More than ever before, businesses need help. Marly believes that digital marketing provides an opportunity for exposure, awareness, and community building.
The Vision: Considering Angles and Avenues
Now that SocialEyes Communications has established a stable portfolio of trusted clients, “it is time to sharpen our focus on elevating and expanding our service offerings”.
That means galvanizing the team to go from great to greater – setting sights on emerging tools and platforms, accelerating training and professional development and placing a greater emphasis on industry trendspotting.
Marly is a firm believer that a successful business owner considers all angles and avenues and likely must pivot many times to succeed. She is open-minded and not set on anything besides growth and the betterment of her company, team and their clients.
A Note to Emerging Entrepreneurs
Marly is inspired by the quote of Napoleon Hill, “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
By nature, Marly is a very tenacious person and she thanks her mom for that.
Her advice to emerging entrepreneurs:
“When you want something bad enough, and you have a vision and a goal, you can attain anything. It all comes down to setting goals, creating an action plan, and then going for it! Sometimes we fail, sometimes we fall, but failures are learning experiences that allow us to bounce back stronger.”
“In the world of marketing, it is a lot of trial and error. Try something, test it, tailor it, and try again. Be open-minded and don’t be afraid to make a change. Living in a state of contemplation can be a hindrance. Own your choice. Own your actions. Challenge yourself. Fail. Persevere and just keep at it.”