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Marketing Tips and Tricks For This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on the way which makes now the perfect time for retail businesses to start planning their marketing strategies. This major event is a fantastic way to drive visitors to your physical or online store in search of the perfect gift, but it can be tricky to know where to start when it comes to making the most of the opportunity for extra sales. Read on for some handy Mother’s Day marketing tips that might inspire you.

Create a Mother’s Day department

Retail businesses can help customers browse suitable gifts for Mother’s Day by bringing together relevant products into a single department. This could be in the form of a product category for online retail businesses, with a highlight on the homepage to direct site visitors to the products. Physical stores can dedicate a section of their shop floor to Mother’s Day products, including plenty of signage or posters to highlight the event.

Creating a Mother’s Day department will serve you throughout the seasons if you rebrand it as a ‘Gifts for Her’ section the rest of the year. You can keep it fresh by switching in new products and marketing materials periodically.

Write a Mother’s Day gift guide

Gift guides are a fantastic way to showcase your products whilst inspiring customers who may be struggling to find the ideal gift for their mothers. If you operate a physical shop, you could print small pamphlets and leave them near the front of your store or near the checkout for customers to grab before they leave. Alternatively, hand them out with every sale. You could even try direct mail marketing to ensure your gift guide gets a really wide reach.

If you run an online store, or you don’t have the budget to accommodate printing costs, you could create a digital gift guide instead. This could be in the form of a blog post on your website or web app, a downloadable PDF, or even a social media post. Include links to the products on your website to make it easy for readers to buy right away. It can also be helpful to include a discount code to incentivize readers to shop with you.

Increase your giftware range in readiness for Mother’s Day

Most retail businesses can fulfill the demand for Mother’s Day gifts even if they do not specialize in gift products. They could offer gift vouchers for their store, or incorporate a brand new line of giftware products specifically for Mother’s Day season. Many wholesale gift suppliers like Widdop have a wide range of products that can fit into a Mother’s Day collection in a variety of retail stores. Jewelry, photo frames, and figurines tend to make particularly popular Mother’s Day gifts.

Prepare an email marketing series

Email marketing is a brilliant way to remind customers that Mother’s Day is coming up and encourage them to be prepared for the day, but it can be hard to stand out when businesses across the nation are promoting their own Mother’s Day products at the same time. By creating a series of newsletters that include handy tips or ideas to inspire customers, you can make your emails a valuable resource that will capture attention.

You could include gift inspiration, recipe ideas for a Mother’s Day meal, gift-wrapping tips, a flower-arranging or decorating guide, and suggestions for activities to do on the big day. This type of content also works incredibly well on social media if that’s where your target demographic is likely to be more receptive.

Run a giveaway

Competitions and giveaways are brilliant ways to generate interest in your brand and products. You could offer the prize of a Mother’s Day gift or treat, and have customers qualify for entry when they make a purchase at your store. Additionally, you can provide a complimentary delivery service along with the competition, showcasing that you provide the best flower delivery Sydney has to offer.

There is a great range of benefits of running giveaways as they also work well on social media. As they can generate lots of engagement which can boost your brand’s reach, perhaps you could encourage users to share a picture of themselves with their mother or share a few words about why they think their mum deserves an extra special treat this Mother’s Day. Ask them to tag you in their posts for the chance to win a prize on behalf of their mum.