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MariApps: Providing Integrated Marine Solutions

The sea is vast and wild, but if we can tame some of its uncertainties, then there would be incredible out comes. Though the internet’s potential to reap the benefits of dry land and air has been done successfully, the sea is yet to be tapped. To mine out maximum benefits with full potential from the sea, MariApps has remarkably converted the maritime challenges into opportunities by offering state of the art maritime applications for the shipping industry.
Initiation of Journey
Formed in 2014, MariApps has been working on web based solutions, with an aim to offer out-of-the-box solutions for the shipping industry. Applications developed by MariApps are solely dedicated towards providing the key knowledge and expertise of shipping management to the ship owners and managers. To help their clients outshine from today’s competitive and demanding environment, they have come out with a unique solution, and have rolled out their flagship product PAL. The product PAL is a fully web based Enterprise Resource Planning software, built with the latest Microsoft technology, with an aim to enable the ship managers to access the cumulative data and reports within the same platform. Thus, helping the companies to achieve better performance and profitability.
Visionary Behind the Evolution
Sankar Ragavan, CEO of MariApps, is a versatile person of amicable nature. Having more than 20 years of expertise in IT industry, Sankar has worked with various MNCs across the globe. While serving as the IT Director of Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, Sankar got his insights on the complexes and challenges faced by the marine industry. As of 2014, 90 percent of the ERP market share was held by a few large vendors, but Sankar broke this monopoly by introducing MariApps and bringing out marine ERP PAL e3, to integrate all the shipping functions into a unified system.
Tools to Change the Face of Maritime Industry
PAL e3 – PAL e3 is a fully web based marine application, which targets shipping verticals like ship owning and ship management. Being a Microsoft gold partner, MariApps has earned the highest standards of technology and innovation with their product PAL e3,which works on a centralized platform using technologies like; ASP .net MVC, SQL server and HTML 5. Uniqueness of PAL e3 is it’s dashboard approach, which provides a consolidated view of information and reports anywhere anytime.
Mobile Apps- MariApps helps their customers to make a quick entry into the mobile first and the cloud first world. Their mobile applications are highly customizable and easy to use and are readily available on iOS and Android devices with Firebase tools for tracking analytics and reporting.
Revolutionary Mobile Applications from MariApps
Vessel TrackerVessel Tracker is an application that is intended to provide real time updates on Vessel position, details on the port calls, crew list and present sea conditions via smartphones. It is also capable of plotting vessel map and providing detailed information about the main engine maker and gross tonnage.
Inspection Reporting ToolIt is a tool of a unique kind, built to enable vessel audits and inspections with voice recording, photo evidences and scores. It is an application that works independently on a standalone module for smooth transfer of data and reports.
Seafarer PortalA complete information portal for the seafarers which provides an effective line of communication to the seafarer for all their needs. It gives detailed information on schedule trainings, processed salary, open positions available with the fleet, seafarer documents and also alerts on expiring data.
Being a Microsoft Gold Certified Development Partner, MariApps has worked immensely on some of the best Project Management Standards(PMI) for execution of projects. It also has a partnership with Microsoft Innovation Center and an ISAE 3042 certification by Deloitte for enterprise standard development and operating framework readiness to deliver systems.MariApps follows both SDLC and Agile methodologies and has a dedicated PMO to manage projects. MariApps has a 24*7 support team to handle customer support requests globally.
The Game Changer of Shipping Industry
PAL e3, the flagship product of MariApps is currently running on more than 700 ships covering almost all the modules of ship management segments like Crewing, Payroll, PMS, Purchase, Accounts, Catering, Voyage, Dry Dock, QDMS and Insurance. With PAL e3 ship managers and owners are able to achieve a single version of truth, by having all their data in one. MariApps is the first company to provide mobile apps in the shipping world. The apps offered by MariApps are a one stop solution for the seafarers and stakeholders to communicate with the vessel, review their documents, train employees, track vessels and know the status of survey reports. MariApps is also on the way to develop applications for the new building services, offshore support and related industries.
Projectile Vision for Future Success
MariApps has committed itself to evolving technologies for the interest of its own needs as well for its clients. With automations in data processing and incorporating systems like Big data and Data analytics, MariApps envisions to integrate distributed and unorganized data in the shipping sector that can help an organization improve their profitability, optimize efficacy and make logical decisions based on business patterns and processes. Their ERP PAL e3 streamlines workflows through integrated modules and optimizes use of personnel time. The product undergoes strict internal scrutiny for security risks, so that its vulnerabilities and issues are identified and addressed. They are also focused to invest in the training, research and innovation activities in order to stay ahead, and to meet the requirements of their clients.
Considering the employees as a valuable asset, MariApps provides a world class environment to its employees operating from various locations across the globe. They also ensure that its employees get regular training in the latest technologies in order to stay updated and to deliver top notch software products.

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