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Margaux Fiori, Founder and CEO of Fiori Financial Group

Margaux Fiori: An Empowering Leader and an Astute Financial Advisor

From taking care of families to taking care of organizations, women have taken huge strides in breaking through the glass ceiling in many industries. Many sectors have witnessed the marks of women. When it comes to the finance sector, there are a number of successful women professionals who are playing key roles in shaping the landscape of the industry. With their exemplary leadership skills and extensive knowledge, they have not only made noteworthy contributions in the finance sector but have also inspired other women to step up. Among those women, who have left an indelible impact on the finance industry, one such woman is Margaux Fiori. Margaux has worked in the investment and financial services industry since 1997. She is the Founder and CEO of Fiori Financial Group and is a registered representative with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC.
Margaux has a tactical investment style that includes wealth management, financial planning, estate planning, supplemental retirement income, asset preservation with insurance, and corporate planning. In addition, she is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®).
A Tumultuous Start
Margaux started her career in 1997 at Morgan Stanley during a raging bull market. She found herself in a male dominated industry with little support or comradery. She was expected to produce like one of the males in the industry but was never fully part of the team. After a high octane start, she had to pick up the pieces after the severe market crash. Just as she was beginning to stabilize, she was hit with another major setback due to 9/11. She was severely doubting whether being a financial advisor should be her career, however, she decided to give it one more try as she is not the one who gives up easily. She is now thankful for her tumultuous start because it gave her the moxie which led her to where she is today.
An Inception Tale
Fiori Financial Group is a multi-family office, housed under one roof, which provides comprehensive solutions and services that high net worth families require. It is a progressive, leading-edge provider of full-service, personalized financial strategies. It is its goal to have an open house, where all clients are welcome.
Its story began 16 years ago. Both New Jersey natives with Italian roots, Margaux Fiori and Scott Verlangieri built the company’s foundation on the values of family and loyalty. They had a vision for their investors and their advisors to have relationships rooted in trust. While their temperaments and energy levels are quite contrasting, the two of them have struck the perfect balance as partners when it comes to creating an effective and professional financial management business.
Margaux’s larger-than-life personality and limitless ideas matched with Scott’s dedicated work ethic and unyielding integrity has nurtured an unparalleled work environment. Together, they have 43 years of the collective experience and have spent the past 16 years crafting an exemplary team of individuals who value the growth of their business just as much as the growth of their relationships with their clients. When you choose Fiori Financial Group, you become part of their family. With the strong partnership of Margaux and Scott, the Fiori Financial Group team is equipped with the drive, talent, and ambition necessary for success.
Having Nimble and Flexible Operating Philosophy
When the pandemic hit, Fiori Financial Group had just completed constructing its new building. It enabled the organization to control its work environment much more easily and focus on protecting its clients. Due to Fiori Financial Group’s nimble and flexible operating philosophy, it was able to quickly transition to and accommodate all types of working environments.
Being Positively Influenced by Competitive Environment
Margaux was an avid reader of Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, George Soros, and Jim Rogers. The books of these authors have greatly influenced her.
Moreover, Margaux grew up as an ice skater and was influenced by the highly competitive environment she faced every day to be the best. Her motto was to always work harder and never let them see her sweat. She carried that principle with her throughout her investment career.
Winning the Game Together
Margaux believes in empowering leadership. Being a team leader, she focuses on identifying the strengths of her team members and leveraging their collective abilities to accomplish their goals. She is lucky to have a very diverse group of team members who all feel like they are winning the game together.
Margaux mentions that the team at Fiori are tactical managers that are intimately involved in implementing their strategies on a daily basis. The group offers customized strategies for its clients depending on their risk tolerance and financial needs.
Enlightening Emerging Leaders
In her advice to the up-and-coming women entrepreneurs aspiring to enter the finance industry, Margaux says “Be yourself! Women are natural nurturers, which is a huge advantage when dealing with sensitive topics such as money and investments. Having the ability to build caring and deep relationships is a requirement to be successful in this industry.”
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