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Manufacturing Vertical Witnessed Biggest Annual Job Gain in 20 Years

The U.S. manufacturing industry has given employment to 284,000 job seekers in the calendar year 2018, which is the biggest annual job gain since 1997 as per the data released by Labour department on Friday. In the calendar year 2017, the same manufacturing industry had created 207,000 jobs for its citizens.
Employment creation is one of the topmost top priorities of incumbent President and this net job gains seems to give Mr. Trump a chest thumping moment.  In the December month alone, manufacturing industry provided jobs to approx. 32,000 people. With a significant boost in the business verticals of fabricated metals and computer and electronic products, most of the youth got blue-collar jobs in the durable goods manufacturing sector. “All items which have life expectancy of three years or more such as automobiles, furniture and machinery fall under the category of durable goods,” said Labor Department.
“Manufacturing is giving jobs to many and we are hopeful this trend will continue,” asserts Dr. Chad Moutray, Chief Economist from the renowned National Association of Manufacturers. “We are facing an acute shortage of workforce in our industry as there are more than half-a-million jobs are lying vacant and some 2.4 million are expected to get un-filled over the next decade. It is extremely vital to close the skill gap which persists today and seen as a major reason behind rejection in the recruitment process. It is one of the top challenges that manufacturers face in the United States and we have to work on it to fill this gap.”
Healthcare and education sector also created mammoth job in the month of December. While the U.S. economy added a whopping 312,000 jobs last month alone, share of healthcare counted at approx. 50,000 and education sector added 24,000 jobs to the U.S. job market.
Retail sector usually adds more people during festive season thus created additional 23,800 jobs in the month of December. Further, construction sector which had added 250,000 jobs in 2017 passed its previous record and gave employment to 280,000 people across different parts of the United States of America. Leisure and Hospitality industry witnessed a net gain of 42,000 in the last month of previous year.