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Manjrasoft: Crafting Solutions to Rapidly Build, Accelerate, Manage Clouds and their Applications

Cloud computing is the newest technological buzzword doing rounds in the business world these days. It is mainly a model for facilitating universal, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g.., networks, servers, storage, applications and services) that can be quickly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. With cloud computing, holding its significance in almost every field. Manjrasoft,  makes provisioning, scaling, and maintenance of your application and servers a breeze. Manjrasoft was founded in early 2008 by veteran IT practitioners who have dedicated their careers to Utility, Distributed and Cloud Computing.
Manjrasoft’s core IP underpinning its technology Aneka, the market oriented Cloud Application Platform (CAP) was initially developed with strong support from the Australian Research Council (ARC) and Australian Government Department of Innovation, Industry, Science & Research (DIISR). The developed technology enables software applications requiring the high computation capability to run across a number of networked computers and servers, delivering increased performance and efficiency in a cost effective way. Manjrasofts flagship product, Aneka CAP, provides solutions that enable organizations to rapidly build, accelerate, manage Clouds and their applications. Aneka CAP has already been used in many interesting applications including life sciences, engineering, software development, gaming and CAD rendering/creative media, which are successfully deployed on enterprise or public Clouds.
Services at Par with the Current Industry Standards
Aneka is the “worlds-first” Cloud Application Platform which supports multiple programming models such as Task, Thread, and MapReduce and tools for rapid development of applications, along with seamless integration of multiple distributed computing resources including private and public Clouds, and elastic scaling of applications on multiple Clouds depending on customers’ Quality of Service (QoS) requirements, which are a part of SLA (Service Level Agreement) in market-based Cloud computing environments.
The Man leading the torch in the world of Technology
Dr. Rajkumar Buyya, Founder and CEO of Manjrasoft, is a globally recognized thought leader in the field of Distributed and Cloud Computing, and has immense industry knowledge and strong personal links to key industry players (such as Microsoft ,CA and IBM) in the research and product architecture/management domains. His efforts have resulted in numerous awards such as “2009 IEEE Medal for Excellence in Scalable Computing” for pioneering distributed and Cloud Computing Utility Models to deliver business solutions.  He has authored over 525 publications and seven text books, including  “Mastering Cloud Computing” published by McGraw Hill, China Machine  Press, and Morgan Kaufmann for Indian, Chinese and international markets respectively. Software technologies for Grid and Cloud computing developed under Dr. Buyya’s leadership have gained rapid acceptance and are in use at several academic institutions and commercial enterprises in 40 countries around the world. He is one of the highly cited authors in computer science and software engineering worldwide. Recently, Dr. Buyya is recognized as “2016 Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher” by Thomson Reuters.
Dr. Buyya has been working on the development of software systems for utility-oriented Internet computing systems such as Grids and Clouds for over 15 years. Development of applications and management of resources continues to be challenging in these utility-oriented computing systems.
Leading Helping Hands to the Customers
Manjrasoft assists their clients in creation of enterprise Clouds using the Aneka Cloud Application Platform and train the trainers on foundations of Cloud computing and application programming. They also guide their clients (educational institutions) in formulation of content for both theoretical and laboratory subjects so that next-generation software engineers can produced, comes out as fully grounded in theory and practice.
Challenges that Culminated to form a Success Story
While sharing the story of success Dr. Rajkumar Buyya describes it as, “A persistent effort in good and difficult times and having a firm aim in creating outcomes that matter the most, is the secret of success.” Also, as challenges are part and parcel of any success journey he recollects his struggles with these barriers in the field of evolving technology as, “A rapid pace of changes in computing world can be quite challenging. Fortunately, we are able to manage them well as we took extensibility and elasticity as our two core design requirements right from the start”.
Advice to Start-Ups with Current Industry Scenario
The era of Cloud computing is an excellent time for young entrepreneurs to build solutions and application services and offer them to customers world-wide with a minimal investment. If you have an idea for solving problems of Gen Y consumers, you need to move quickly and they may not wait for you too long! So be persistent and have a clear view of users of your solutions.
Heading Towards the Next Big Phase
As Manjrasoft Cloud solutions are created with extensibility and elasticity as first class design parameters right from the start, they are considering into supporting rapid creation of emerging Internet of Things (IoT) applications and their seamless deployment on edge and public Clouds.
In the beginning, Manjrasoft’s primary strategy for customer acquisition was direct-marketing. They have been able to successfully demonstrate their value proposition to the customers and attract many high-profile customers. Now with their proven track record and value proposition, they have appointed many Channel partners across India and some in China as part of their growth strategy.

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