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Manish Chowdhary: Entreprenuer Obsessed with Working Hard


A pioneering business leader can be compared to a concert organizer who knows precisely how the concert should be structured and what songs to play. Just as the organizer orchestrates talented artists with the best songs to play and guides them throughout the performance to make the concert a success, similarly, a business leader is responsible for the smooth functioning of a company and thus helping the company to reach new heights.

Manish Chowdhary, CEO of GoECart, is a person with diversified interests, playing multi-disciplinary roles in the company. As a business leader, he is responsible for outlining a vision for what the company should be, and thus sketching out a strategy to achieve that vision. As an all-rounder he keeps shifting between his roles within R&D, Marketing & Sales and Client Services departments, to provide optimum input. Thus, stimulating discussions and brainstorming to make appropriate decisions when necessary and focusing on everyone while encouraging them to do things the right way. As a responsible business leader, he always keeps an eye on the client’s concern and ensures that they are successful, satisfied and their grievances are resolved within the stipulated time. Manish believes in keeping an eye on the recent market trends, and innovate accordingly, to ensure that GoECart is always one step ahead in building an everlasting business.

Result of Envisioning the Digital Revolution
GoECart was founded back in 2000, when Manish was still a student at Bridgeport in the U.S. Manish’s vision to identify the need of assembled computers sparked into a business idea. As the business idea took its shape into a working business model, Manish realized the need for tax receipt returns, so the company was formalized and started providing technology consulting services. With passing time, their interest shifted from hardware to software, and with E-commerce at its early stages, it showed them a ray of hope, and thus they decided to enter the industry. Manish was keen on making an impression with a product that could create a profound impact on millions of shoppers across the world. As time, technology and the product evolved, it transformed GoECart into an award-winner of the industry.
Concept for a Successful Business Strategy
Manish always focused on differentiating a revenue model into a strategic and the tactical one. He believes that accepting just any client that comes along cannot always be a true fit for the company and can sometimes prove to be a blunder, because having clients and gaining revenue that doesn’t complement the company’s long term strategic goals, can prove to be of great loss for the company. Generating revenue is the main objective for every company, but it has to be executed smartly considering the perfect alignment of strategy and the end goal.
GoECart: Revolutionizing E-Commerce
GoECart is the world’s leading provider of fully integrated, on demand E-Commerce solutions, powered by exceptional technology and driven by innovation, passion and tireless dedication. GoECart 360, is the world’s first web-based unified E-Commerce suite, that combines E-Commerce storefront technology with an enterprise class order and inventory management, fulfillment, warehouse management, customer relationship management (CRM) and much more.
GoECart enables multi-channel retailers to sell more efficiently across all customer touch points. These include web storefronts, “brick-and-mortar” stores, contact centers, mail order catalogs, and also the leading online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.
They are dedicated to deliver Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). GoECart’s fully outsourced solutions help companies provide the same rich and immersive user experience offered by the leading internet destinations while eliminating many costly IT challenges that are faced by retailers. GoECart is dedicated in offering their clients an unbeatable value for their E-Commerce investment.
Evolution with the Evolving Time
With the E-Commerce revolution and the advent of mobile technology, 90% of the shoppers are using mobile devices for shopping. So, Unified Commerce promises to be the future of E-Commerce. Manish aims at using Unified Commerce for seamless integration of back office and front office to create a consistent user experience that shoppers want. And it will also help the merchants, manage their businesses from one single platform by integrating front end and back end functionalities.
Lessons Learned from the Journey from “Nowhere to Everywhere”
Every time the decision making process is delayed, it ends up with wasting lots of valuable time, money and manpower. So, Manish always emphasizes on “Do not delay important decisions, go with your gut instinct”, but he contradicts the common belief of “build it, and they’ll come.”  Because, for Manish market research and identifying the need of the product before launching it- is the only way to success.
Redefining Professionalism for Professionals
Believing in the concept of “our people and our team.” Manish had always invested in bringing in the best talent from the industry, which enabled him to assemble an extraordinary team, ready to face challenges and overcome it with an optimistic approach.
Strategies to Compete with the Competitors
Manish focuses on anticipating future trends and needs, thus developing differentiated solutions to meet customer needs. At GoECart they combine business acumen with technology expertise to create great software and back that up with exemplary service and support. Their merchants are always equipped for the future, with practical cutting-edge technology that will place them ahead of competitors.
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