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Frank Powell | President & Partner | Managecore

Managecore: Empowering SAP Customers to Embrace the Future with “Rise with SAP” – The Management Way

The business world is evolving faster than ever, and staying ahead of the curve is vital for global success. For SAP customers, this evolution comes in the form of RISE with SAP, a transformative offering from SAP that promises to accelerate digital transformation, enhance business agility, and streamline operations. Managecore, a leader in SAP managed services, is here to empower SAP customers on their journey to embrace RISE with SAP and unlock its full potential.

What is RISE with SAP?

Before diving into how Managecore empowers SAP customers, let’s briefly explore what RISE with SAP entails. It’s a comprehensive approach designed to simplify business transformation by integrating business process intelligence and technical innovation into one package. It combines technology, services, and community to enable businesses to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

As a certified SAP Partner, Managecore augments the RISE offering with SAP knowledge, ensuring a faster time to value and optimally maintaining the SAP systems running on RISE for the longevity of the solution. Ultimately, Managecore’s services are in direct alignment to help SAP customers achieve the most success. Managecore’s unparalleled expertise in SAP environments, along with its commitment to customer success, makes it the ideal partner for businesses looking to embrace RISE with SAP. Their hands-on approach and support enable SAP customers to navigate the complexities of the digital transformation landscape with confidence.

SAP + Managecore

In a world where adaptability and innovation are key to success, RISE with SAP provides a unique opportunity for SAP customers to thrive. Managecore’s partnership ensures that businesses can harness the full potential of this transformative offering, driving efficiency, profitability, and competitiveness.

The future of Managecore is digital, and RISE with SAP is the vehicle that can take you there. With ManageCore by your side, you have a partner dedicated to your success in the digital era.

Today, Managecore supports live RISE with SAP customers, such as GCP Applied Technologies. “Managecore delivered our highly successful RISE with SAP solution rapidly, on time, and on budget, with no business disruption. We now have the Cloud and IT foundation to keep up with our business growth.” Robyn Mccall, CIO GCP Applied Technologies.

Empowering SAP Customers with Managecore:

  1. Strategic Guidance: Managecore doesn’t just offer services; it provides strategic guidance to help SAP customers make the most of RISE with SAP. Their experts work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and goals, tailoring the RISE with SAP package accordingly.
  2. Seamless Migration: Managecore assists in migrating existing SAP environments to RISE with SAP. This includes data migration, system upgrades, and all the technical aspects of transitioning to the new environment with minimal disruption.
  3. Continuous Support: Once the migration is complete, Managecore offers 24/7 support and monitoring to ensure the system remains reliable and secure. This ensures that SAP customers can fully utilize RISE with SAP without worrying about technical challenges.
  4. Enhanced Security: With RISE with SAP, data and processes become more centralized, making cybersecurity a paramount concern. Managecore provides advanced security solutions and ongoing monitoring to protect SAP customers from evolving cyber threats.
  5. Optimized Operations: Managecore’s deep expertise in SAP systems allows them to fine-tune and optimize RISE with SAP configurations to suit the unique requirements of each customer, thereby maximizing efficiency and performance.
  6. Scalability and Flexibility: The beauty of RISE with SAP is its scalability. Managecore ensures SAP customers can adapt to changing business needs by scaling up or down as necessary without hassle.
  7. ROI Realization: Managecore’s assistance doesn’t end with implementation. They work with SAP customers to measure and maximize ROI by continually identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Pioneering SAP with Innovative Managed Services

Managecore stands at the forefront of SAP innovation, offering unparalleled technical managed services. With triple-digit growth since its inception, the company excels at constructing cutting-edge Cloud architectures tailored for high-performing SAP environments. A visionary leader in the SAP ecosystem, Managecore continuously evolves, exemplified by its transformative companion solution, ManagecoreiQ+, dedicated to supporting clients on their RISE with SAP journey. Most recently, their SAP Basis and Cloud Automation platform Watchdog was recognized as the 2023 Wisconsin Innovation Award winner.

This commitment to excellence, proactive client success approach, and continuous adaptation to industry trends position Managecore as a trailblazer shaping the future of SAP managed services with purpose-built solutions and visionary leadership.

Empowering the RISE with SAP Customer Journey

Managecore stands as a pivotal player in the SAP ecosystem, aligning its services with SAP and playing a key role in empowering clients on their transformative RISE with SAP journey. The company boasts active support for clients already live on RISE with SAP, showcasing its commitment to staying ahead in SAP and Cloud technology. Offering specialized SAP technical managed services through ManagecoreiQ ensures complete transparency and a proactive approach to meeting client needs.

Going beyond, Managecore enriches the SAP experience with its companion solution, ManagecoreiQ+, designed explicitly for RISE with SAP. Additionally, it excels in automated Cloud migrations through its cutting-edge CloudLINK platform. Managecore’s unwavering commitment to innovation places it at the forefront of SAP and Cloud technology, solidifying its position as a trusted partner for SAP customers seeking world-class solutions and continuous advancements.

Pioneering SAP Services and RISE with SAP

Managecore thrives on innovation, ingrained in its very DNA, consistently emerging as the frontrunner in the MSP realm by delivering SAP services that align with and surpass industry standards. The pioneering RISE with SAP companion solution stands as a testament to Managecore’s forward-thinking approach.

In spearheading this initiative, Managecore has become a pillar of support for SAP customers navigating the complexities of RISE with SAP. The groundbreaking ManagecoreiQ+ solution, introduced as one of the inaugural MSPs to provide a companion solution to RISE with SAP, has been a trailblazer since its inception.

Cultivating Customer Success through Thought Leadership

At Managecore, the bedrock of its success lies in a culture driven by an unwavering commitment to the success of its customers. Every action is guided by the principle of doing right by the customers, ensuring a relentless pursuit of their success. The organizational culture is deeply rooted in teamwork and a steadfast dedication to getting the job done right. The overarching goal is to make SAP customers as successful as possible, and this ethos permeates every facet of Managecore’s operations. Recognized as a leader in the SAP ecosystem, Managecore actively engages with SAP user groups, with both its consultants and customers invited to present content.

A testament to its thought leadership, Managecore’s involvement in SAP user groups underscores its position as an influential player in the SAP landscape. Notably, Managecore’s RISE with SAP customers has taken center stage at various industry trade shows, showcasing their experiences in expert webinars. Through these engagements, Managecore provides valuable insights into how it has assisted customers in deploying and managing SAP workloads in the dynamic landscape of RISE with SAP.

Leading the Wave of Innovation for RISE with SAP with Proven Excellence

In 2020, Managecore achieved a milestone as its customer, GCP Applied Technologies (GCPAT), marked one of the earliest live RISE with SAP implementations on Google Cloud in North America. ManagecoreiQ+ on RISE with SAP offers customers the advantage of intelligent SAP collaborative support, leveraging the company’s expertise as a certified SAP Partner.

GCPAT worked closely with Managecore to define its needs, preferences, and overall roadmap for migrating its SAP applications from the on-prem data center to RISE with SAP on Google Cloud. Managecore brought the knowledge and expertise to guide the process quickly and efficiently.

“Managecore felt like the perfect fit for us, and their approach made this big set of goals we had in mind achievable. We added a lot of layers to this project, such as a HANA upgrade and other value-added efforts, while not having any internal experience with moving from on-prem to the cloud. Managecore, combined with RISE and SAP, put us on the right path.” – Robyn McCall, CIO of GCP Applied Technologies.

As part of its SAP workload migration, GCPAT also standardized all of its nonSAP workloads from a legacy cloud provider to Google Cloud. In all, GCPAT successfully exited its on-prem data center and moved all SAP and other IT systems to Google Cloud in only six months.

“The migration to the Cloud immediately improved our business agility. We can now instantly increase CPU, storage capacity, or memory for any workload to respond to changing needs,” says Kishor Barde, Senior Information Technology Leader at GCPAT. “We have a lot more visibility across the environment through system monitoring tools.”

When the migration project commenced, GCPAT had more than 100 applications of varying sizes and on different platforms. The successful completion of this migration to the Cloud puts it in a position to consolidate and rationalize this footprint through business transformation with S/4HANA. This will translate to more standardized, streamlined processes as well as savings from having to manage fewer applications powering the business.

In the future, GCPAT plans to go all-in with S/4HANA while continuing to transform its business to be more flexible, scalable, and efficient.

Gaining Value from a Seasoned RISE with SAP Partner

Managecore stands as a beacon of excellence in the Managed Service Provider landscape, driven by a commitment to customer success. The numerous accolades and awards bestowed upon it by industry partners and the IT sector attest to its outstanding contributions.

Establishing open and honest communication between an MSP and a client regarding an SAP initiative is paramount to its success. Cultivating an environment where team members from both parties can openly exchange ideas, Managecore actively promotes such discussions, ultimately resulting in more prosperous SAP projects.

Managecore the Most Transparent MSP in the ERP Industry

What sets Managecore apart is its unrivaled transparency, which sets new standards in the ERP industry. The award-winning Watchdog client portal stands as a testament to this transparency, providing clients with full visibility into their environment and mirroring the comprehensive insights of Managecore. Watchdog not only automates essential tasks in SAP and cloud administration but also exemplifies Managecore’s proactive service delivery approach.

The company goes above and beyond by tailoring its monitoring solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client. Quarterly business reviews further underscore Managecore’s commitment to optimizing SAP environments, ensuring that clients’ system needs are not only met but exceeded. With a customer-centric philosophy, Managecore continues to redefine the MSP landscape, setting benchmarks for transparency, innovation, and unparalleled service delivery.

Don’t just keep up with the pace of change—lead it with Managecore and RISE with SAP.

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