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Making Sure Your Product is Nearly Perfect

So you think you have a great idea for a SaaS product? The one thing you do not want to do is rush your product out there and have it flop. If you rush your product, and it flops, it will be very hard for you to recoup that and regain the trust of your potential consumers. When it comes to SaaS startups, it is critical that you validate your product before you go ahead and put your time and money into it any further. This means you can produce a simple version of your product, which is called a minimum viable product, or MVP, and making sure you have it available as soon as possible. There are a few steps to go about if this is the route you are choosing to take.

Make a Landing Page

Build a page that explains your product idea, making it as simple as possible and including a signup form to generate leads from potential customers. A landing page about your product is a  good starting point for the conversation around your MVP and once you have a list of emails, you now can communicate with your potential customers. Ask them about their interest in your product, how they plan to use it, and what their needs are. The more that you know about how your product will be used by real people, the better you can make the final version of your product. A better final version means more profit. This will also help when it comes to your budget, the cost to build a SaaS MVP can vary, so if you know you will have a lot of consumers off that bat, then you can put more money into it.

Keep Communication with Potential Consumers Up to Date

When you start your landing page and get all of your potential client’s info, you will want to make sure that you are keeping them informed and involved. You do not want to go through all of this hassle just to go out, make a product, and have it fail because it does not do anything your clients asked for. Some companies in the past have made videos of what their product will do, others sent out mass emails. It does not matter what method you take to keep your clients informed, all that matters is that you keep them in the loop. Do this, and when your product launches, your original clients will help your product grow by word of mouth. You will be thankful you kept them in the loop.
In the end, when you are starting up your SaaS product, it is important to not rush into anything. Yes, it is important to make money but it is more important to get your product right. Getting input from your potential consumers will go a long way in making your product more efficient and having your bottom line go in the right direction.

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