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Top Tips for Making Your Business Disability Friendly

If you’re a business owner, making your premises disability friendly is essential for providing excellent customer service for all your customers and enabling them to have as much independence as possible whilst shopping with you.

Here are 5 top tips for maximizing the inclusivity of your company.

1.      Become Part of the Sunflower Scheme

The Sunflower scheme is part of the hidden disability scheme and is active throughout the world, including Europe and the Americas. Carrying a sunflower card, badge, or lanyard sends a message that the individual may need some extra help, assistance, or understanding in public spaces.

Being a part of the Sunflower scheme allows individuals to feel safe on your premises and reach out should they need help during their time with you.

2.      Install a Stairlift

If your building does not have the structural capacity for a lift, you may want to consider installing a stairlift for those who are less able on their feet.

In the future, should you need to replace or remove your stairlift, you can call the reliable services of We Buy Any Stairlift, who can professionally remove your stairlift and recycle or safely dispose of the parts without any hassle.

3.      Consider the Layout of Your Building

When structuring the interior of your building, you’ll need to examine how easy your floor plan will be to navigate for those with a wheelchair or scooter.

Additionally, having extra wide aisles or walking spaces can help to cater to those with walking aids or accompanying carers and allow for a comfortable shopping experience.

4.      Install an Accessible Toilet

If you have a toilet in your business property, you can make it accessible for disabled use by installing grab bars, an alarm system, an outwards opening door, and extra wide navigation through the doorway.

Suppliers like Disabled Toilets UK can help you construct a high-quality disabled toilet for your business that is accessible for everyone to use. With a fast delivery service, you can count on prompt construction in no time.

5.      Capitalise on Parking

For many disabled customers, having convenient parking close to businesses is the best way for them to go about their day-to-day business and complete their shopping.

By signposting the availability of disabled parking close to your premises, you can help those with a blue badge find close parking to enjoy their shopping experience with ease.