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Mach 3 Management: An Epoch-Making Approach to Corporate Training

Fighter pilots work in an unforgiving environment. Especially if operating from an aircraft carrier. To survive and accomplish their missions in a high workload, rapidly changing and challenging environment they cannot solely rely on their skills. They use combat proven methods forged by years of experience.
Mach 3 Management shares and adapts those methods for the corporate world. In order to put people in situations where they will have to take decisions, communicate, face workload challenges and much more, the company uses virtual reality flight simulators.
The Services and Offerings
The Virtual Reality immersion enables the gamification process to reach another level. Using the best of the best methods used in military and civil aviation, either in Europe or in North America M3M offers a new approach to corporate training. Communication, decision making, continuous improvement, briefing and debriefing methodology, leadership, and followership are just some of the subjects the company focuses on.
Mach 3 Management has worked with Business Schools, universities, banks, healthcare companies, tech companies, aviation industry manufacturer, which contributed in expanding and growing its concept. It currently holds the capability to deploy 8 flight simulators and one control center linked all together at the client location. The London based company delivers training all over Europe and is currently reaching out new markets overseas. It also offers keynote speeches or workshops without VR when the number of attendees makes it unrealistic to tailor a VR solution.
The Dynamic CEO
Pierre-Henri Chuet, callsign “Até” is the Founder of Mach 3 Management. He started flying at 14, competed in aviation sports like air rally, precision flying and aerobatics as a teenager, getting several France championship title and joining the French national team.
Afterwards he joined the French navy to serve as a naval aviator and stayed 13 years in the service. During that period, he flew from French and American aircraft carriers, deployed and got decorated for his actions in Iraq, displayed the Rafale Navy in airshows around Europe and met with the engineers in charge of the Rafale development to help improve the new versions. He also took part in two other world championships in duathlon and triathlon.
Although he left the service for a Canadian major airline, “Até” decided to start his own company to share his experience, seeing a unique opportunity in the realm of Virtual Reality.
The Unique Choices
The unique selling points of Mach 3 Management are mentioned below:
Unique methods
They are a mix of navy, air force, commercial and general aviation methods from the US, Canada, France and the UK, in addition to some sport mental preparation used at an international level.
Unique expertise
You won’t find any other trainer with a background as diverse with world championship experience in three different sports, commercial aviation, naval aviation, combat experience and airshow experience.
Unique gamification
The use of cooperative virtual simulators and command center enable up to 20 persons to interact in real time, work and learn together and create common souvenirs and experience.
Venue of your choice
The company delivers the training directly at the client venue. It takes between an hour and half a day to setup depending on the number of simulators to setup.
Benefits for Clients
The clients will learn a lot about themselves. To be able to be a great manager or leader first you have to let go your ego out of the equation, you have to be able to analyze not only the others but also yourself. The VR experience is perfect for that as it brings you outside your comfort zone.
The clients of M3M learn methods on continuous improvement. They will learn how to debrief efficiently, identify mistakes and modify the process to reduce their likelihood of reoccurrence.
They will learn how to communicate efficiently, trying methods used in cockpits of airliners or in combat operations where there is no room for misunderstanding.
At the end of the day communication will be improved, debriefing methodology will be understood and synergy amongst the clients will be greatly improved. They will understand that every team member has a role to play and that TEAM means Together Each Achieve More.
Scopes Booming with Technology
The world is now moving at an exponential rate. People will have to adapt in their industry to remain competitive.
Soft skills, communication and continuous improvement are going to be the key to remain in the game in the coming years. Having two dozen years of experience in an industry will soon mean that you are an expert of the past. Agility is going to be the key.
People will have to learn very quickly how to adapt and how to be flexible. This means that the way students and employees are training will change to adapt to those new challenges.
Future Prospects
“We are looking at closing more partnerships with post graduate schools and companies. We are also looking for new markets in America and Asia. Our classes are extremely well perceived, and we would like to reach a broader audience as soon as possible. We are currently working on an online University to be able to give access to our methods to a broader public”, concludes Até.