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M2Mi: Helping Businesses Drive Business Value and Revenue in the M2M and IoT Economy

In IoT, businesses are often taking a leap into the world of Information Technology and digital transformation without a strong background in the complexities of IT operations and the quilt of interwoven technologies it takes to connect, manage, analyze and act on connected information. This opens up the opportunity for M2Mi, having ingeniously sagacious leadership and broad experience to become trusted advisors.
Dr. Sarah Cooper, COO at M2Mi, is a recognized visionary technology executive in the emerging IoT industry with a rare insight-to-technology-to-commercialization credentials, global operations experience, public recognition, and proven ecosystem leadership. At M2Mi, she is responsible for engineering, business development, and platform strategy. She’s a 2015 Silicon Valley Woman of Influence, a recognized Top 100 Wireless Technology Expert by Wireless World, one of Connected World’s Women of M2M, inventor, multidisciplinary entrepreneur and global speaker.
“What propels me from one day to the next is an overriding curiosity and a desire to leave no stone unturned. I love putting the puzzle pieces together, testing assumptions, learning a new angle, seeing a new connection between seemingly unrelated events. And of all the world’s mysteries, people are the most fascinating,” Sarah shares diligently.
In addition to her work as M2Mi’s COO, she vice chairs the IoT Community, the largest IoT-specific online community dedicated to sharing practitioner experiences, technology advancements and winning industry solutions. In her role as the Vice Chair, she provides insight and guidance to the board and community’s overall vision, strategy, and execution helping to shape the current and future direction for the IoT Community on LinkedIn, as well as the broader IoT industry.
Being a people connector, and with networking as a virtue, she finds more and more opportunities to make valuable connections among great people, an arrangement that tends to bear more fruit than simply an email or LinkedIn introduction.
Acknowledging her inspirations, she mentions, “Dr. Baruch Blumberg, he was a Nobel Laureate, scientist, philosopher and tireless connector of people and ideas. Barry was warm, humble, kind, graceful, brilliant, adaptable, and full of curiosity and energy. Barry embodied an extra special zest for life, and I feel incredibly lucky to have counted him as a friend, as a colleague, and as an inspiration.”  Also, to stay energized, her favorite soul-affirming mini-distractions are hiking, yoga, horseback riding, dance and surprisingly coding!
Prior to joining M2Mi, Sarah founded and served as CTO for NaturalNano, CEO of TE-Bio; and also, she has invented an IoT power generator capable of harvesting useful power from even small environmental temperature gradients.
Sarah has researched advanced nanomaterial properties and growth strategies as a research fellow at NASA Ames Research Center and the environmental impacts of technology choices at DOE’s Los Alamos National laboratory.  Sarah received her Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Sydney, holds multiple patents in polymer and advanced materials innovations, was honored by the National Academy of Engineers for early career achievements, holds a Nano50 award, multiple fellowships and is a regular speaker and contributor on the evolving technology state and business trends in IoT and M2M.
“Adapting to and thriving in a constantly emerging new reality requires three key skills. The first is curiosity, one of the secret super powers of the eternal optimist. Curiosity drives a desire and openness to continuously learn new things from new people. Second, horizontal thinking, is the often intuitive leap from a lesson directly learned in one area applied to a seemingly unrelated challenge. And the third is the ability to connect authentically with others. A natural charisma certainly helps, but cultivating the gift of empathy and warmth of personality are invaluable in  business.”
Delivering the Essential Platform for the M2M and IoT Economy
 M2Mi is a software provider for the Internet of Things, delivering a comprehensive and configurable IoT Platform in interoperable SaaS and on-premises deployments. They make the complex systems critical to deploying, operating and recognizing value from the IoT easy to use. This helps their customers ranging from electronics manufacturers to farmers to utility companies take advantage of the greater situational awareness and real-time data from their connected devices without requiring specialized skills for the underlying technology components.
M2Mi has developed an award-winning IoT platform. The leading API-driven compose-able architecture with 100s of APIs organized in seven configurable IoT modules; which are, Business Center, IoT Connection Manager, IoT Device Manager, IoT CyberSecurity, Data Handler, Data Privacy, and In-stream IoT Analytics.
With industry leading focus on global security and data privacy, M2Mi has been awarded 2015 Frost & Sullivan Global IoT/M2M Technology Innovation Award, 2015 IoT Evolution Product of the Year, Gartner Cool Vendor and Connected World Top 100. M2Mi customers span many industry verticals including Smart City, Transportation, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Agribusiness, Smart Home and Aviation.
One of the exciting trends for them is the conversion of device vendors into service delivery companies. In several industries, they are starting to see traditionally connected device vendors forgo the single point of sale device transaction, and instead sell a managed service where they retain ownership and operational control of the device. If the vendor revenue effects of IT’s move to the Cloud is any indicator of the shake-up that could hit physical device vendors, this trend could have significant first mover advantage and send huge disruptions through the device vendor market landscape.