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LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions: Illuminating the Success of Supply Chain

Supply chain performance is inextricably linked to the success of business today.   With intensifying consumer demands in an era of rapid technological advancements, diligence to supply chain management is quickly becoming one of the most important business disciplines to master.
Despite supply chain costs typically being the second largest expense in organizations today, it is commonly undiagnosed as a key success lever to scalable, profitable business.  Because it has tentacles in nearly every operative function within a company, it frequently lacks a single owner with centralized controls and visibility.  And with no one line item on a financial statement identifying it, the supply chain’s quantifiable benefit is often buried in the details.
Portraying the Visionary Leader
LynnCo is one of the world’s premiere consulting and operational partners for supply chain excellence. LynnCo’s pursuit of innovating supply chain solutions is enlightened through study of the increasing relevance of supply chain in global economies. It’s resolve to innovate supply chain solutions that trigger 3-5x growth levers, leading to better operating margins, with less inventory days, and increased working capital is strengthened by its heritage with Fritz Companies. Founded by Mr. Lynn Fritz and one of the world’s largest freight forwarding firms, Fritz Companies spanned thirty years serving more than 120 countries throughout the world before it became the backbone of UPS today.
Recognizing that the industry lagged technological adoption and global synergy, LynnCo was formed with the vision of pioneering a new model in which worldwide service could be achieved more efficiently and effectively through a centralized enterprise empowered by supply chain rigor and methodology.
With more than twenty years innovating solutions and applying best practices through technological advancements, LynnCo helps clients transform legacy supply chains to meet the evolutionary demands of consumerism and growth investments. Its proven success designing and operating highly impactful supply chain strategies tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients generates profound financial and operational efficiencies that accelerate value.
Beneficial Solutions for Client
Having served in the IT industry for moguls like TV Guide and originally hired into LynnCo as the Chief Information Officer, President Wendy Buxton, was given the charter of forging LynnCo’s path of enabling small to mid-size clients with a powerful, adaptive supply chain technology platform.   Within two years of beginning this journey, LynnCo launched its first version of its proprietary SuiteEdge® mini supply chain ERP platform, fully web-hosted and adoption light. LynnCo is most impactful helping companies connect the dots through supply chain solutions designed to deliver collaborative methodologies, intelligent analytics, laser metrics, and visual reporting through its innovative technology application and interwoven best practices. These innovative supply chain solutions allow its clients to be responsive to market volatility and fast changing consumer demands with agility and scalability.
LynnCo’s success is driven by referral only growth and its value is best demonstrated through its library of success stories.  One of LynnCo’s clients had issues with high-value product being delivered damaged on a regular basis – jeopardizing their brand reputation and quest to gain market share.   With the product having traversed the globe through multiple handling points throughout the delivery chain, it was imperative to capture when and how the damage occurred.  LynnCo deployed a pioneering IoT device within each crated product that monitored shock resistance and geo-tracking.  This device was configured to alert LynnCo’s Supply Chain Center of Excellence at the precise moment and location of damage occurrence.  LynnCo then interceded recovering the product and resolving the damage- greatly improving our clients customer satisfaction.
A Supply Chain that Adds Value
According to Ms. Wendy Buxton, President of LynnCo, to be a value-add supply chain partner today requires diligence to four salient mantras:

  1. Be Patiently and Politely Persistent – supply chain demands are evolving faster than ever and organizations are struggling to continually align their strategies. Supply chain partners should be problem solvers taking the time to identify the root of their clients supply chain challenges and with the patience to help them change practices that are often deep rooted within their organization.
  2. The Power of 3 – There is an incessant tug of war between Price, Velocity, and Quality. The legacy adage that you can achieve only 2 of the 3 at any one time is no longer valid.  Consumers today not just want, but expect, all three.   Strategizing around these three imperatives to create a well-balanced supply chain allows for a win-win between consumers and the organizations servicing them.
  3. Always Innovate – Innovation is not only about creating the “cool factor”. For supply chains, it means solving for specific challenges that have real impact and leveraging technology to advance efficiencies and cost benefits for their customers.  Innovation is not an episodic event but, instead, core to the methodology of a robust supply chain management strategy and the organizational ethos.  In order to compete in the future market, organization today must create time and space within their organizations to ideate and innovate around supply chain.
  4. Jump on the Digital Bandwagon – the need for mobility and visibility continues to rise generating momentum around digital transformation. Collaboration and transparency between the many moving functions within a supply chain is a necessity to delivering to today’s consumers with a high rate of satisfaction at a competitive, profitable price.   Join the race or be left behind.

A Trusted Journey
Complex supply chains require a deep competency around the practical application of supply chain best practices versus shallow competency around many things. Many companies are faced with the challenge of transforming traditional brick and mortar distribution strategies to e-commerce strategies that localize proximity to key markets with direct purchase to consumer order to delivery strategies. This requires an organization to look at many facets of the supply chain including distribution network re-design, purchasing policies, inventory optimization, operational efficiencies, and logistics strategies.
LynnCo is unique in that it transforms supply chains through innovative design and engineering strategies while putting into operation the advised solutions.  Its clients gain clarity around supply chain optimization strategies and can partner with a trusted advisor and operator that has a proven history of delivering a high performing supply chain that is scalable and resilient.
The Future Sketch
LynnCo’s evolutionary roadmap has always been self-suggestive through the voice of their clients while gauging market and economic trends.
We will continue to invent solutions that apply best practices through technological advancements. Our supply chain solutions will solve specific clients’ needs that ultimately align growth strategies and accelerate value.   Look for LynnCo to continue to heavily invest in data governance, intelligence, and analytics to forge innovation paths that achieve the profound results that have earned us the reputation as a marquee supply chain management provider within emerging growth markets.”, asserts Ms. Buxton.
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