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Lunarline: Strengthening Cyber-security and Privacy Capabilities of Businesses

Today modern business face tough challenges when it comes to protecting critical or sensitive information. Hackers constantly try to attack on vital information or confidential data. There are many risks which threaten businesses that can distort business processes. Businesses are prominently threatened from malware, hackers, viruses and the most invasive cyberthreats. Malicious cyber-attacks are constantly increasing. Sometimes World Wide Web can be very overwhelming and dangerous place to be in. During the last five years, more than 9 billion data records have disappeared or were stolen. If businesses start to worry about their data security, then it will eventually hamper their productivity and it won’t allow them to focus on important aspects of businesses. Therefore, it is very essential to have solutions that can protect confidential information from cyber threats and attacks.
Best workplaces in technology are equipped with necessary resources to provide cyber security and privacy to essential data of customers and businesses. Lunarline is one such leading cyber security and privacy provider. It protects businesses from all kind of cyber threats and allows them to focus on important aspect of businesses. It provides secure solutions that improve the security posture of the federal government, Department of Defense, and commercial companies worldwide. It also empowers its employees to invest time in solving significant challenges and grow their skills and career in providing better cyber security and privacy to businesses.
Solutions Built on Security 
Lunarline has been a full spectrum cyber security and privacy company for over 14 years. Its mission and vision is “Solutions Built on Security” and everything it does and invests in is around enhancing its customers’ ability to develop resilient people, process, and technologies.
Comprehensive Cyber Security 
Lunarline is a leading cyber security and privacy provider to the Federal Government, as well as private industry. Its unique approach to cyber security combined with proven products, specialized services, and certified training together act as a complete solution customized for the success of cyber mission of customers of businesses. Lunarline monitor, protect and secure all the important data of businesses. It prevents data loss with encrypted storage and virtualized recovery which eventually allows businesses to enjoy increased productivity. It helps businesses stay up, stay running and stay protected.
Solving Significant Challenges 
Lunarline has developed a suite of force-multiplier security and privacy tools that help to strengthen and automate its offerings to its customers. Because of this it becomes possible for its employees to spend more time on solving the much more significant cyber and privacy challenges its customers face. The organization has started to significantly enhance its cyber and privacy automation platforms in order to work together and to strengthen its customers’ current cyber and privacy infrastructure investments. It has also updated all of its over 100 courses at the School of Cyber Security (SCS) and over 50 Cyber Certified Expert (CCE) certifications to meet the new and rigorous requirements around every specialty and workforce area supported by the National Initiative for Cyber Education (NICE). Lunarline provides sector specific solutions that transform security programs and reduce cost.
Elite Cyber Security Experts 
All of Lunarline’s Management Team from the CEO to every director in the company works directly in the cyber and privacy field and its contributions span just about every area of cyber and privacy across customers and sectors. Lunarline’s elite cyber security experts transforms security infrastructure of businesses.
Waylon Krush is Lunarline’s Co- Founder, President and CEO. He’s happier out in the field helping Lunarline clients fight back against an ever more threatening cyber world.
Some of his notable recent projects include redesigning a major federal security operations center to combat advanced persistent threats (he even pulled few night shifts), developing systems for RF/Signal/System monitoring, and creating cyber intelligence platforms for various organizations around the world. Waylon has more than 20 years of experience in cyber security, critical infrastructure protection (CIP), security operations, information operations (IO), signals intelligence etc.
Integrating Best Practices 
Lunarline fights cyber-crime by using the feed lessons learned. Best practices learned back into School of Cyber Security which helps it to constantly advance its cyber and privacy missions for its commercial and Federal customers.
Workforce Training 
Lunarline understands the cyber and privacy workforce is being spread very thin – so it continues to invest heavily into cyber and privacy workforce training programs and automation tools that reduce the workloads put on its teams.
Cost Efficient Cyber Programs 
Lunarline has developed close relationships and solutions for over 500 customers in Federal and Commercial Sectors over 14 years in business. It has created some of the most innovative tools, programs, and solutions to ensure its customers have effective and cost-efficient cyber programs – so its employees can continue to have areas to grow their skills and careers in cyber and privacy.