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Lunarline: Light and Direction to Solve Cyber Issues with Big Data Analytics

You’ve probably heard it before—companies have to protect themselves against all kinds of attacks. But an attacker only needs to have one successful attempt. With those odds, you can’t just try to prevent attacks from happening. You also need to be able to detect them, and respond—fast. Lately, the most effective defenses against cyber intrusions are Big Data and Analytics. Better, faster, actionable security information reduces the critical time from detection to remediation, enabling cyber warfare specialists to proactively defend and protect your network. In early 2004, Lunarline, Inc., was developed to help solve a colossal security problem prevalent in both the government and private sectors: systems and software were being designed, developed, and deployed into sensitive environments, and then security was added as an afterthought, if at all.
It’s data that’s getting stolen, but it’s also data that can come to the rescue. You just have to know how to use it in the right way. Lunarline was created to provide solutions and securities to the people for all the data they store, transmit, or process.
Promising ‘Solutions Built on Security’
Most of Lunarline’s clients are flooded with cyber security information. Hidden in all that data are tiny indicators of compromises, little traces of evidence that something may be amiss. They help their clients work with massive security data sets by using their proprietary capabilities to process “Big Data” and turn it into “Small Data” with a high degree of operational security relevance. This is the data that uncovers security and privacy issues within and outside the customers’ enterprises.
As an official Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO), Lunarline is uniquely qualified to independently validate and verify that all FedRAMP requirements have been met. Lunarline’s Cloud Security Consultants develop a cloud security strategy roadmap designed to guide customers through the security and privacy concerns of cloud computing and help them to implement a secure cloud strategy.
Assisting Clients throughout the Mission
In the world of cybersecurity all the tools work – the problem is that they don’t always work together. Over ten years of perseverance has resulted in refining the process and tools to lessen the gaps with a suite of automation tools that helps currently deployed security and privacy tool investments work together more effectively. This is a force multiplier for the client’s staff, freeing them to focus on driving continuous improvement in their security posture.
One of Lunarline’s specialties is the delivery of managed security services. If their customers do not have the staff or specific talent they need in cyber or privacy then Lunarline can augment or even help them train and build their teams. As an example from their Healthcare security practice, Health-IT clients have very limited staff that is focused on ensuring quality patient care. So they count on Lunarline to augment their security staff or even take over the security and compliance operations.
A Resolute Innovator
Lunarline’s Hacker-in-Chief, Waylon Krush, Co-founder and CEO, is not the sit-at-his-desk type. He’s happier out in the field, helping clients fight back against an ever more threatening cyber world.
Prior to becoming Lunarline’s fearless leader, Waylon was a senior information security engineer in AT&T’s Advanced Systems Division and chief of the information assurance group for GRC-TSC. A veteran of the US Army, Waylon held various Intel- and security-related technical and leadership roles, including service as the lead technical member of the Land and Information Warfare Activity Information Systems Security Monitoring, Vulnerability Assessment Blue Team, and Red Team.
For his contributions to National Security, he was named a Knowlton Award Winner, one of the Intelligence Community’s highest honors. He was also recognized as the 718th Military Intelligence Soldier of the Year, the NSA Professional of the Quarter, received the Voice of America Award, and is a two time winner of the American Legion Award. Waylon’s service to the country inspired him to create Lunarline’s Warrior to Cyber Warrior (W2CW) Foundation. The program helps nation’s returning servicemen and wounded warriors bridge the gap between military service and a career in cyber security.
Managing Data Professionally
Lunarline has developed a suite of automation tools that quickly sift through large disparate data sets to isolate indicators of compromise and even insider threat issues the customers, their VIPs, their brands and/or their enterprises face. They have made significant investments in security and privacy automation platforms that have really become a force multiplier for their security and privacy tech-enabled and managed services. As an example, they have created a world-class cyber security and privacy training capability within the Lunarline School of Cybersecurity (SCS). This allows them to keep their customers on top of the latest security policy and technical issues that challenge them and their staff daily.
Lunarline’s Team and Techniques
The Managed Active Response (MARS) Team operates 24x7x365 to protect both their networks as well as their managed security customers. This elite team of cyber professionals has experience in operating the nation’s most challenging cyber environments. They’ve quarterbacked DoD cyber operations in theater and behalf of nearly every Combatant Command.
Their team supervises regular software assurance testing, vulnerability assessments and penetration tests against the platforms and tools that process, store, manage or transmit their customers’ data. They also often write custom blocks, configurations and patches if a vendor or 3rd party fix fails to meet their standards, and provide this as a service to their clients.
As a security company they also maintain a very rigorous process for encrypting sensitive data in-transit and at-rest within and outside of their organization which helps ensure not just confidentiality but also integrity of their data.
Future Aspects
Lunarline plans to integrate their suite of tools across the company, including their cyber hunt, threat, malware, vulnerability configuration, and pen testing suite, so that they can become force multipliers for their customers’ security operations. Lunarline will continue to push their security and privacy automation, training, testing, and proactive monitoring/response services to support customers as they evolve increasingly through their sensitive operations over the cloud.

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