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Lucy Beato – A Life Transforming Personal Coach

In today’s world, because of social media, many teenagers, especially girls, go through struggles like determining their self-worth based on the number of friends, likes, shares, and other social media statistics. There are also rising cases of harassment, objectification, self-doubting, and many other obstacles women face in their daily lives. These issues can result in mental trauma, self-depreciation, underestimating oneself, etc.

To get out of such issues, the help of a personal coach can be taken. Personal life coaches, with their vast experience and learning, can help you come out of the trauma quickly. It is not wrong to seek help to guide yourself to come out of mental health-related issues. Many life coaches are experts in various areas of life. The help they provide will enable you to save time, improve your mood, and make yourself available to the world again with an upgraded mindset. Women are facing various issues in today’s world, for which active help from experienced coaches is needed to prevent further harm.

Identifying this need, Lucy Beato, through her life experiences and learning, formed her own platform to give women valuable coaching in their lives with her personalized coaching platform named after herself.

Lucy is a certified life coach. She faced many ups and downs in her life. It gave her purpose to help other women. She now uses her skills and positivity to build courage, a positive attitude, and a strong will in women to make them ready to face any obstacle that comes their way. Through her experience, she stresses the importance of making a strong self-image when it comes to standing against the obstacles that may come at any stage of life.

We interviewed Lucy Beato to understand how she is helping many women transform their lives through her life coaching platform.

Below are the excerpts from the interview:

What was your inspiration to step into the coaching and personality development space?

My background is in education. I taught young adolescents for over a decade. During that time, I realized that many of these young women lacked self-esteem, had very low self-worth, and had many limiting beliefs about their potential. I felt compelled by the need to help and instill self-love and validation in them. Therefore, I initiated an after-school program called ‘Girl power,’ a space for these young women to come and learn through different activities to build their self-esteem and self-worth. I took this further and decided, many years later, to go back to school and get certified as a life coach to continue to impact women’s lives.

Tell us about your mission and vision for your future. What are the biggest challenges that you have faced in your life so far?

My vision is to Inspire, Empower and Transform women’s lives through Valor-Arte, my coaching methodology.

My mission is to educate and help women regain their self-worth, self-confidence, discover their greatness, and take action towards living a life with purpose.

My biggest challenges have been beating cancer followed by failed marriage right after,

and having to find myself and regain back my life.

COVID-19 proved to be the biggest disruptor since the Dot-com bubble. How has the pandemic affected the operations and growth of your enterprise?

The pandemic has been a blessing in disguise. During this time, my coaching business has scaled up due to the increasing number of women who want to make changes and transform their lives.

Kindly tell us about your business ventures. What kind of services and products do you facilitate for your clients/customers?

My business is a coaching one on one model. I run a 12-week program. During this process, women go through a self-discovery and self-love journey, allowing them to discover their self-worth and greatness.

Tell our readers about your Valor-Arte coaching methodology. How do you help women become the best version of themselves?

Valor-Arte is a result-driven methodology based not only on my education but also on my life experiences. This program is a self-discovery process with the necessary tools and techniques for women to learn how to love and value themselves.

During this process, women are able to recognize their limiting beliefs, identify who they are, identify their strengths, capabilities, and work on becoming their best version; learning to live a life with purpose.

What advice would you like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who wish to venture into the competitive industry that you are catering to?

My best advice is to be consistent and disciplined. Never give up on your dreams. The world needs more like us. We are all unique in our trade.! Let’s continue to be an inspiration and a positive impact on our society. “Knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted.”

Where do you see yourself in the future? Also, how do you envision scaling your business operations and the outreach of your coaching practices in the coming years?

I will continue my coaching practice and continue to impact lives.

Creating an online course to be able to impact women all over the world. Publishing my inspirational memoir. Do podcasts. Build a strong legacy. “The sky is the limit!”

The Life Changer

Lucy Beato is a businesswoman, life coach, and cancer survivor who expertly balances business, career, and family as a single mother. Lucy likes to describe herself as a focused and determined person when it comes to facing challenges. She has a background in education. She has taught young adolescents for over a decade.

Fighting a successful battle against breast cancer and also facing a divorce, she had to stay determined and come out of it stronger. She says, “I feel very good. I am at my best. I am full of life. Because, for me, attitude is everything in any situation. “

Through her vast studies and life experiences, she has developed a methodology for women called “Valor-Arte,” a process of self-discovery!

She has designed Valor-Arte to support women to coach them to self-value and self-love so that they can break their fears and self-limitations and become the best version of themselves.