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Lucova: Win The Moments That Matter

From inception, the point-of-sale and payments industry has been catering to the demand of making payment information more secure and transactions more convenient. The disruption occurring in the mobile industry is indirectly manifesting its influence across every industry, and the payments industry seems to be the most affected by this trend. Every business, banking entity, payment processor, and payment gateway is keeping a finger on the pulse of upcoming POS trends to accommodate emerging payment technologies.
The truth is as clear as day. The future of POS will no longer belong to the accountants, but to those who expect technology to empower them at the frontline. Gradually, POS is transforming into a Point-of-Experience (POE) and Lucova is positioned at the forefront of this revolution. Lucova is a company that has successfully addressed the three major trends: First being, that hardware, software and payment processing is now consolidated into a single solution. Secondly, data is moving from the local server and into the cloud. Lastly, the entire POS business model is being squeezed from the loss in revenue from hardware, support services, maintenance and transaction processing fees.
A Tale of Innovation
Lucova was founded to bring people, data and technology together to deliver human connections at the highest point of impact, i.e. the Point-of-Sale. They believe that small, everyday moments have the power to create strong communities and build meaning in people’s lives. Today, Lucova deems the entire point-of-sale structure as inadequate for appeasing the future of commerce and views the mobile device as a sensor, rather than as real estate for advertisers. With their proprietary Bluetooth proximity technology, Lucova has developed a new generation of Point-of-Experience solutions, built on top of their unique white-label mobile platform. They have translated their profound insights in customer transactions from their experience in retail, restaurants, quick-serve and hospitality verticals into the campus dining service. Today, Lucova is well established to cater to the campus dining industry, where consumers are millennial and have higher expectations when it comes to experience.
Bold Invisible Solutions, Prioritized for People
From Customer Recognition software to Hands-Free Payments, to the Point-of-Experience software and everything in between, Lucova is bringing people, data and technology to power everyday moments, in-store.
Lucova has devised a solution where it turns everyday mobile devices into smart Bluetooth sensors.
They have transformed the traditional Point-of-Sale system and created the world’s first Point-of-Experience™ Platform. This ingenious platform allows the staff to know their customers and greet them by their name once they walk in. With important customer and product data on hand, the cashiers are no longer button pushers, but essential relationship builders. The system has been designed to accept all kinds of payments, from emerging mobile payments to the traditional card and cash payments. The system also enables the comfort of managing from anywhere and anytime through a flexible cloud-based solution, which doesn’t require proprietary hardware or operating systems. With Smart Reports highlighting actionable information, the management team of the respective organization could easily access key insights about sales and staff performance in real-time.
The Best Partner for the Best Experience
Lucova is completely in sync with their client’s passion in their product and continually strives every day to bring meaning to their brands with their customers through technology. Matt Clervi, CEO of Fresh Ideas Food Service Management has stated, “The Lucova Campus solution is one of a kind in the industry and truly gets how to improve the dining experience for our students.” Amy Lunn, Director of Marketing at Creative Dining has stated, “Lucova’s responsiveness, flexibility, and customer service has proved to us that we’ve found a true partner in providing our customers with the best dining experience possible.”
For Lucova, their clients and their customers have always been their inspiration of existence.
The Man who Defines Customer Service
An alumnus of the University of Calgary, a great thinker, a superficial strategist and an idealistic son, Amit Jhas, the CEO of Lucova is a quintessential leader. Amit has formulated strategies that have helped Lucova pass through uncharted paths. With his broad experience in the customer service sector, he has brought Lucova to the forefront as tech innovator. Taking inspiration from his father, Amit knows what customer service looks like and understands the pain points of the sector, and this is the reason why he is compared to none when it comes to developing the best customer service solutions.
Incomparable Feats and Future Deeds
Like every startup, Lucova faced a great dilemma in finding passionate, talented individuals who could solve the impossible. However, Amit was adamant to find this rare breed of talent, and after some seriously successful hunt, he found those who were not only gifted but were also in sync with his vision for Lucova.
Amit’s efforts bore fruit in just eight months of launching FIIT Point-of-Experience™, when Lucova facilitated over 1.7 million transactions across multiple campuses in US. Apart from gaining 20,000 active mobile users per month, they also developed an active community of client and user enthusiasts.
It is no surprise that Amit considers his team as his biggest asset and his clients as his biggest achievement. He extends his kind gesture towards his loyal advisors and investors.
Lucova is all set to expand the features of their Point-of-Experience ™ platform, along with introducing their first Brand Moment Experience that will further drive their vision of human-centric transaction.

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