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Luciana Corwin, Owner and Founder of AHS Design Group

Luciana Corwin: Delivering Budget Minded & Uniquely Designed Creative Solutions to Clients.

To be in residential and interior design industry is a lot of work and many times can be stressful. It takes passion, determination, and perseverance to flourish and establish a trustworthy reputation in the market. It comes with experience, opportunities, dedication, and time! But it is really rewarding to see a house done and know that one has put a lot of work and thought into it. An avid designer, Luciana Corwin has more than 18 years of experience working as an architect, residential designer and interior designer through all the phases of design and construction. It gives Luciana great satisfaction to see that all the thoughts that were done during the design phase have worked out nice and it has built a nice house. She promotes a collaborative process that engages team members creatively to develop architecture and design that have the capacity to inspire people keeping a budget in mind.
Luciana started her architectural education in Brazil, finishing her classes in Norway and USA. She has a vast travel experience which gives her a diverse fonts of inspiration for her creations. Luciana is the Owner and Founder of AHS Design Group. AHS Design Group provides architecture and interior design services throughout Austin, TX. Its experiences includes architecture and interior design for residential and small commercial projects in the greater Austin, Texas area. Its creative solutions are budget minded and uniquely designed for each of its clients.
Humble Beginning
AHS design group has been established in Austin since 2010. Luciana does not think she had much planning when she started. She took one job per time, cheering with each project that came her way, working hard and making it the best she could for the simple idea to see it done. In the beginning, she even followed jobsites without being paid just to make sure it would turn out right. The project had a great potential and could became just an ordinary house. Sure enough the results were really nice and Luciana used those project in her portfolio for many years to get other clients/project.
Today, AHS Design Group provides architectural services for mainly residential project and small commercial in the big Austin. It has been running for 10 years and Luciana can say that 98% of its clients are referral. She never had to market her company. Some of AHS Design Group’s first clients are still working with AHS! This tells it a lot.
Delivering Impressive and Pleasing Work to Clients
For Luciana, success is to see the result of her work, a residential or small commercial building, is built and beautiful. She says that it is rewarding to see her clients are excited about her projects. It gives Luciana a great satisfaction to see her clients being excited and proud about their house! This is what makes her keep going for every new project! Luciana treats each project as a new and unique challenge.
AHS Design Group always looks for new solutions to impress its clients and the result of its work.
Having Passion for One’s Work
Luciana believes that every individual needs to have passion and pleasure for what they do. This way work does not feel like work but an achievement. She says when people have a passion for something then the amount of work that they put in something cannot be measured, and they can even walk an extra mile. Passion for houses, solutions, environments, beauty are always something different than “the normality”. Simple designs can have big impacts and make something simple really feel special.
She says that one should continue doing one’s work and the compensation will come once his or her work starts to be recognized. The best recognition for Luciana is when she sees her work published somewhere that she even did not know. Once she was in front of some magazines in a store and she recognized the kitchen on the cover of a magazine. Sure enough, she had designed it while working in a company.
Delivering According to Expectations of Clients
AHS Design Group’s job is to deliver to its clients what they are expecting. It is about them and what they want. A new home and/or a remodel is a big step in someone’s life (even a life dream). The company considers that it is its responsibility to be aware of the importance of each project and deliver the best it can: to make its clients happy with the project!
Improving Design and Practices with Custom Homes
The lifestyle has been changing with Covid-19 and so are the house designs. Home offices (his and her) and study room for the kids are part of the main requests for new constructions. AHS Design Group envisions improving its design and practices with more custom homes, residential and small commercial projects.
Working Honestly to Achieve Dreams
While advising emerging leaders, Luciana says, “You need to value your knowledge and competency. A lot of people on the way will try to take advantage or put you down. Always doing the right thing, using your best potential and trusting yourself and you can go far.” Luciana is a foreigner who came to this country 20 years ago and worked honestly hard to achieve her dreams. She likes to make a schedule and try to be 100% where she has to be at particular time.
Luciana always liked to do things her own way and/or different than the ordinary. She worked for other companies for 20 years and she always preferred working on smaller offices where she was able to make her opinion be heard and be able to make things different. The beginning of Luciana’s career started with a lot of energy, no money, and an enormous curiosity to see the world! She spent 1.5 years traveling and getting to see other cultures, realities, and interpretation of a residence. This experience opens her mind to consider the ‘new” and changes.