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Lowry Solutions: Improving Business Processes For Decades

Simplifying traceability of resources, inventory, and other key aspects are very important for any organization nowadays. Headquartered in Brighton, Michigan, Lowry Solutions is a global system integrator of Supply Chain, IoT, and Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology that include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), barcode, and wireless networking services for different applicational challenges in a wide range of industries. It delivers a broad, deep knowledge base in many industries. Lowry’s experienced team includes experts who leverage their proven processes to ensure sustainable solutions for tracking critical elements within its enterprise. Their clients have realized improved business performance in the value chain through predictability, reliability, and profitability. In recent days, the company’s client base mainly includes manufacturing firms with their associated warehouse and distribution units, government, transportation, and logistics enterprises. “Mostly the Department of Defense,” Lowry said. “The remainder of our business is in the healthcare and retail sector.” With 110 employees at present, the company serves in U.S and Canada and is looking to extend its network globally.
The Farsighted Leader
Mike Lowry, the CEO and President of Lowry Solutions is a well-known innovator among the clients, as well as the business community. Through his vision and leadership, he has helped to identify and establish company’s niche. He has transformed the company from a regional computer peripheral distributor to a leading national manufacturer and integrator of wireless, RFID-EPC bar code and data collection solutions that are in the vanguard of technology, equipment, and industry compliance. Since the last four decades, the company has continued to evolve, and ultimately changed its name from Lowry and Associates to Lowry Computer Products, and finally to Lowry Solutions, Inc., back in 2014. Under Mike’s leadership, the company has been more focused on being a turnkey solutions provider. Now, Lowry Solutions not only provides hardware and break fix services, but is also expanding into software solutions, professional services, engineering, and consulting as well. During the past few years, Mike has purchased an automated labeling system business and a label conversion operation to help grow Lowry’s offering and position in the rapidly growing use of RFID-EPC technology. Mike has built a partnership with EPC Global, an organization that is completely devoted to education, the creation of standards and implementation of EPC technology. Lowry is the founding Solution Provider of the organization.
Encompassing the Entire Value Chain
Deliverables from Lowry Solutions stretch from the basics of bar coding to the intricacies of radio frequency technology, which includes everything from RFID to wireless networks. The company works alongside manufacturing product lines/product manufacturing lines, in warehouses, in order to deliver time-sensitive materials visibility, throughout and extend its viability through transportation and logistics businesses, in government, as well as in healthcare and retail sectors.
Lowry’s focus has always been in simplifying traceability. The company addresses challenges of global monitoring and integrated platforms that can accommodate enhanced legacy technologies while enabling easy and quick integration of technology throughout its client’s enterprise. Lowry Solution’s core value of sustainability ensures future-proofing that any company in the Internet of Things need to endure in today’s cut-throat and fast-moving world. Adding to all these, Lowry Solutions also offers a software platform through its multi-tenant cloud infrastructure and new E-Portal, that helps clients to rapidly acquire additional products, request support services or engage with any subject matter experts. “We are in what is now a mature industry,” Mike stated. “Many companies use our technology today in their supply chains. In both the technology and the services we offer in North America, and global regions, to we are continuing to drive future innovation.”
Serving the Industry Since Inception
Lowry Solutions is serving the automotive industry since its inception. The company understands the industry and its challenges deeply. It helps different OEMs and Tire suppliers to leverage RFID and barcode technologies along with other complementary technologies, with the aim of simplifying traceability. This sooner or later results in improved profits, faster turnaround and better knowledge.
Always Involved in Innovation
The company nowadays is actively engaged in IBM Blockchain, which is an emerging community of business leaders and developers, solving various enterprise problems with open source blockchain technology. Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions. It nurtures a new generation of transactional applications that build trust, accountability and transparency. Lowry Solution’s goal is to be the first blockchain-enabled solution and for that, it houses a Hyperledger Fabric team.
Being Close to Customer’s Needs
Lowry Solutions is a company, that is built on being close to its customer’s needs. The company’s main advantage over its less integrated providers is its understanding of technologies that it offers. As a result of that, it can configure and implement off-the-shelf technologies to better meet client’s needs. Additionally, the software service group can help with custom built solutions that eventually improve the user experience without the need for users to have specialized long-term resources in the form of staff.
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