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Louisa Sanghera, Founder & Director, Zippy Financial

Louisa Sanghera: Leading with Passion and Absolute Dedication

There is an increasing necessity for businesses to include women’s empowerment into corporate business strategies, both for the purpose of ensuring sustainable growth and to demonstrate the value and credibility that women leadership bring to the businesses. Women’s empowerment is essential to create a stable, inclusive, and sustainable society. Louisa Sanghera is passionate about empowering women to gain the financial knowledge and confidence required to achieve their life, family, career, and wealth goals. She has written many articles, has been interviewed as well as speaking engagements , to provide valuable advice, information and to demonstrate how it is possible to achieve their goals with clever financial management – from cost saving tips, to how to pay off their mortgage faster, managing cashflow, investing and more.
Louisa Sanghera is the Founder and Director at Zippy Financial. Louisa leads the company with passion and absolute dedication to her clients. She has curated a handpicked team of highly experienced brokers to support her clients, who share her vision to provide exceptional service and look after Zippy clients for life.
Helping Clients with Smart Financing
Louisa created Zippy Financial after a 25-year career in banking because she believed the Australian broking industry was generally lacking in empathy and genuine client-focused care. Louisa decided to use her expert financial knowledge, vision for exceptional customer service and passion for property to start Zippy Financial; with the goal of helping clients’ grow their wealth through smart financing. Zippy Financial is an award-winning mortgage brokerage specialising in home loans, property investment, commercial lending, and vehicle & asset finance.
Zippy Financial has collaborated with a select group of trusted experts to offer its clients unbiased advice on superannuation, investments, budgeting, property, and tax. This allows the company to help its clients achieve their holistic financial goals, to grow their wealth through smart property investment, and other investment opportunities, as well as saving tax, saving money, and protecting what is most important to them.
Exceptional Customer Service
Louisa’s work with Zippy Financial and being an active supporter of the wider business community, earned her the title of ‘Outstanding Businessperson of the Year’ at the 2017 Local Business Awards. Since then, Louisa and Zippy Financial have gone on to be named as finalists in over 20 industry awards, and named winner of 10 awards, including Australian Broker of the Year 2019 and Best Customer Service: Australia 2019 and 2020 at the prestigious Australian Broking Awards. Investor Property Magazine voted Zippy ‘Best Brokerage in Australia’, in the investor space too.
Zippy Financial’s exceptional customer service makes it stand out from the competition. It takes the time to get to know every client and their goals very well. For Zippy Financial, this is so much more than providing a great service – it shares its clients’ hope and dreams, and it is fully invested in their goals. Zippy Financial’s 99% customer retention record is a testament to this genuine partnership it has with its clients.
Tapping Potential of Technology
Zippy Financial firmly believes in the importance of keeping up to date with technological advances. Louisa has found that to succeed in starting a business from scratch, growing, and scaling the business, the utilization of the right technology is a must. She understands that technology saves one’s time and effort, and on top of that, it enhances the security of one’s business, keeps the workflow streamlined and plays a crucial role for the operations to run smoothly and efficiently.
Adding Real Value to Clients
Zippy Financial’s investment in its client systems has given it a competitive advantage in many ways, including freeing up their brokers time. Meaning its brokers can add real value to clients by spending as much time with their clients as they need, to guide them through the mortgage process as well as help complete all the documentation required for a successful loan application.
Giving Back to Community
Community is very important to Louisa and she has found that giving back to the community is not only rewarding and life changing but it provides an opportunity for personal growth, to better understand how one fits into the world around. Louisa advises future women entrepreneurs to work on themselves, learn to delegate household tasks wherever possible, prioritize important things and she encourages them to give back to their community. Louisa is a strong believer in helping women starting new business ventures by creating networking opportunities and facilitating a sharing of business knowledge and learnings.
Louisa founded a local business networking group called Connect for Success – North Shore Small Business Support and Networking Group, in 2014.
The goal of this group is to bring people and businesses together, to give them the opportunity to Share, Inspire and Grow. This group likes to host regular networking events with guest speakers, and this group has worked as a community to inspire, motivate, and help local businesses improve what they do and grow and connect.
Louisa regularly holds seminars, networking sessions, webinars, livestream Q&As and podcasts to help demystify the more complex aspects of finance and running a business, for these local businesses and communities and in the investor space. She is passionate about the mortgage broker industry and proud to be a recognised expert speaker, presenting regularly at financial events as well as contributing to a several number of prominent blogs, podcasts, and finance publications. Louisa is always looking to help raise the profile of the industry, helping to educate other brokers, and as an advocate, supporting MFAA campaigns.
Maintaining Competitive Advantage
Zippy Financial maintains its competitive advantage by focusing on its clients’ needs, its capabilities in meeting these needs, its values and adapting to change. The company will continue to focus on nurturing its existing clients, looking for new opportunities and growing its handpicked team of highly experienced and client driven mortgage brokers who share its values and desire to take care of their Zippy Financial clients and families for their lifetime.