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Looking to Save Money on Granite Countertops? Read These 7 Tips

Tips to Save Money on Granite Countertops

Homeowners who want to revamp their kitchen design consider the beauty of granite countertops. The new installation is sophisticated and adds elegance to the room. Granite is a luxurious and long-lasting product that will stand the test of time. Reviewing ways to save money on granite countertops helps homeowners stay within their budgets and get the most out of their investment.

  1. Buying Prefabricated Stone

Buying prefabricated stone could present savings since the supplier won’t have to cut the stone themselves. The stone is cut to fit specific counter sizes already and is ready to install in the kitchen. Buying Granite Fabrication can lower expenses and prevent unwanted delays for homeowners who want to get their kitchen project started as soon as possible. The suppliers deliver the granite to their homes and bring it into their kitchen.

  1. Get Lots of Estimates From Different Suppliers

Getting lots of estimates from different suppliers can show the homeowner what products are more cost-effective for their kitchen countertops. The estimates include the cost to cut the granite to fit the counters, deliver it to the property, and install it completely around plumbing fixtures. Reviewing several estimates shows the property owner what option falls within their budget and won’t increase the cost of their kitchen remodeling project.

  1. Get Professional Measurements for Your Kitchen

Getting a professional to measure the countertop for the kitchen project prevents irregularities and ensures that the granite cut for the countertops is the accurate size. Trying to take the task on themselves leaves some homeowners with the wrong size slab which leads to more expenses as it needs to be reshaped or another slab must be cut due to the incorrect measurements. It is best to have a pro do the measurements during a consultation for the best result. Get in touch now with granitt kantstein!Looking to Save Money on Granite Countertops? Read These 7 Tips

  1. Choose Remnant Pieces for Smaller Kitchens

Choosing remnant pieces are a great selection for smaller kitchens. The slabs are already cut and leftover from previous projects. Due to their irregular sizes and shapes, the remnants are sold at a lower price which is more affordable for most homeowners. Reviewing the selections could give the homeowner a chance to get a solid granite counter for half the cost.

  1. Choose Tile Over Slabs

Choosing tile over a slab can also save the homeowner money. The tiles are installed faster since they aren’t as heavy as the slab and fewer mistakes are made during the installations. Tiles are a lot cheaper than buying a slab and if one tile breaks, the homeowner doesn’t have to replace the entire countertop.

  1. Check for Promo Codes for Suppliers

Checking for promo codes for suppliers could give the homeowner a chance for savings, too. The main page of their website provides any promotions and discounts available to customers. The details could save the homeowner a bundle on buying their new counter.

  1. Buy the Plumbing Parts at a Cheaper Price

Buying the plumbing parts at a cheaper price lowers the total cost of the kitchen renovation project. The homeowner can buy their sink and faucet from anywhere and have a counter custom made to fit over and around the fixtures.
Homeowners who want to make necessary changes in their kitchen design start with the countertops. Adding a new granite countertop increases the value of the home and makes the kitchen more functional. Reviewing the best ways to save money on the new installations helps homeowners stay within their budgets.

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