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LivePOS: Hybrid Cloud POS Software Solution with Multi-store and Access Levels

The SaaS market is surging ahead with organizations exploring various functions in several software categories. Add to these, established players are actively securing and incorporating the most promising new services and CSBs are simplifying organizations’ path into the cloud. Established in 2006, LivePOS is one such Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of real-time cloud Point of Sale (POS) solution for chains and franchises. The company strives to develop and provide the best POS system relevant to its customers’ needs, which are easy to understand and use.
LivePOS is a Hybrid Cloud POS software solution that offers and allows its customer and inventory management users to view sales, track inventory and manage business operations from anywhere with an available internet connection. The system is suited for multi-location, multi-store retail operations. The company is privately held and employs over 150 people in its offices globally. Its corporate office is presently headquartered in Sunny La Jolla, California, while its other offices are sited in China, Israel, and the Philippines.
Ground Breaking Services by LivePOS
LivePOS is designed to deliver cost-effective and simple solutions to implement in small and mid-tier retailers, chains and franchises, who wish to grow their businesses. It can be used by a wide-variety of businesses, such as clothing boutiques, cosmetics kiosks, sports shops, and bookstores. As a Hybrid POS solution, it consists of two parts; the store side and the admin site also known as LivePOS online dashboard.
The online dashboard is the focal point in the multi-location, multi-store retail operation. The centralized dashboard allows its customers to manage inventory, update pricing, employees, expenses and sales report anytime and anywhere with any internet capable device such as mobile phone, tablet or a laptop.
In the LivePOS online dashboard, all the store information is collected and displayed in a simple and cohesive manner, thereby making it easy to get real-time snapshot of your business.
The team at LivePOS works one-on-one with prospective clients to assess their needs and showcase the features that would help in streamlining and simplifying their businesses. On the other hand, its tech support team is available with its 24×7 support, hence ensuring every feature of the software is operational and the queries of each and every customer is addressed on time. In addition to the live support, it also includes an online support center that offers tons of helpful articles as well as providing access to several how-to videos, which is also included in the monthly pricing structure.
Since, LivePOS is a real-time cloud POS solution, POS requirements of its customers are attended carefully i.e. data is backed up on daily basis, while version updates and new features are free of charge and is automatically available for customers when released. LivePOS utilizes Amazon AWS, which is used by thousands of brand name companies such as Hulu, Netflix and Waze.
Architect behind Evolution of Hybrid Cloud POS Software Solution
Liad Biton is the CEO and Co-Founder of LivePOS, a technology facing corporation, with over 15 years of experience in the cloud, retail, and tech space. Designed with a single principle in mind, LivePOS is the brainchild of Liad Biton.
Moreover, in his spare time, he promotes STEM education by introducing children to the world of aviation from end-to-end small airplanes and UAVs (Drones).
Initial Challenges leading to Triumph
With the shift of credit card processing towards EMV, customers wanted to expand their payment options in order to meet the new industry standards. Thus, LivePOS helped to adhered to the requirements of customer needs of expanding the payment options by creating integration with First Data and its partners to allow customers the ability to accept chip-based cards, Apple Pay, NFC and other mobile wallets using an EMV Pinpad device from Verifone.
At LivePOS, the team works one-on-one with its prospective clients to assess their needs and showcase the features that will help streamline and simplify their business.
A Future Filled with New Innovations
LivePos team is preparing to launch LivePAD —a mobile POS solution that runs a full version of the LivePOS software. With the imminent launch of LivePAD, customers will no longer be restraining behind the counter. Besides, customers can receive a free VX 805 PinPad device from their partner company.

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