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LivePOS; A Leading POS Solution Provider

LivePOS is a leading hybrid POS solution that combines both, front-end software for managing every day transactions and back-end in real-time.Using this advanced technological solution, clients can evaluate the progress of their business 24/7. LivePOS’s robust multi-store features allow clients to manage multiple stores from anywhere.
LivePOS provides free training to help clients to hit the ground running, and offers 24/7 customer support at no cost for all related queries of the clients. It also provide many other customization options which help navigate the complexities of each individual business situation. If additional customization is required and it benefits other clients, it is rolled out regularly through software upgrades.
Beneficial Services
When it comes to POS systems, LivePOS management realized that growing multi-store businesses were underserved and focused to address that problem. Today, other POS platforms are expanding their systems in a mindless pursuit to add more locations to the mix. LivePOS has taken a different and unique route to its development. It provides an all-in-one solution at extremely competitive prices to stay ahead of the curve.
Company’s Franchise Management System (FMS) is designed to fulfill the complex needs of a multi-unit operation. On the front end, company’s intuitive software makes processing transactions and servicing customers effortless. At its back end, the centralized dashboard provides real-time, multi-unit management and reporting from any device that has an internet connection. Clients can gain instant access to sales and inventory data, analyze products list whether selling or not, compare data across several locations, track store-wide promotions, and much more.
A Humble Philosophy
Liad Biton is the CEO and Co-founder of LivePOS.
In 2003, he started working with a partner and established a retail business. After originated to three locations, Liad realized that they needed software to manage the business. It was sticker shock when the quotes started coming in at over $20K for three locations. The software was expensive, slow, and complicated, so he decided to write his own code and build very light web-based POS software that completed their requirement at a fraction of the cost. Other such small businesses took notice and started asking about that software. He gave that software to one of his franchisors and pretty soon others approached him to try the software. Back then there was no cloud POS platform anywhere, and when their business grew to 30+ stores, he found his passion in coding software rather than doing retail. He sold the retail business and began coding fulltime.
With only five clients, he decided to launch a new business and raised money, hired more people and started LivePOS. They built a simple, powerful, cloud POS solution that delivered everything a growing business needed without an expensive price tag. In 2003, they encountered their first client who had 12 stores. Today, LivePOS have over 15,000 clients in 20 countries.
Initial Hurdles
When LivePOS was first launched, many malls and locations didn’t have a stable internet connection and its web-based software was crashing. Company had to overcome these hurdles by creating web-based software that could also function in an offline mode. Company stopped taking new clients for 2 years and started coding from scratch.
When it introduced its pricing model, software subscriptions were unheard of and storing data in the cloud was a foreign concept. It took a lot of effort to explain cloud-based services and what clients were paying for. At the end, the struggles helped to build a better, stronger product for the benefit of its users.
Back in 2007, most software had its own version of a cloud solution, but success to date of the company has come from the addition of the LivePOS Dashboard. By simply logging into the secure online dashboard, clients can view and control almost everything that relates to their organization as it happens. Turn features on and off and control multiple locations simultaneously. The data (shown both numerically and graphically) provides a quick, yet comprehensive snapshot of operations. Combine that with an easyto-use system and the top-notch customer support team, are the pillars of company’s success.
Tackling Challenges Head-on
LivePOS provides solutions to organizations which are looking to maximize efficiencies and improve productivity. With its focus and experience in multi-location, multistore operations, it understands that every business has their own set of unique requirements and processes. It has designed its software to deliver an all-in-one affordable solution with a long-list of features that can be customized specifically for each business. The LivePOS team works one-on-one with every client to assess their needs and demonstrate those features that helps to simplify and elevate business growth.
Stand Ahead to Competitors
LivePOS Analytics offers actionable data which helps to take the guesswork out of decision making. Also by tracking employee performance, clients can pinpoint those employees who may need additional training and those that should be recognized. LivePOS Analytics helps clients save time, money and offers them a rare competitive advantage.
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