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LiquidAgents Healthcare: Pioneers in Healthcare Staffing

As the national nursing shortage continues to rise, medical systems and healthcare staffing firms across the board are struggling to find qualified healthcare talent to satisfy urgent job demands. Making matters worse, there are no streamlined or standardized processes in place to quickly and efficiently connect qualified, ready-to-work talent with ready-to-hire employers. Realizing an opportunity for innovation and standardization in the healthcare staffing world, LiquidAgents Healthcare CEO Sheldon Arora made it his mission to turn the industry on its head and develop new tools, technologies and processes that bridge the gaps and eliminate all the chaos.
The Journey towards Success
LiquidAgents Healthcare launched in 2003 with a vision of being an industry-leading supplier of healthcare talent to large and small medical systems and employers across the U.S. Fast forward 14 years, and the company has grown that vision into a reality. Being named one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Companies in America every year since 2010 is proof of that.
Although the road to success has been an exciting, fast-paced one – LiquidAgents Healthcare has been faced with many challenges along the way.
“When we first started in this industry, everything from submitting candidates to jobs to uploading new jobs to our job board was a very manual, inefficient process,” said Arora. “That’s due in large part to the healthcare staffing industry being non-standardized as a whole.”
For example, until Arora began his process of building various healthcare staffing innovations, there had never been a database anywhere in the world that stored a healthcare professional’s compliance documents and gave them the ability to login anytime to a portal that gave them access to manage those documents, send them off to hospitals, and get matched with the right jobs – all from a computer screen.
This was the first problem Arora sought to tackle.
“LiquidAgents Healthcare worked with a partner that brought a deep understanding of advanced technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Business Analytics, to develop the industry’s most robust system for tracking an applicant’s hiring process from start to finish.” said Arora. “This platform helped us create a portal for each job candidate to login to their own personal website portal and manage their compliance records, career documents, forms, references, and more.”
The Visionary Leader’s Inspiration
Arora was first bitten by the entrepreneurial bug in 1997, when he founded IT staffing firm esoftsolutions Inc. After leading esoftsolutions Inc. to become the 52nd Fastest-Growing Company in American on the Inc. 500 list, Arora was ready to start a new venture – this time in healthcare staffing. In addition to serving as the owner, founder and CEO of LiquidAgents Heatlhcare, Arora has launched and invested in nearly a dozen different healthcare industry businesses. Under his guidance and leadership, LiquidAgents Healthcare has won more than 50 awards on the national, regional and local levels.
Arora’s vision to change the entire healthcare staffing industry for a better tomorrow is based on his passion for finding creative solutions to improve quality, reduce cost and deliver more to the bottom line.
“To be in a company that works hard to make a difference and help drive growth within the staffing industry is rewarding and inspiring,” said Arora.
Employees Are Valued
At LiquidAgents Healthcare, employees are considered the most valuable asset to the company. Upper management strives to build a culture that promotes fun and comraderie throughout the workplace. Interesting perks to note include: early outs on Fridays (meaning employees have the opportunity to head home early), beer carts to boost morale and reduce stress, a fully-equipped game room with ping-pong tables, a shuffleboard and high-definition TVs.
In addition to the eceletic workspace, employees are often rewarded with front-row concert tickets to numerous events in the area. They also have the option to work towards generous cash incentives if they achieve specific goals. LiquidAgents Healthcare holds several company-sponsored happy hours, events and social gatherings throughout the year to grow closer as a team.
But perhaps one of the most unique aspects of this growing company, is the open-door policy adopted by Arora and his upper management team. No matter the issue or time of day, employees are free to reach any of their higher-ups to discuss creative solutions to their problems. LiquidAgents Healthcare works hard to build an environment and a company that people love working for. In return, they get to work with positive, hardworking people that will continue the company’s legacy for years to come.
Future Perspectives
As the company’s growth continues to propel forward, Arora plans to improve and reinvent his existing tools and technologies already in place, making them more efficient and streamlined than ever before.
Arora also hopes to make some aspects of the staffing world more standardized across the board. For example, the process of matching candidates to jobs is still very much a manual, time-consuming process. An agency has to reformat all resumes, compliance documents, and other paperwork into one singular format accepted by all hospital and health systems. There is no industry standard for this, so all job submissions delivered from a staffing agency to a hospital look completely different.
Working hard towards an innovative future, Sheldon says, “We are working to streamline and standardize this process so that when staffing agencies submit job applications to healthcare systems around the world, there will only be one format.”
As LiquidAgents Healthcare grows, so will Arora’s vision of becoming an industry-leading healthcare firm that provides new innovations, technologies, tools and business systems that change the landscape of how healthcare staffing operates.

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