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Liquid Robotics: Enables the Ocean Sensor Network to solve World’s Greatest Challenges

Liquid Robotics designs and manufactures Wave Gliders®, wave and solar powered autonomous ocean robots. Liquid Robotics works with a global network of partners to create industry specific solutions for defense, commercial, and scientific customers. Along with their partners, they offer mission services spanning mission planning & execution services, piloting support, and training. Innovation, focus, and passion for the ocean, along with the opportunity to help solve many of the world’s biggest challenges (i.e. climate change, ocean preservation, maritime security), helped Liquid Robotics overcome the initial challenges at the time of startup.
As President and CEO of Liquid Robotics, Gary Gysin has been recognized as an innovative and high-energy executive with a reputation for transforming startups to global businesses, leading market transformations and delivering revenue growth for high tech, communications, and cloud computing companies. Gary previously served as EVP of Worldwide Sales for Silver Spring Networks, President and CEO of Asempra Technologies, and has served in a number of executive positions at companies such as McData Corporation, Volera, PGSoft, Crosswire Corporation, WorldTalk and Touch Communications. Gary holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.
24×7 Solutions for Ocean Data Collection
Liquid Robotics’ business strategy is to innovate and manufacture the world’s best ocean data collection platform and partner with industry leaders to create high value solutions for specific applications/missions. For example, they partner with Boeing Defense and their Unmanned Systems Division to create a seafloor to space communications capability for anti-submarine warfare. This combines the long endurance, autonomous capabilities of their Wave Gliders to the military / defense expertise of one of the largest Defense companies in the world.
The Wave Glider integrates the Silicon Valley high-tech innovation with the Hawaiian culture. Originally, the Wave Gliders were designed to capture the singing of Humpback Whales off the Big Island of Hawaii. Now Oil & Gas companies, global navies, scientists, and commercial organizations are deploying Wave Gliders to collect and communicate data in real-time enabling new economic opportunities and new discoveries.
Liquid Robotics, all set for Future Programs
Liquid Robotics’ is building the ocean sensor network necessary to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, enabling economic growth, increased security, and sustainability. Liquid Robotics is focused on building the ocean sensor network, as they see this as critical to understanding our oceans and impact on the world. They said that, “Three quarters of our planet is ocean, yet 95% of the ocean is still unexplored and unseen due to the harsh, unpredictable nature of the seas. To gain knowledge about this vast unknown they need to build out a sensor network. This is where fleets of Wave Gliders, the environmentally safe, long endurance ocean robots carrying or towing sensors, will play a critical role in helping humanity collect data to help solve the challenges that threaten our food sources, our ocean, and our livelihoods. Being part of exploring this new frontier is what excites our employees, our partners and customers.”
Success Mantra for Young Talents

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  • Have realistic timeframes for development and sales adoption cycles.
  • Listen to your customers and advisors.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks.
  • Hire talent and empower them to succeed.