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Jaime Punishill, Chief Marketing Officer, Lionbridge

Lionbridge: Bridging the Communication Gap by Translating and Localizing All Content in the World

Connecting the dots or bridging the communication gap is one of the most essential pillars of expanding business globally. It is essential for successful businesses to build bridges to connect with larger audiences. Global expansion is at the heart of strategic plans of most organizations to grow revenue. At the same time, companies are leaning into the value of their brand and with that, ensuring brand consistency and compliance; creating a high quality, consistent cross-channel customer experience; and focusing on digital transformation. Lionbridge partners with brands to break barriers and build bridges all over the world. For 25 years, it has helped companies connect with their global customers and employees by delivering translation and localization solutions in 350+ languages.
Lionbridge has the skills, expertise, and global scale to provide end-to-end support to help firms efficiently, maximally, and quickly grow in multiple markets. Jaime Punishill is the Chief Marketing Officer at Lionbridge. Jaime is an innovative marketing, channel, and product executive. He has a proven track record for finding blue ocean strategies and delivering scalable business operations. He is expert in operationalizing design thinking, translating new concepts and trends into workable business plans and operations, and delivering pragmatic innovation within a large enterprise.
Redesigning and Supporting Localization Workflows
Lionbridge can help firms optimize their global experiences by redesigning and supporting their localization workflows, helping them set up and operate their content and digital tech stack to produce multilingual and multimarket content and experiences, and helping them leverage linguistic AI to produce even more content and experiences for more languages, more customers, more markets, on more devices. Through its world-class platform, Lionbridge orchestrates a network of passionate experts across the globe who partner with brands to create culturally rich experiences. Relentless in its love of linguistics, the company uses the best of human and machine intelligence to forge understanding that resonates with the customers of its clients.
Facilitating Business in Native Language
Lionbridge has evolved to become one of the world’s largest, most experienced, most trusted translation and localization partners. That was its founder Rory Cowan’s vision. He saw that the world was going to become more digital, and that this change would lead to an explosion of content creation and digital experiences. But that content and those experiences wouldn’t be accessible by most people without a quantum change in the translation business, both in its scale and a pivot from translating words to capturing experiences, or what is now called localization.
Lionbridge believes that every consumer should be able to conduct business in their native language. Its vision is to translate and localize all the content in the world. While it’s been a slower journey than perhaps anyone thought 25 years ago, the emergence of AI, other technological developments and the globalization of consumer behavior bring it closer to that reality than ever before.
Harnessing Technology for Scale-based Global Experiences
Lionbridge provides more services, in more verticals, in more markets than anyone else. That breadth of experience and its capabilities are among its key differentiators. Companies come to Lionbridge when they need to get the exact target content quality with the speed and scale that today’s global digital economy demands. Not only was Lionbridge founded on the innovative idea of melding translation and multimedia and software production processes, but it also has the utmost experience with AI powered translation technology and how to harness that technology for scale-based global experiences. From supporting multimarket content optimization to multilingual virtual events, to omnilingual and omnichannel customer support, Lionbridge is known worldwide as the partner that supports every element of companies’ global customer experience journey.
Supporting Globalization of E-Commerce With Evolved Localization Services
Jaime states that the localization business stands to benefit as the world continues to drive more global commerce. He says that it is a great time to be an entrepreneur in this business. There are tremendous advances in the technology that undergirds how one localizes, what one localizes, how fast one can localize and how well one can localize. And, many companies are at the beginning of their journey. As more companies become global, the need for their services will grow. Jaime adds, “It’s a fantastic time to look for new ways to power localization and to support the globalization of e-commerce and commerce.”
Building Strong Localization Ecosystem Platform
Lionbridge is a key part of the localization ecosystem. It is attuned to the linguist community’s health, from helping linguists upskill to finding ways for them to participate in key activities. For example, it is a longtime supporter of Translators without Borders, which helps provide language services in places that don’t have a lot of commercial or governmental translation capabilities or translation assets. It has supported many organizations that are like that over the years, and it will continue to support them.
The industry has been built as a series of old-line, closed looped systems. Lionbridge spends a lot of time thinking about pivoting its systems into a platform that can connect and integrate a lot of different providers who can add value and contribute to the translation and localization of everything for its customers.
Building Future of Localization Business
Lionbridge is well-situated competitively to see the key challenges facing the most cutting-edge and fastest-growing companies in the world. They push Lionbridge to do things better, faster, cheaper and different. It is proud of its partnership with them to bring about great developments and build the future of the localization business. In upcoming years, Jaime sees Lionbridge on a mission to grow significantly.
Lionbridge’s goal is to grow organically and to be as big as some of the other companies that have grown inorganically. Jaime believes they will once again be the largest language provider in the market within the next five years.
Implementing Efficient Language Translation Workflows
“So many campaigns launched at the same time, which would not have been possible with our previous set up.” — Volvo Cars, on its move to make translation a centralized process and its work with Lionbridge, who now completes all their translations for all languages
“The technology Lionbridge brings to the table helped us to implement an efficient translation workflow. The account team has been excellent. They are always ready to jump to support our goals.” — Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.
“Our partnership with Lionbridge enables us to serve patients, CROs (Contract Research Organizations) and sponsors faster and more accurately.” — Clincierge