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Linux Foundation provides platinum membership to Microsoft

Microsoft has recently joined the open source Linux Foundation with platinium membership. It may surprise many people with Microsoft’s recent found attraction towards open source technology. It has been a long journey for Microsoft to resist the idea of open source technology to bring to its fold. It has decisive move under the newly found strong leadership of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. Under his leadership, Microsoft has been a willing contributor through participation in different projects with Linux Foundation. Microsoft aims to engage with open source communities to help its developers in cloud platform. Microsoft has recently launched open source .NET Core 1.0 for its visual studio platform. For this venture Microsoft joined hands with Red Hat. Microsoft has also partnered with Canonical’s Ubuntu to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10.
The Linux Foundation is formed from the merger of the Open Source Development Labs (OSPL) and the Free Standards Group (FSG). The Linux Foundation is non-profit association which promotes and helps in Linux development. The Linux Foundation collaborates with different organizations; together they innovate and harness power of Linux technology.
Scott Ghutrie, Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise Group, said, “We are happy to join Linux Foundation, partnering with them will help our developers perform with higher capabilities in cloud and embedded applications.”
The Linux Foundation has mentioned that open source is a big umbrella and everyone can take shade under it. Further, they had said that they are not at all surprised by the Microsoft’s entry in the Linux Foundation group. Microsoft has come from long place, considering their belief of Open Source being less privileged. Microsoft is also a prominent member in projects such as Node.js Foundation, OpenDaylight and Open Container Initiative.
One thing is for sure, you simply cannot underestimate any technology these days else you will be a laughing stock for other people.