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Ligia Bonetti Du-Breil: Graceful Resilience Meets Inventive Entrepreneurship

You can either be at the effect (powerless) of your business or act as the cause (in power) of it. Your internal belief system about business is the most important predictor of success or failure. Success is something all career-driven individuals desire, yet it eludes many people – at least at the levels desired. Often there’s nothing really different between one entrepreneur and another in terms of ability, as each person can eventually excel in whatever he/she wants. It all zeros down to having the frame of mind to set practical habits and keeping a balance between traditional and evolutional methodologies. Many people lack the courage to use a creative approach in their workplace. Almost all creative people feel inadequate in some way, but it is how they deal with that feeling of inadequacy that is important. People with a talent of taking risks possess a highly optimistic perception of risk, but are also rational decision makers who have an extraordinary ability to mitigate that risk.
The fear of failure inhibits creativity in the workplace and is often the reason that growth stagnates. Only a leader who combines confidence with intelligence and informed risk management can successfully conquer that fear and propel their company to new heights of success. Ligia Bonetti Du-Breil, Executive President and CEO of the SID Group, is one such person.
SID Group is a conglomerate of Dominican companies engaged in the manufacture, storage, transport and distribution of mass consumption products. Under Ligia’s stewardship, SID Group has expanded considerably, adding numerous high-quality products and services to its already sizable portfolio.
Strategize to Thrive
SID Group celebrates its 80th anniversary this year as an international, diverse conglomerate that began as a humble oil company. Ligia’s own career mirrors the company’s evolution – in her 20 years with SID Group, she has held a number of leadership roles, including a tenure as MercaSID’s Vice President of Business.
Today, Ligia leads SID Group and all its subsidiaries – MercaSID, Induveca, Agua Crystal and Induspalma – with the common overarching principle of promoting and safeguarding the interests of its stakeholders. Her prime strategy is the creation and delivery of superior products and services.
She has designed a strategic 5-year plan with a vision to exponentially expand the Group’s presence on the world stage. Her approach of leveraging the synergy between its subsidiaries has given each a competitive edge, allowing them to become market leaders in their own right.
Ligia has focused inward as well, embarking on a journey of cultural transformation that involves everyone at SID Group. Her hands-on, lead-from-the-front approach has earned her widespread admiration and respect while her ambitious, but carefully considered strategies have inspired interest and fueled enthusiasm from the top down.
A Determined Social  and Economic Reformist
Ligia graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in economics and worked briefly in New York’s banking sector before joining the SID Group. By age 28, she was active in nonprofit organizations that promoted the Dominican Republic’s private business sector. Shortly after, she was elected president of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE).
ANJE advocated strongly for social and economic reforms under Ligia’s skillful guidance. Her ability to eloquently express complex ideas in support of ANJE’s positions to the media earned both her and the organization universal recognition and approval. Her leadership was integral to many of the reforms that were adopted by the government at that time.
Ligia became a familiar public figure through frequent appearances on panels, arguing convincingly for her positions on political, social and economic reforms. Part of this was in the capacity of the president of the National Industrial Organization, a position she held for 4 years. Her extraordinary contributions to the business world have earned her an honorary Doctorate of Law.
With her sincerity and her transparent approach, coupled with accountability and a strong work ethic, Ligia has led every organization she has helmed to extraordinary success. She is a shining example of the effective company leader who manages a multi-million-dollar business, while also finding time to give back to the community through social and economic causes.
Ligia has been named one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in Latin America, and was also listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the most powerful and influential female leaders in the Dominican Republic.
Shaping the Future through Innovation and Creativity
For Ligia, constant innovation is the key to success, both personally and for any organization. She holds that to be true regardless of whether we consider products, services, manufacturing facilities or distribution systems. This emphasis on driving change has led to SID Group’s growth in the past and will continue to do so in the future.
In order to be able to successfully transform the new business model, Ligia brings down the walls in the working spaces, fostering an open work environment as well as designed thinking areas to promote novelty and out-of-the-box thinking in every department of the organization.
There is no question that SID Group is looking beyond the borders of the Dominican Republic as it seeks to diversify its interests. Ligia envisions the company as the number one provider of superior quality branded consumer products in the region. She recognizes that the open economy is a hotbed of competition, and is developing the brands under SID Group’s umbrella to align to that objective.

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