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Lex Software Solutions: Striving to Design Easy-to-Implement and Convenient Software for the End-User

Headquartered in Turkey, Lex Software Solutions is fully committed to provide specialized software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. In an interview with Insights Success, Alper Terkinli, CEO and Founder of Lex Software Solutions briefly mentions some of the challenges the organization has faced and strategies it has incorporated to ensure its standing in the market. So, let’s have a look at what the leader has to say about the organization.
How do you diversify your Laboratory Management Solutions so as to benefit your customers?
Alper Terkinli: Our laboratory management solutions blend many years of pharmaceutical laboratory and compliance experience with software development. We precisely know what our customers need to the very subtle detail. Our customers enjoy highly flexible and customizable laboratory process management thanks to its analytical methods module, instead of using spreadsheet-based notebook-type work definitions and can also plan inventories, instruments, work times using this module and can make expected/actual work comparisons. Manage! also provides GMP compliant spreadsheet and document solutions for specific user needs. These solutions also allow the users to manage their existing Excel files in a GMP-compliant manner. Using Manage! LIMS, pharmaceutical companies can eliminate all (not some) the inefficient paperwork in the laboratory. We are assertive in this regard.
Please describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of the company.
Alper Terkinli: After working many years in global scale pharmaceutical companies, our team has determined the need for a highly specific laboratory management solution which is compliant, efficient and user-friendly at the same time. I personally have led the development of LIMS software while still working in the laboratory. We have also worked on making Excel files compliant, eliminating paperwork, and integrating chromatography data systems with other software, which all lead to great success. Together with the rising trend of data integrity in recent years, laboratory management software have gained even higher interest. After being trained with the most skilled professionals and all that diverse experience, the foundation of a professional company became inevitable to bring a fresh breath to the sector.
What are the company’s strategies to cope up with the changing trends of the industry?
Alper Terkinli: The changing trends in the sector is being reflected in the guidelines / regulations and in Lex Software Solutions, we closely follow and understand these documents and gear our development work towards those changing trends. As being an energetic and dynamic company, we act fast to adopt changing user requirements.
Where does Lex Software Solutions see itself in the long run?
Alper Terkinli: We, here in Lex Software Solutions aim to provide a distinctive product and in the near future, we see ourselves as a global brand demanded by large scale players in the sector. Our product will play a great role in making laboratory processes more efficient and shaping the way how people work in pharmaceutical laboratories making it smarter, more standardized and measurable.
Considering the rising number of laboratory management solution providers, how does Lex Software Solutions stand out from its competitors?
Alper Terkinli: There has been a recent rise in the number of laboratory management solution providers but Manage! LIMS has very distinctive properties that makes it stand out from its competitors in the market.

  • Manage! provides an analytical method module for precisely defining the way how analyses will be performed, what will be used, how much man hour is needed etc.
  • Manage! creates analytical recording templates according to the defined methods, no more spreadsheets or “fill in the blanks” document are needed
  • Manage! eliminates the need for document management software for analytical methods
  • Manage! can eliminate all (yes, all) paperwork and Excel files in GMP based laboratories
  • Manage! also contains an out-of-the box GMP compliant spreadsheet solution integrated
  • Manage! provides fully integrated workflows for all the processes in the laboratory
  • Manage! provides deep and objective statistical and visual KPI’s and planned/actual comparisons (e.g. analyst performance, product stability performance)
  • Manage! provides decision support information (e.g. how much X standard is required in the following month or when should I make a purchase order depending on the usage rate and time to supply)
  • Instead of being re-programmed, Manage! can be highly customized by the end-user without writing a single line of code

These are some of the many distinctive features of Manage! that differentiate it from the other products in the market.
About the Leader
As the Founder and CEO of Lex Software, I not only claim to create a profitable and efficient LIMS product, but also aim to shape the sector starting from Turkey and global scale companies. By combining a high amount of sector experience and software development experience, I can speak the same language with sector professionals and at the same have an idea on how to easily adopt their needs in the software development processes.
About the Company
Lex Software Solutions is a company located in Turkey and aimed towards providing specialized software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Its flagship product is Manage! LIMS, focused on both compliant and efficient pharmaceutical laboratory management. When developing laboratory management software, Lex Software Solutions is fully aware that developed software should strictly adhere to GMP and computerized systems requirements but should be efficient and user-friendly at the same time.