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Leverage Your Brand’s Digital Marketing Strategy with Cross-Brand Technology

To remain competitive in today’s congested digital marketplace, you need to possess the top position. Capitalizing on the statistic that 6.3% of users click on the first sponsored result, businesses adopt the tactic of bidding on your own brand name in Google Ads. While this strategy can be beneficial, it often leads to excessive costs, especially if you’re the sole bidder on your brand’s name. In such instances, you end up paying for clicks that might have been obtained freely through organic search results.

To tackle this challenge and optimize brand ad spend, Primelis has developed Cross Brand, a groundbreaking technology designed for businesses to evaluate their visibility and make adjustments to reduce wasted spend all in real-time. The result: A winning digital marketing strategy that preserves your brand’s presence while simultaneously saving you big money.

Unlocking Insights for Superior Performance

Cross-Brand’s suite of features offers a strategic advantage for businesses, equipping them with the tools they need to outperform their competitors.

Detecting Sole Bidders on Branded Keywords: Unlock moments where your brand is the only bidder so you can minimize unnecessary brand ad spend and optimize your advertising budget for better ROI.

In-Depth Competitor Bidding Analysis: Gain insights into competitors’ strategies on branded keywords, allowing for informed and strategic responses in your own bidding approach.

Real-Time Ad Activation/Deactivation: Quickly adapt to market changes with the ability to activate or deactivate campaigns, enhancing ad performance and responsiveness.

Enhanced Brand Traffic Analysis: Understand the flow and quality of traffic from brand-related searches, crucial for refining SEO and PPC strategies and driving a harmonious blend without compromising your brand share of voice.

Continuous Competitor Monitoring: Maintain an edge by tracking competitor activities, providing valuable insights for timely and effective adjustments to your strategy.

Brand Rate Optimization: Leverage Cross-Brand’s analytics to improve your Brand Rate, ensuring efficient use of marketing resources and maximizing ROAS.

User-Friendly Interface: Accessible and actionable data analysis for all team members, regardless of technical expertise, through an intuitive interface.

Leverage Your Brand's Digital Marketing Strategy with Cross-Brand Technology

Cross-Brand: Putting Efficiency Back Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

An innovative solution tailored for businesses that aim to not only succeed but lead in the digital marketplace. Here’s why choosing Cross-Brand is a strategic move for your brand:

Optimized Ad Spending: Cross-Brand empowers you with the insights to strategically allocate your advertising budget, ensuring every brand ad dollar contributes to your brand’s success.

Competitive Intelligence: Gain a superior edge with Cross-Brand’s in-depth analysis of competitor bids and real-time ad management, keeping you ahead in the market race.

Maximized ROI: By reducing unnecessary ad expenditure and enhancing your Brand Rate, Cross-Brand ensures a more effective use of your marketing resources, leading to a higher return on investment.

Accessible Analytics:Its intuitive interface makes complex data analysis easily navigable, enabling your team to make informed decisions swiftly, regardless of their technical background.

Leverage Your Brand's Digital Marketing Strategy with Cross-Brand Technology

Primelis’ innovative technology transcends being just an advanced tool; it is a transformative force in your digital advertising endeavors. Embrace the power of Cross-Brand to refine your online advertising, optimize your budget, and carve out a dominant position in the digital world. With Cross-Brand, your brand is not just competing; it’s setting new benchmarks in your digital advertising endeavors.