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Leshinsky Finance: Following the Right Processes to Ensure Present and Future Success

Diagnosticating the importance of wise strategic and financial choices at all phases of business—from the contemplation stages to the maturation and sale of the business, Leshinsky Finance has designed the service to take the frustration and uncertainty out of the key decisions needed allowing the clients to focus on the business. Providing services to the cities like, Providence, Rhode Island, Boston, Massachusetts, New York, and Palo Alto, California, but Leshinsky Finance is always happy and excited to assist anywhere globally.
Leshinsky Finance knows that the biggest mistakes come at times of transition, when people neglect to put the right processes in place to ensure their present and future success; they threaten the efficiency of their business and survival. They also know that most entrepreneurs and small business owners get consumed by daily operations and can neglect their optimal financial performance.
Knowing this fact, Leshinsky Finance provides the most valuable discipline – managing money the most efficient way possible, finding the optimal solution within a feasible region, they raise capital and the lowest cost of capital.
Wise Strategic and Financial Solutions
Leshinsky Finance, at a high level create pro forma, valuations, financial statements, sensitivity analyses, review key performance indicators, raise capital via their network and experience, assist in mergers and acquisitions, be retained by banks and other lenders for underwriting, and companies that need a value on their business among other things, like real estate valuations, feasibility studies, etc.
Michael Leshinsky, Founder of Leshinsky Finance, started out after undergrad buying and building franchises up and down interstate 95 in MA when he noticed a bubble was forming and sold them for 200% return on investment. The trick is to continuously reviewing cap rate or yield. NOI/Value and when the yield is below a certain threshold you sell. In the meantime he was in grad school, getting his MBA concentration Finance Modern Portfolio Theory Investment Analysis.
Michael took the proceeds from the sale of the businesses and invested it in real estate at a 50% discount due to the housing crash which today is up 100% from purchase price on his balance sheet. As buying real estate decided to go for second masters in real state valuation, finance and underwriting, while holding the real state he worked at an accounting firm that transferred to an incubator in Boston called MassChallenge.  He worked with Harvard grads that wanted to start their own business; his practice grew and now works with bigger clients in terms of annual sales. He also still invests in real estate, does real estate development, and created a small hedge fund.
While recalling his experience of the foundation of Leshinsky Finance, Michael says, “We followed the key values like, Brand recognition, our vast network, impeccable work, 100% success rate on raising capital, among knowing powerful politicians and private equity players globally.”
Further he adds, “We don’t have a strategy, we haven’t found a company that can provide the same quality of work, with that said, we should have a strategy. I am sure there are other companies that do compete.”
Reflecting on the future of Leshinsky, Michael asserts, “We want unlimited growth potential done correctly and meeting and helping all the different types of companies and people.”