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Legalinc: Transforming the Way Legal Services are Delivered

Legalinc was created by legal industry veterans and client experience experts as a provider of automated legal services, by offering nationwide registered agent service, compliance, and entity formation services to many of the nation’s top legal service providers.
It offers a cloud-based SaaS platform that enables small business service providers to efficiently manage and automate their customers’ mundane legal and compliance needs. This reliable platform allows law firms and tax practices to power themselves or their in-house legal department to service clients in all 50 states.
Legalinc believes that technology can play an empowering role in the delivery of legal services. By eliminating ink, paper, and stamps, the company’s platform is proving that practice automation is here to stay.
Legalinc’s promise is ‘To automate everything that can be automated, so you can focus on growing your business.’
Services Offered
Legalinc offers an automated all-digital registered agent service in all 50 states, automated business formation in any US jurisdiction, automated compliance alerts, complete entity management for companies in any US jurisdiction, and fully automated annual reports for every category of entity in all 50 states.
The company was founded on the belief that legal services should be simple, informative and cost-effective. Legalinc focuses on bringing online legal services to traditional small businesses and automating every possible process.
Legalinc’s online toolset is built specifically for small business service providers, law firms, tax professionals, and corporate legal departments. The company’s suite of products includes Corporate Compliance, Registered Agent Service, Business Formations, Transactional Filings, Document Management, Business Maintenance among others.
It is designed to take the repetitiveness out of providing legal services so service providers can focus on their clients’ needs instead
Traditional brick-and-mortar legal firms face the looming threat of legal technology companies siphoning away their clientele by offering the ability to create legal documents at significantly cheaper rates. Legalinc gives its clients the same capability, essentially putting them on equal footing with legal technology companies when it comes to document creation and filing.
About the Trailblazer
A former member of the US Air Force and natural problem solver, Erik Treutlein, CEO and Founder of Legalinc, likes tackling hard problems.
As the GM of a prominent company in the legal services industry, Erik saw that wastage of time, manpower and resources plagued virtually every law practice and decided to do something about it. He realized through experience that his only option was to knuckle down and start his own company from scratch.
Recognizing that the niche areas of business formation and compliance were ripe for automation, Erik built Legalinc from the ground-up with one mission: to automate mission-critical legal services through secure, scalable software.
One of the hardest problems Erick faces is convincing traditional legal service providers to abandon archaic systems and processes. He insists on this to achieve his aim of bringing the industry into the 21st century.
Focusing on providing registered agent, business formation, entity management, and compliance services, Legalinc has grown into a startup that is shaking the foundations beneath established industry giants. 
Current Outlook
Imagine a world with Amazon but where people continued buying inferior products and services from local stores for no particular reason. Would that make sense? No. Why would people continue to do things the same way as before when a better and more efficient way exists?
That is an extract from the Legalinc team’s view of the current state of the industry, and it illustrates perfectly the problems within the field as well as the capacity for radical change.
Within the legal services industry, there is little adaptation of process or any effectual attempt to appeal to the new generation of legal and tax professionals. Legalinc aims to change that by using technology to underpin most basic legal services so that both the customer and the service provider win.
Unique Strategy and Future Outlook
Unlike the industry giants who have dominated the market for over a century, Legalinc fully embraces technology as the ideal path for continued growth and efficiency for both its customers and their clients. Through constant advancements in its own proprietary technology, the company brings the legal industry up to the standard that virtually all consumers expect in the 21st century.
Legalinc’s platform automates basic legal tasks so that legal service providers can focus on providing efficient, accurate and reliable professional services to their clients. The company does this by building best-of-breed software to facilitate entity formation, registered agent services, as well as mission-critical compliance services.
Its robust, scalable software platform accomplishes two key objectives:

  • Error reduction: Automating basic legal tasks virtually eliminates errors and provides complete visibility on the compliance lifecycle of all of the clients’ companies.
  • Cost containment: Provides market-leading service levels at significantly reduced cost.

Legalinc aims to continue to disrupt the legal space with necessary and innovative technology aimed at supporting, not replacing, any legal practice or attorney. The team will continue to look at other services where it can leverage its own technology to make the lives of legal and tax professionals easier.
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