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Legal Scenarios Where You May Need the Support of a Bail Bonds Agency

Whether your dear one is in lockup, awaiting a trial, or facing conviction and waiting for sentencing, bail bond services can pave the way for the individual to get out of jail while waiting to appear in court. These legal service providers post bail on behalf of the accused. The bail amount typically determined by a judge can vary due to the crime’s nature, criminal history, and chances of one attending the court date. The bail bond company charges you a non-refundable fee of about 10% of the total bail money for posting the bond. Let’s look at scenarios where you can need their support.

Weapon and firearm

Firearm violation cases have been rising, becoming a cause of concern for many people. It also indicates that more people have access to firearms than ever before. This trend is particularly problematic because mass shootings have increased. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that carrying or having a personal gun can have severe consequences, even though there are rules around gun ownership. But the legalities are slightly complicated, and you may not even realize when you have broken the law. You can face a jail term for this. And if you face legal charges, you may have to seek bail bond services from agencies like Apex Bail Bonds of Greensboro, NC, to get rid of the situation and prepare for your case.

Murder or manslaughter

It can be futile to think that you will get bail. These severe offenses carry a longer life imprisonment penalty, and the court usually presumes that you are a flight risk. If you can make the court realize that you are not and that you are deeply involved in your community, your chances of getting bail may increase. However, it can be rare and mostly happens in cases that fail to produce substantial evidence against the accused.

White-collar crimes

It is still undecided whether or not white-collar criminals should get bail. Some people believe these crimes are non-violent; hence, the perpetrators should get a chance for an out-of-jail trial. Others argue that these crimes potentially cause an incredible amount of financial damage, leading to the need for a credit card advance, registration loan, or 401k withdraw. That’s why the offenders deserve to face jail to prevent them from doing further harm. Nevertheless, there can be the provision of bail for these crimes because of the complex investigation they involve. Also, most offenders can be first-timers and may not be a real threat to anyone in society when out on bail. Some common examples of this type of crime include money laundering, fraud, bribery, forgery, etc.

There are many crimes for which bail can be grantable. As said, the judge decides why one should get bail and how much one should pay to be out of prison. Since the amount can be too high for someone to pay in one go, bail bond agencies can seem helpful. Remember, they may need collateral from your end to pay the total amount if you don’t show up for your court date. It’s a routine procedure. Hence, your primary focus should first be getting yourself free from jail.