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Learn Education: Overhauling the Face of Education in Thailand

Education is the medium to enlighten young minds. Education plays a pivotal role in shaping a student’s destiny. However, in-accessibility of quality education to the under-privileged, higher school drop-out rate, and abysmal performance of students in Mathematics and Science puts a break over students’ dream. Moreover, higher student-teacher ratio, un-engaging study contents, and lack of teaching resources only result in a lackluster performance of students as well as of the teachers.
To transform these challenges into opportunities, Thailand-based Learn Education has engineered a ‘Progressive Learning Solution’ for the digital age. Their learning solutions improve self-learning, critical thinking skills, student-teacher relationship, and assist in bridging the wide visible gap of our education system.
Learn Education is a social enterprise that has pledged to facelift Thailand’s education. With the mission to enhance the quality of education and reduce the educational divide through the use of technology, this organization is aiming to nurture young generation with the core traits of ethics and happiness for their future success.
Since its inception in 2011, Learn Education has boosted the quality of education to more than 150 countrywide schools, of which nearly 45,000 students and over 1000 teachers have directly benefited already.
The company believes that social enterprise is a mechanism that can be used to access schools nationwide, reducing the educational divide.
Blended Learning Solution
Their innovative digital learning solution boosts the efficiency of students & teachers and enables students to learn difficult concepts in a lucid manner. The company empowers educators and students in the following ways:
Digital Lessons: Their lessons meet the requirements of the Basic Education Core Curriculum B.E.2551. The speed of the videos can be adjusted to suit each student.
Textbooks and Teacher’s Manuals: The two tools are specifically designed to fulfill students’ understanding.
Software: The Company designed a system to relieve teacher’s burdens, collect data to improve classroom management and prompt tests to check students’ understanding.
Teacher Training and Development Systems: The program is formulated to assist and support teachers. Its team members are ready to provide teachers with help on teaching plan and academic advice.
Teachers and Students are the Epicenters of its Every Solution
Whatever the company builds, it always keeps all the stakeholders at the epicenter of its operations; be it- students, teachers, schools or community at large.
Teachers get bored due to lack of resources, too much work and hectic work schedule. Learn Education solutions remove the worry for teachers as they find it interesting to inculcate good learning among students in a simplified and interactive manner with its solution. The company spends time conducting in-depth and continuous research to develop a solution which corresponds to continuously changing classroom teaching and learning.
In Thailand, teachers are overwhelmed with assignments. To address this matter, technology can be implemented to relieve teachers’ burden. Statistical data benefited from technology can be used to advance classroom management. “For students, the contents are made enjoyable and applicable to daily life so that they find the lessons engaging and easy to understand. The implementation of technology also helps create novelty in classrooms,” asserts the company.
Moreover, the company uses leading-edge technologies to craft their learning solutions. Company’s major strategy is Human Integration, along with, continuous technology development such as developing digital content, learning platform, and e-book 4.0. They also leverage Big Data in order to manage classroom teaching and learning with higher efficiency and effectiveness.
Universal Solution for All Strata of Society
The company aims to be the real school partner that meets the needs of students, teachers and parents through holistic learning management. Accordingly, its target groups are able to access high-quality solution which solves critical problems for every stakeholder in schools. With its designated model as a social enterprise, the solution is not only limited to schools with purchasing power but also covers underprivileged and remote schools.
The Trailblazer Behind Learn Education
Tanin Timtong, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Learn Education is a pioneer in the field of crafting education-based solution. An engineer by qualification with an MBA from reputed institution, Tanin has a wide corporate exposure where he has worked for a multi-national Japanese company Ishida Thailand for 10 years. After gaining the necessary skills to scale and sustain impact, he decided to pursue a full time career in EdTech. He is also an eminent speaker who has delivered lectures on various popular platforms like TEDxChula 2017 and more.
Tanin is also a member of “Thailand Collaboration for Education: TCFE” to raise educational quality and equity of the country.
E-learning is considered new in Thailand. However, Tanin sees it as an opportune tool to access wider range of students and teachers. E-Learning eliminates barriers of education inequity. “We are proud of our small step as a pioneer of Blended Learning solution as it definitely helps raise national education standard. Despite limitation of materials and internet signal, we believe this is an auspicious head start,” asserted Tanin.
Future Vision
The company sees the role of technology in education will only augment with time and AI, Big Data and personalized learning will pave the new path for future learning enthusiast. Further, soft skills (e.g. creative thinking, communication, team working, technology integration, and mindfulness) will become more momentous as these skills require humans to implement, reinforce and pass on.
Learn Education is gearing up for these challenges as its ultimate goal is to shape students’ personality to make them successful persons with having good ethics and happiness at the core.
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